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Madonna This Used To Be My Playground

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Madonna This Used To Be My Playground

  • This Used To Be My Playground - Madonna
    "This used to be my playground (used to be) This used to be my childhood dream This used to be the place I ran to Whenever I was in need Of a friend Why did it have to end And why do they always say Don't"
  • Playground - Plankeye
    "All I know, all I have is what's been given to me. What I know is real is all I can dream. I feel my heart is changing. The one and only thing I know is "we ain't going nowhere", five hundred thousand Be"
  • Playground - Another Bad Creation
    "Comin' from the playground Take it straight back to the bricks Yo Chris, tell 'em where it is Chillin', cooler den a squeak, kickin' dirt on my sneakers Suckers on the corner lookin' down at their"
  • Madonna - Sparks
    "While the symphony played I was starting to fade 'Til I woke to a cymbal crash I turned to my right You were gone, that's all right These platonic things are such a burn I walked out on the street While"
  • Yester playground - Charlotte Perrelli
    "I'm walking down by the riverAnd coming up on this "one way street"And what I see makes me shiverFor nothing is what it used to beIt fades away-That old tree, yester playgroundsIt fades away in the windAnd"
  • Playground - XTC
    "I climb up, spending daylight slide down drunken on the other side Some sweet girl, playing my wife, runs off with a boy whose bike she'll ride Playground (it's a playground) Marked by the masters"
  • Playground - Mikaila
    "Come into my playground No one else can see Baby let me show you... Come into my playground, playground, playground... So you say you wanna feel my love That you think about it so much The thought just"
  • Playground - Burhan G
    "Burhan G - Playground Tonight I'ma win, don't care where I am though they won't let us in, no place makes the party so let's all go and do our own thing, just pass it on hey Crunkheads, funkheads All"
  • Playground - Lil' Rob
    "Girl I just wanna conversate You're leavin wit'cha friends, yeah well they can wait They look cool but I'm into you You look like you're into me too You can do what you do Leave with them or stay with"
  • Playground - Sia
    "Come with me to a place of fantasy I'll take you on a see-saw Come with me to a place that's by the sea I'll take you on a board walk Take my hand I'll take you to the sand You and me will build a castle Ready"
  • Oh, Madonna, Madonna - Robbie Williams
    "I don't miss you Just who You used to be And you don't ring true So please Stop calling me Your "I love you"'s Are ten a penny You're dropping clues Like you've got any You got to choose There's been so"
  • She's Madonna - Robbie Williams
    "Oh, Madonna, Madonna I don't miss you Just who You used to be And you don't ring true So please Stop calling me Your "I love you"'s Are ten a penny You're dropping clues Like you've got any "
  • Used to This (ft. Drake) - Future
    "Mexico, working like I'm Mexicano New persona, we're moving on from Ferragamo Get the llama, I party with the real Madonna Beat the odds, do numbers and remain humble Drop-top Porsches, I'm so used"
  • Used To This - Hailee Steinfeld
    "Waking up, waking up In a T shirt that says, I'm Too busy doing nothing Rolling up, oh I'm rolling up To the kitchen to get some Fruit Loops in the morning And all I want, baby all I want Yeah all I wanna"
  • Black Madonna - Noe Venable
    "Black Madonna will come down for you With open arms and a veil to hide her face And Black Madonna will come down for you And there is no sickness and there is no suffering And there is no anguish and no"
  • Used - Ashley Monroe
    "Used Like an old panio played for generations slowly fading out of tune, (Used like the soul's on the bottom of my favorite pair of dancing shoes I know I'm not some bright and shinny polished up car that's"
  • Used - Pain Of Salvation
    ""I am the unclean The black drop at the bottom of your cup You'd better drink or throw me up 'Cause I am on your lip and tongue God I'm not yours as much as you are mine So let me in to be your lung Just"
  • Playground - Closet Monster
    "What a wonderful place. Where buildings rise and cities fall short of a better place. What a wonderful feeling it would be, to sit back and watch it all fall down. Just might, put me to sleep at night."
  • Used To Be - Rory Gallagher
    "Baby I no longer wanna be, just a thorn in your side. Tell me what you gave me baby, and I will give you back. The troubles you gave me, gonna wrap em' up in a box, Tie em' up with string, send em' back"
  • The Used - The Used
    "Is it worth it can you even hear meStanding with your spotlight on meNot enough to feed the hungryI'm tired and I felt it for awhile nowIn this sea of lonelyThe taste of ink is getting oldIt's four o'"

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