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Making muisc with my friends

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Making muisc with my friends

  • Making Friends - Lagwagon
    "As you're in this search for something to hate I can feel you rally up on someone with your peers But can you stand alone? Can you take the long way home? I've been stuck inside this circle a hundred times"
  • Making Friends And Acquaintances - Cursive
    "Loose-lipped secrets I've seen those birdies chirping Another promise perched on their fragile branches Cradle and all... We all hide a diary beneath some mattress And someone has slept in my bed Sometimes"
  • Making Out - No Doubt
    "Yeah... I'm on the second floor with a lock on my door I'm looking at a picture of your face The last time I looked you were looking really good But somehow pictures fade Then we're on the phone and"
  • Making It - Neocolours
    "It's been a long time and I haven't known This love overflowin' You seem to be there when I needed you most The heartaches just disappear And when the world would be fallin' apart You said, "it's gonna"
  • Making it hard - P. Diddy
    "I want her to feel it in her chest I want her to feel it in her soul I want her to lose control Mary, talk to 'em I Yeah I You takin' a part of me That I cannot set free See me lettin' go No this ain't"
  • All My Friends - Our Lady Peace
    "All my friends Alone on a hill They're just looking down With violent minds out on loan They're just not equipped Insistence We hope for the best Were not making sense in silence Wait for the day when"
  • Are We Making Love Or Just Making Friends - Moe Bandy
    "It's not working the way that I planned it We're no closer than we were at the start I can find my way to your body But I can't find my way to your heart Are we making love or just making friends Are"
  • Friends - Elton John
    "I hope the day will be a lighter highway For friends are found on every road Can you ever think of any better way For the lost and weary travellers to go Making friends for the world to see Let the people"
  • Friends - B5
    "Lets Be Friends Oh I Can See It In Your Smile,Uh You Wanna Be My Friend And Im Gonna Keep It Real, Uh No Need To Pretend And Evertime I See Your Eyes, Uh You Wanna Know 'bout Me Girl I Like What"
  • Friends - Rusty
    "Conversations take to long All you say is wrong Your paranoid and shit I'll take no more of it Maybe I'm the same I could be me to blame You justify your need With every lie you bleed All my friends are"
  • Friends - Beach Boys
    "We've been friends now for so many yearsWe've been together through the good times and the tearsTurned each other on to the good things that life has to giveWe drift apart for a little bit of a spellOne"
  • Friends - Close 2 You
    "Sometimes it's so hard to be all on your own feeling helpless and far from home I play my favorite song it keeps me hanging on Ease the lonelyness when everyone is gone When I'm feeling down and out memories"
  • Friends - Victims Family
    "they tell us that our friends aren't important because there's work to be done but i'd rather be poor and live with my friends than be rich and die all alone the lust for money has turned people numb their"
  • Friends - Renaissance
    "Imagine a new world Unseen and without form And this our day, a new dawn Some people are lonely Some people are so sad Reach out and give what you have Chorus: Friends are always there In good and bad"
  • Friends - Nate Dogg
    "Friends, how many of us have them Friends, how many of us have them Friends, how many of us have them Friends, how many of us have them Every since I could remember I had friends I could depend on Clothes"
  • Friends - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "Friends, Friends, Friends, Friends, how many of us have them? (How many of us have them?) Friends, Friends, Friends, Friends, ones you can depend on? (Ones you can depend on?) Friends, Friends, Friends,"
  • Friends - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "Chorus: Bone Thugs Friends, Friends, Friends, Friends, how many of us have them? (How many of us have them?) Friends, Friends, Friends, Friends, ones you can depend on? (Ones you can depend on?) Friends,"
  • Friends - Toasters
    "ncha low Incha lay incha lay Incha low Why can't we be friends? No one ever told me... When are things gonna change? When are you gonna show me? Time to make ammends And put things as they should be And"
  • Friends - Jeru The Damaja
    "1. : Friends is a word that I use loosely Because you never know who these people may be Some you just miss them, you know from way back When you used to dig brock and snatch chains and sell crack Rollin"
  • Friends - No Motiv
    "(I think we owe it to ourselves to be free, to go out with other people, I still want to be friends) So long to you so long to me goodbye to everything and anything that we ever had no place left for me"

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