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  • Snowing Still - Rotting Christ
    "all my dreams take me backwards i can see a little child his mother in black what a pleasure touched by death snow falls cover the dead cold doesn't touch her ice melts as the warm tears fall kissing the"
  • Martina - Barbra Streisand
    "I can see Martina as a child of three In the sad seclusion of her nursery Go outside, Martina! Go outside and play Never speak, Martina, put your toys away So her days were loveless And her nights the"
  • Martina - Baustelle
    "Martina per abitudine miele infinito per anima piccola speranza di non deludere mai pi per morire un attimo per calvario un angelo incontri per solitudine mascara denso per nudit piccole catastrofi per"
  • Martina - Part Time Punx
    "Ich mag es wenn Du meinen Namen sagst. Ich mag es wenn Du sagst, da Du mich magst. Ich mag Deine blauen Augen. Deine Schnheit hat mich schwer getroffen, Doch jetzt hab' ich mich blind gesoffen Beim "Damiano""
  • Martina - Karel Kryl
    "V oblce dbn a kvtina a list, v nm pt se Martina, jak chutn chleba, co jm, kdy zem vymetm a pro jsem tady - a ne tam, kde je mne teba? Smam si vejce na peku a, a je om do breku, sta se smj, kdy nad otzkou"
  • Martina (Martin - Karel Kryl
    "V oblce dbn a kvtina a list, v nm pt se Martina, jak chutn chleba, co jm, kdy zem vymetm a pro jsem tady - a ne tam, kde je mne teba? Smam si vejce na peku a, a je om do breku, sta se smj, kdy nad otzkou"
  • It's Snowing Angels - XTC
    "(guest appearance by the dukes of stratosphear) It's snowing angels, on my front porch Take a broom and sweep one in I'm such a lucky guy, such a lucky guy Even though my shoes have broken I can't deny"
  • Snowing On Raton - Pat Green
    "Well when the wind don't blow in Amarillo, and the moon along to Gunnison don't rise, shall I cast my dreams upon your love babe, and lie beneath the laughter of your eyes. Chorus Snowing on Raton, come"
  • Snowing Under My Skin - Andru Donalds
    "I feel it snowing under my skin It keeps my window as blown in the wind I feel it snowing under my skin That's what it means to love I feel it snowing under my skin I keep on falling into this dream I"
  • La Martina - Antonio Aguilar
    "Quince anos tenia Martina cuando su amor me entrego A los diecises cumplidos una traicion me jugo Y estaban en la conquista Cuando el marido llego Que estas haciendo Martina que no estas en tu color Aqui"
  • Martina Says - Brainpool
    "MARTINA: There's a lack of spice in every Art Director's life The Suntanned Ghost is lying face down on the floor There's a lack of spice in every Copywriter's life There'll be no waiting around for the"
  • Independence Day (Martina McBride) - Martina McBride
    "Artist : Martina McBride Song : Independence Day Album : Submitted by : Janae Corrected by : Monica Rated : 10.0 (10 votes) Well she seemed alright by dawn's early light Though she looked a lil worried"
  • One Snowing Day (ee Byul Hoo Eh Neun) - Kangta
    "geu run ga bwah yo mant eun shi gan ee heul ruh do byun ha ji ant neun gun geu rul soo it neun gun ddae ro neun oot go ddae ro neun ool go ddo mant ee ah peu gi do ha ji man noo goon ga it suh nae ga haeng"
  • Mogę (feat. Martina M) - SoDrumatic
    "Bo ja nic nie muszę nic nie muszę, wiedz nie chce na nic czekać w moich rękach ster choćby zaraz wiatr zaczął w inną stronę wiać znowu nabieram tempa z ciepłymi prądami mogę chcieć nie muszę grać ani"
  • One More Time - Martina Edoff - Fame Factory
    "Mmm.. Ooohh Ohh ohyeah Oooooh Aha... Living your life In a way you always known Waiting for a better place A place you call your own But do you believe that you're my nature Do you believe in love"
  • Standing In The Light (Martina Edoff) - Fame Factory
    "I wonder where you are tonight, I walk alone in the city No matter where, I see your face, I want you here by my side I'm stadning in the light, of your love, you carry me through the night, oh, and when"
  • Every Single Night (Ft. Martina McBride) - Dave Stewart
    "Super zrobione lyric wideo. :)"
  • When We Die (feat. Martina Topley-Bird) - Tricky
    "so where I go Where do I go I didn’t die young Not night my cold My friends is a psycho So I milko lie low so where I go Where do I go Find a trips She’s when in icon so where I go Where do I go when"
  • Martin - Soft Cell
    "Martin Martin is talking to you Martin is a boy with problems Martin has a family history Martin has too many nightmares He lives in a fantasy There's a danger that he'll take too far His morbid curiosity He's"
  • Martin - Snuff
    "Bless that summer of eighty-eight On a bench outside the Ox & Gate With a sponge, spanner and rusty nail And a nice sharp piece of string Didn't make sense then don't make sense now But what the fuck's"

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