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Mary Komasa Lost Me anja rubik

  • Anja - Gorki
    "Zonder hoop en zonder eten Stuurde jij me weer naar bed Want ik ben stout en de stoute kind'ren Die moeten altijd vroeg naar bed Anja, de laatste dans Die moet je mij nog schenken Anja, de laatste dans Die"
  • Anja - Parni Valjak
    "Anja gleda negdje visoko u zrak Ona me ne vidi, vise me ne slisi Anja misli da je ovdje mrak Tako me nervira kada me odbija Hej, hej, hej, daj saberi se Zar neznas ljubav ima isti jezik za sve Hej, hej,"
  • Anja - Original Alpenland Quintett
    "I'd grieve the special dirty things that we used to talk about I mean that loving you is strange and adored by me throughout oh no it's you again Someday soon you'll find that someone waiting for the chance"
  • Dare To Take (feat. Mary Komasa) - Baasch
    "i could stand behind you i could stick around I could disappear but always coming back I could integrate you I could make you strobe I could civilize what you’re so hungry for leave it /2x Or dare to"
  • Lost Me - Mary Komasa
    "You lost me everyday, every night, one by one We both chose to stay blind, Swallow lies, but now it's done As I try again to open up my eyes, I see you left behind Forgive me, I admit the guilt is mine,"
  • Kostka Rubika - chillwagon
    "nie liczy tu na farta, tu moja ekipa robi się gorąco, to nie Afryka to jest chillwagon, nie ma co gadać kostka Rubika, musisz poskładać nie liczy tu na farta, tu moja ekipa robi się gorąco, to nie Afryka to"
  • Mary - Sarah Masen
    "I walk your story in my mind I slip into that day and dream away I see the secret in the smile you wear And the gift you hold inside When most had lost all hope for You held on It was a clever costume"
  • Mary - Kristin Hoffmann
    "Sometimes when I open my eyes I see the things that I can't hide Emptiness hanging from the shadows on the wall Sometimes when I open my ears Hear all the things I don't want to hear 4AM, faith is lost,"
  • Mary - Joe Purdy
    "It was a fine day in the fifth grade when mary may let bobby walk her home from school he had her books in hand and he was listening to every word she said like it was the gospel of the prophecies and"
  • Mary - NoMeansNo
    "My mind is buried at the bottom of the sea My voice is eaten by the crabs You broke me when you broke the surface Last, but not hte last I am at the end of the depths Wrecked and lost You call me"
  • Mary Mary - Chumbawamba
    "No virgin me For I have sinned I sold my soul For sex and gin Go call a priest All meek and mind And tell him, "Mary Is no more a child." It's raining stones It's raining bile From the luxury Of your denial So"
  • BE A BOY - Mary Komasa
    "Be a boy be a girl be whatever you chose to feel just as long as you stay true to the faithful one love a boy love a girl love whoever you so please just as long as you stay true to the faithful one and"
  • Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything) - Working Title
    "(Verse 1) I'm sure to find true love Under angel wings Assured and locked so tight I know she's whispering Alone and savoring Life alone tonight She's coming out to greet A world so wont of light Her"
  • Te Min Voor Anja - Spring
    "Daar op het einde van de straat Waar die grote villa staat daar woonde anja ze was amper 15 jaar Haar pa was rijk en welgesteld dat had ze mij een keer verteld Ja zo was anja en ik was verliefd op"
  • Anja - Taco Hemingway
    "było jasne że ta rapgra mnie zmieni gdy już z kimś gadam, myśle cały czas jak poskładać refreny Więc nie wychodzę z domu nadal i zamawiam meltemi Przegryzam kalmar, dzwonią z Logo, Gali, K-mag, z Interii Ta"
  • Karcianka (feat. Anja Orthodox) - Lubert
    "Gdy w anioła zmienia się Gubię kolor gaszę dźwięk Z łagodności plotę sieć I obwijam cię Gdy rysuje moja dłoń Wzory jak na szybie szron W twoje włosy oddech śle Ty odpychasz mnie Znów czarny u władzy król A"
  • Help me, Mary - LIZ PHAIR
    "Help me Mary please. I've lost my home to your thieves They bully the stereo and drink They leave suspicious things in the sink They make rude remarks about me They wonder just how wild I would be As they"
  • Mary Jane - Scarface
    "I don't really remember feeling like this Got this love formin' in my life - from this dame And indeed took the form of life - it's a shame How a man can fall in love with dreams - not afraid Not afraid"
  • Sister Mary - Tommy Lee
    "Tommy Lee "Sister Mary" Tommyland: The Ride 2005 Don't be afraid, I'm here for you And the audience departed as I gave her heart away from me I saw the suns expanded view And I thought I heard the answers"
  • Mary Jane - Alanis Morissette
    "What's the matter Mary Jane, you had a hard day As you place the don't disturb sign on the door You lost your place in line again, what a pity You never seem to want to dance anymore It's a long way down On"

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