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My Ummah, Dawn Has Appeared Nas

  • Everyday Has Dawn - Adelayda
    "Why you, why now? Be with me somehow. It's too much too soon. I've still got a fresh wound, and it's safe to say tomorrow's another day. And then you can see all that's left here is me. Still right,"
  • Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic) - Nas
    "(feat. 2Pac, J. Phoenix) I want you to close your eyes And vision the most beautiful place in the world If you in the hood on the ghetto street corner Come on this journey The best journey Acres of"
  • Then She Appeared - XTC
    "Then she appeared, apple venus on a half open shell Then she appeared, the first photograph on Fox Talbots gel I was a little frightened Flying with my senses heightened Cherubim cheered Then she appeared Then"
  • Dawn - Mental Crypt
    "As autumn grasp my sense, reflection fills my mind Faded in the past, forgotten memories grind Hidden feeling died, never to be shown Discovering the lies, consciousness have grown Acceptance will defeat,"
  • Dawn - New Model Army
    "I get so angry and helpless There's no way back from this spiral Something always has to give And nothing is given for nothing The drug is in my veins now Your life is your own for the taking My body"
  • Dawn - Sandy Denny
    "Morning shone among the shadows, Sunlight bled upon the silence, From the blackest night Must come the morning sky. But yesterday was such a long time, Yesterday may last forever, From the barren land Yesterday"
  • Dawn - Fairport Convention
    "(Sandy Denny, Jerry Donahue) Morning shone among the shadows Sunlight bled upon the silence From the blackest night Must come the morning sky But yesterday was such a long time Yesterday may last forever From"
  • Dawn - Avalanch
    "Maybe this time You will understand The reason I wrote for you this song I need to sing it out now My heart isn't made of stone It has not forgotten Still thinks of thee Speaks to me all the time It tells"
  • Before dawn - Aion
    "Before dawnLets talk about us its long to dawnTell me about your dreamsThe time has stopped our soulsHave joined our dreams have createdThe beautiful sightBefore dawn everything is so realThe scream is"
  • Grey Dawn - October Tide
    "I painted with rain the sight of the daybreak, As being in need of a momentary remake The life I am leading is the way of depravity, A threat th my already poisoned sanity Grey dawn, everlasting Hope is"
  • Eternal Dawn - Meadows End
    "Our generation bow for thy forgiveness. The creativity leading my hands to the core. The constellation under a fallen grace. And all technology falling apart. Falling apart from the soil. The constellation"
  • Perpetual Dawn - Gates Of Ishtar
    "1.The Arrival Of Eternity 2.End My Pain Time has taken it's toll Years passed by like a storm Cold, burning inside, I'm not the same I've changed my ways Dawn hunting my dreams Fear, silent I scream Pain"
  • Dawn - Nordafrost
    "The black curtains have been drawn aside Pale light is creating shades of grey A blurred line separates grey and umber The air remains immobile All life's source is already announced Crimson glow emphasizes"
  • Dawn - Warmen
    "You think your life is gone. There is no reason to be. Thinking all the time that same thing: "What am I doing here?" Stop thinking like that! Get yourself together Or I shall kick that shit out of you! It's"
  • Dawn - Autumn Tears
    "Eyes closing, breathing life into your veins and then the morning rips you away torn my the scythe of dawn, she wields it with no shame eyes closing, you whisper words that bled the veil of dusk is tightly"
  • Dawn - Candlemass
    "Suddenly I awoke. I must have fallen asleep under the oak, where I used to sit and dream as a child The dawn was soon to come, and the air was crisp and cold Yet I felt warm I remembered my strange dreams"
  • Dawn - ALTERS
    "I feel the scent od dawn Your skin drives me insane I begged you not to come Now I'm begging you to stay I know they'll come for us My mind starts to fade I begged you not to come But you were not afraid I"
  • Dawn - Injected
    "she threw me away, yesterday her deadbolt locks i feel no shame she always wondered if i'd bend of if i'd break you wanna disappear from here? til daylight comes we'll have no fear. you pick the place,"
  • Dawn - Bif Naked
    "she's dawning on me she's dawning on me she's dawning on me for you, i'm a good for nothing woman red lips red leaves fall on my knees like autumn i miss cigarettes every single day of my life when you"
  • Dawn - Stabbing Westward
    "--This one, as far as I know is their only non-lp song on a soundtrack This is from the Escape From LA soundtrack -- My angel my reluctant whore Decided you can take no more So let's fuck until we"

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