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3489 vs 2938 keluaranya

  • Vs - Misono
    "Kick Out! Break Out! Iza tachiagare yo I wont Give up boku no gekai wa Jibun de kimeru mono dakara Madamada yukeru sa Going NOW!! Watashi no kimochi nante wakara nai to Kabe wo tsukuri nani mo mie nakushita Jibun"
  • VS - Czasin
    "jak dawno to było kiedy nie myślałeś o pracy bez przerwy a dziś jak wychodzisz to idziesz się zabić bo w przerwach i tak palisz pety coś tu pozmieniałbyś amigo gdyby tylko stać było na zakup strzelnty ludzie"
  • Boxerki vs - Prezes
  • Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis - Brand New
    "After one or two I get used to the room We go slow when we first make our moves By five or six bring you out to the car Number nine with my head on the bar And it's sad, but true Out of cash and I.O.U's I"
  • Me Vs. Madonna. Vs Elvis - Brand New
    "with one or two I get used to the room we go slow when we first make our moves by five or six bring your wheel to the car number nine with my head on the bar its sad, but true out of cash, and I own you we"
  • Them vs you vs me - Finger Eleven
    "We left and as soon as we did I knewThere was a bad taste in our mouthsAwareness didn't come too soonBut you finally tasted it tooIt's just another case of fucking upA perfectly good afternoonEvery manner"
  • Them vs. You vs. Me - Finger Eleven
    "We left and as soon as we did I knew There was a bad taste in our mouths Awareness didn't come too soon But you finally tasted it too It's just another case of fucking up A perfectly good afternoon Every"
  • Heart Vs. Mind - The Game
    "Utwór 'Heart Vs. Mind' z albumu 'Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind' The Game (premiera 12 sierpnia 2022r.)."
  • You vs. me - Horrorpops
    "Staring in your eyes I found a match not to fold Riding the first round out, I'm feeding on your blows A stab in my back Got me bleeding on your honesty A sneak-punch to my heart Leaves us enemies Now"
  • Spy Vs Spy - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Will Birch/Gordon Russell) I'm checking on you You're checking on me The moment we walk out the door We're battered and blue I'm reckoning we Don't trust each other no more Life is a riot With Spy Vs"
  • Logic Vs. Emotion - The Divine Comedy
    "I stood upon the listed bridge Dividing different images Logic vs emotion Mountain stream vs the ocean Will we ever learn? Logic vs emotion Politicians carry the motion Will we ever learn? I'll take"
  • Us Vs. Them - Sick Of It All
    "All roads lead the same direction we all see eye to eye won't stand for a bad connection we came to keep things tight prove this, prove that proving is nothing let's all just be ourselves focused"
  • Vs the world - Amon Amarth
    "One we were scum of the Earth Now we've cleared our names In Nifelheim came rebirth Baptized in Mount Doom's flames A decade now we've fought this war Never yielding from our path Our journeys take us"
  • Trust vs. Heart - Evidence One
    "Day after day, a sunset away, the sunshine In your eyes, your empty eyes All I know, all I had Night after night, the hours we spent, the laughter And the tears, your frozen tears Day after day, a"
  • Leo Vs. Taurus - Blind Myself
    "Leo vs. Taurus I feel the transition I feel the eternal I feel the grinder on my heart Million drawings on the firmament I can go ahead Until I reach Taurus LEO against the hole world The handstand"
  • David vs. Goliath - Gob Squad
    "The score is settled. We're loosing like so many times before. Completely defeated. But we still keep coming back for more. Another ballgame. Another round of copy paste and notting heads again. From the"
  • Earth Vs. Me - Powerman 5000
    "That's the way it's gotta be The earth Vs. Me Tales of an ordinary madness Who's to blame, I mean for all The sadness could it be the Enemy within or just them I blame them who is the one That's"
  • Love Vs. Loneliness - Suicidal Tendencies
    "How can you love someone If you think that you're no one When you mistreat yourself, and think it's all you deserve Cause it's so hard to care Is this or is it loneliness? How can you demand respect -"
  • Meth Vs. Chef - Method Man
    "(feat. Raekwon the Chef) Duel, worthy of a general If you want to fight, fight with me! One to one! Man to man! Get ready to gel team! Live and direct from the one-six-ooh We got Tical, pow! Raekwon"
  • Jones Vs. Jones - Kool & The Gang
    "We don't feel like talking There's nothing to be said I guess it's just confusion Rolling 'round our heads Still, we know there's love here The hardest part of all, babe It breaking up and out So here"

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