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My best

  • Best - Petite Noir
    "Take me under I realy want to go Do you want to be my lover? Don't take it so slow"
  • Best, Best - Missy Elliott
    "(Danja) Yeah, Yeah What we about to do miss? (Missy Elliott) Hey yo Danja! We finna switch R&B baby! Imma flip a new melody on these suckas! Lets go! (CHORUS) Boy you're so sexy, I don't wanna look at"
  • My Best - Vanessa Carlton
    "Mm-mm-mm-mmmm-mm-mm We scream and shout And try to make it last Though it didn't work out I don't love you any less My lover or friend I won't ever tell Our secret's safe An unspoken citadel And"
  • Best Of My Best - Path Of Resistance
    "Won't stray from the path that my heart has set for me Disconnect myself from all the cruelty When I look back there is nothing that I could regret The best of my best, best of my best when I am compassionate Vanity,"
  • Best Meets Best - Ms. Jade
    "(feat. Lady Luck) B-Brokers, Best meets best (The best) It's about time, don't you think? (Hey) Some real chicks Doin' real shit (Concern yaself) It just don't get much better (Whoo-ooo) You can't"
  • My best friend - Tweenies
    "I've got someone special for you to meet I have too What a wonderful treat! She's cool She's fab She's funny She's neat See us both walking down the street She's my best friend She's my very best friend"
  • My best girl - UB40
    "I'm gonna tell my friends about you Tell them about the things that you do to me Tell them you're my best girl and best you'll always be Tell them you're everything that's good so good to me I want to"
  • My Best Friend - Jefferson Airplane
    "Ah, you're my best friend (You are my best friend) And I love you so well Till the end of time you won't see me Ah, you're my best friend (You are my best friend) When I see you, it seems Now I can see"
  • My Best Friend - Gary Barlow
    "Mark so you say if I forgive you Guest that you'd never do me wrong Mark as I sit in drunk depression Guest yes I'm trying to be strong Mark but baby it ain't easy Guest when I saw you with him With that"
  • Test my best - E-Rotic
    "Just test my best and find out if you like it and the rest is dependant on you come close to me and when we are united you will see - its all so true just test my best and find out im not faking dont take"
  • My Best Friend - Meja
    "My best friend is myself I don't need nobody else to be there for me care for me, and for my best time is to be all alone and just sit thinking I'm in love with me You might see a girl unhappy but I could"
  • My Best Friend - Keahiwai
    "Sometimes we've got angels watching over us Every minute of the day And sometimes they send down a special friend who will walk with you through the rain And when I feel the world is against me You're"
  • My best chance - D-Side
    "You don't know, what it's like Day after day, night after lonely nightThinking about all the good times we never had I saw you poster on the walllIt didn't look like u at all You always said that you could"
  • My Best Friend - Weezer
    "When everything is wrong I'll come talk to you You make things alright when I'm feeling blue You are such a blessing and I wont be messing with the one thing that brings light to all my darkness You're"
  • My Best Friend - Annie
    "My best friend, where are you? Tell me, where are you? Can't seem to find you anywhere Will I ever meet you? Thought I saw you last night smiling at me Thought I heard your voice calling for me Did I"
  • My Best Girl - Lucero
    "well i'm a sucker for some pretty eyes but they're going home with some other boy tonight hell, i guess i'll be fine 'cause there's one girl whose all mine she's seen it before, she'll see it again because"
  • My Best Friend - Air Supply
    "You're here looking like my best friend Hoping you'll find a way To tell me you just can't stay You laughed hard at the world, I know Now that the seasons show To tell me, love, your heart will soon mend We"
  • My Best Friend - Hillsong United
    "Have you heard of the One called Saviour? Have you heard of His perfect love? Have you heard of the One in Heaven? Have you heard how He gave His Son? Well I have found this love and I believe in the Son"
  • My best friend - P. Diddy
    "I've seen a lot of things in my lifeAlot of ups and downsMade alot of mistakesNo matter what, you've always been by my sideYou've always been my best friendYou're the love of my life (Oh)You're everything"
  • My Best Friend - Magnapop
    "Save the sad for real life my best friend cries at the movies Even when the story's old and bad And the tube hurts And my arm hurts And the movie is sad Save your tears they're for the injured man Because"

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