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  • C-C - Tom Vek
    "You set the fire in me C-C It's like I've learnt how to breathe easily Photographed for a fashion magazine It's just you, your God and me I know it can't be easy for you You set the fire in me C-C, you"
  • C - Bebel Gilberto
    "Contando estrlas De um cu distante Me faz lembrar o meu lugar Meu corao aperta Sem nem me avisar Vendo um brilho l no meio Que no pode mais existir Memorizo num instante O meu próprio cu So tantos cus To"
  • C - Ben Harper
    "You're just too good to be trueCan' t take my eyes off youYou'd be like heaven to touchI wanna hold you so muchAt long last love has arrivedAnd I thank God I'm aliveYou're just too good to be trueCan't"
  • C - Kim Wilde
    "Theres an endless sky and Its just you and i Youre close to me We tried to say goodbye but But we cant be that strong and let it be Now I know lifes changed And we cant expect to have things like they"
  • C - Rosi Golan
    "I felt it in my heart, that it was time, a change of scenery To get a little lost, to feel alive, and reach beyond me I walked into the first caf in France Im so clich. When I saw him I felt the room divide"
  • C Moon - Paul McCartney
    "C Moon C moon C Moon is she C Moon C Moon C Moon to me How come no one older than me Ever seems to understand the things I want to do? It will be L seven and I'll never get to heaven If I filled my"
  • C-lebrity - Queen
    "Oh Yeah Aint got no hope Got no idea What to do or why Im here Wanna get my face On your TV I wanna be heard I want to be seen Aint got nothin, no, nothin Nothing to show Make me a celebrity I want to"
  • Cindy C - Prince
    "This song's about a high class model, over in Paris, France (Oh, Cindy C) If I get a camera, Tell me will u dance (will u play with me?) If I take a picture, In the middle of the night (Oh, Cindy"
  • Avenue C - Barry Manilow
    "N.Y I dig What About it? N.Y is big People tout it I filp my wig What about? 'Bout a street I dig One day I was walkin' 'n' finally came upon a series of Alphabet streets. A-B-C and D.But I went for "C""
  • C-walk - Kurupt
    "intro: yeah, this for the west coast cd let me clear my throat check it out, check it out, check it out we gonna drop it like this this album is the best of both worlds Kurupt, Daz Dilly, this for the"
  • C-64 - Barcelona
    "i've got 64k memory i've got cartridge boards on ebony i've got power cords strung out the door think i'll set up my bulletin board got a modem when i turned thirteen but my dad doesn't know what telephony"
  • C Section - Canibus
    "Song: C-Section Featured Artists: Album: MicClub: The Curriculum (Canibus) This is the C-Section, Ripping and repping the lyrical legend, Sending ya'll to Mic-Club heaven, This is the C-Section, A lyrical"
  • C-Town - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "(feat. Twista) C-Town's How We Ride Chi-Town's How We Ride Mid-West How We Ride Come See How We Ride Now Feel The Devistation And Unification Of The Thugs In The Middle Of The Map, These Niggas"
  • C-town - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "(feat. Twista) C-town's how we rideChi-town's how we rideMidwest how we rideCome see how we ride now feel the devistationand unification of the thugs in the middle of the mapthese niggas finna snapspit"
  • Lost @ C - Canibus
    "(Canibus) Yo, Yo, Yo Now when you see that big-ass C, you know I'm coming through And when you know I'm coming through, you know what I'ma do I never said that battling me would be impossible I just think"
  • C-Minor - Me Without You
    "Our house wrapped in disrepair, A small mouse peeked out from a hole beneath the stairs nearby to where my dad sat in his favorite chair, Thinking about the gov't and muttering a prayer I scattered some"
  • T & C - Thrice
    "In my head everything was perfect and every note resounds in harmony all I seem to offer up are discords and every note I sing sounds out of key and every time I play with passion I start breaking strings and"
  • C bonics - Cassidy
    "Do my ladies run this muthfuckah, smoke somethin' tonight, drink somethin' tonight Do my thugs run this muthfuckah, who fuckin' tonight, is you fuckin' to night Somebody say yeah, somebody say yeah,"
  • C Minor - Jimmy Somerville
    "Now I know where you go, what you do, When you're away from me. Who he is, what's his name, where he lives, all the aims, But no longer will I play your foolish game. You took me heart and you tore it"
  • C-Biscuit - Jughead's Revenge
    "No horses hoof or falling roof Can knock her memory from my head All the strolls in plains of gold The blue skies overhead The way I felt so strong and manly When I was on top The way she got excited"

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