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Mythologie delerium

  • Delerium - Sarah McLachlan
    "Give me release Witness me I am outside Give me peace Heaven holds a sense of wonder And I wanted to believe that I'd get caught up When the rage in me subsides Passion chokes the flower until she cries"
  • Songburst & delerium - I Mother Earth
    "Wide awake in the candlelight Stoned straight, crashing Ocean wave patterns and sunset In their prime Shoulder demons tell me How to lie when it matters And you better hope That you see it coming Painted"
  • Awakening (Delerium Remix) - Sasha Lazard
    "Into the night you fled betrayed me your hollow heart and luring stare My blood ran cold then I heard him - from far away a lullaby CHORUS Out of my deep despair, my lover sang a melody He sent a ray"
  • A poem for byzantium - Delerium
    "Unbidden shadows of you formed yesterdayI ran away to a room here on the bayInterrupted life again, another new beginningWhere the silence echoes you're no longer with meHere and now, I feel that I'm embracing"
  • Above the clouds - Delerium
    "There are no stars tonight my love Darkness lives inside my heart without your love How could you hear me when there are no words to say I close my eyes and wait to escape I'm leaving without you I'm leaving"
  • After all - Delerium
    "She knows the voices in her mindThey tell herTo leaveShes tired of smiling madlyUntil silence becomes very silently A noise in her mindAfter all she's got nothing insideNo good to giveNo meaning to liveThe"
  • Aria - Delerium
    "I have wist, sin i couthe meen, That children hath by candle lightI have wist, sin i couthe meen, That children hath by candle light Her shadewe on the wal iseen, And ronne therafter all the night. Bisy"
  • Daylight - Delerium
    "If you can believe you're turning on a world that broke your mindthen I can do something for you even though you're lost in timeYou won't have to be my heaven, I won't have to be your friendFor daylight,"
  • Duende - Delerium
    "Bleak desolationIn a beam of sunScraping as I crawlYour heart cant hear meTearing bruising fallYour hands cant hear meThirsting raging blindYour eyes cant hear meRacing against timeYour arms cant hear"
  • Enchanted - Delerium
    "Prowling in the nightHiding 'neath my frightManipulate my sight - thiefWhenever you stealMy punishment's realYou gave me sorrowInvading my own valueParading my shy securityWhile gripping my innocence -"
  • Fallen - Delerium
    "Do you remember me,I'm just a shadow now.This is where I used to be,Right here beside you.Sometimes I call your name,High on a summer breeze.What I would give,To feel the sunlight on my face.What I would"
  • Fallen icon - Delerium
    "In a dark woods paved with snow living all alone i forgot long ago what I'm looking for firecracker lightening seed is coming back to me this is how this is how you made my heart a hunter this is how this"
  • Forever after - Delerium
    "BazanHayat RuyaBazan Hayat KabusBazan Para Icin SatiliyorNamusBazanHayat RuyaBazan Hayat KabusBazan Para Icin SatiliyorNamusKisir PolitikaHer ZamanAslanim BazanHaYat YalanFitne Fesat DolanBazan Hayat YazilmayanAci"
  • Heaven's earth - Delerium
    "I know you want meBut caution inspiresYour tamed indifferenceWon't challenge meCould it, could it beLove's what you deny me?This spoiled seductionIntoxicates thee,So balanced on my haloYou long secretlyCould"
  • Incantation - Delerium
    "Don't get too close - this shore is cavernous and coldToo close is cavernous and coldCavernous and coldYou're collecting empty shellsToo late to scribeAlive - on my soulI'd rather hide - than fight you"
  • Inner sanctum - Delerium
    "Infinity... infinity?Sky cold, skin blue, when I wake.So swim into essential, you've swam a thousand voids.Why is eternity forever?... Why is eternity forever?Skin screams bear me again, inner sanctum?We"
  • Innocente - Delerium
    "You can't see my eyesYou can't see my eyesThey don't see yoursHear me when I sayThey don't mind at allIt's the rain that I hear comingNot a stranger or a ghostIt's the quiet of a storm approachingThat"
  • Innocente (Tiesto Mix) - Delerium
    "Darling when did we fall? When was it over?Darling when? When did we fall? When was it over?Darling when? When did you cry? I couldn't hear youI suppose it is the price of falling in love.I suppose it"
  • Just a dream - Delerium
    "Walking barefoot on the shoreHypnotized by the ocean roaringThoughts of you drifting in and outNever fails to calm me downI still see your eyes when light hits the waterAnd I've never seen a color so beautifulSo"
  • Love - Delerium
    "Evie,My heart is broken in twoNow I feel no sense of certaintyCan there ever be any guarantees in life?Tell meYou ask yourself what do you know...I know Ill always love you, babyAnd you'll ask me how I"

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