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  • B.E.N.T. - Bill Nye
    "Light can travel straight, light can move Bend, bounce or absorb when it hits a funky groove (The light that bounces back is the color that we see) Take a trip with me now and hold on tight We're gonna"
  • N.B.A. - Kool Keith
    "Yeah.. a message to the N.B.A. ("well that's alright") The National, Basketball, Association We begin ("well that's alright") Your man is a tourin nigga, six-foot-eight floss nigga who carries champagne"
  • B N U - D-12
    "Heyyyy Boys and girls! And all you dirty heads out there! Let's take a trip to the world of D-12 The hardest boy band in the world! Ha Ha Ha, Straight From... Detroit Michigan Come on Follow Us, Come on! If"
  • E Va B? - Syria
    "Angeli camminano sul davanzale di casa tua parlano discutono di arte musica e poesia tendono un dito verso il cielo ma lontano il paradiso e i due testardi ormai si espongono non c' sostegno Vanno su"
  • B To E - Socratic
    "Every day when I leave my house I water my grass. The lawn sings and assures me to "Have a nice day while you can afford it. Soak up the sun before they make you buy it." Sometimes things don't pass. They"
  • A B C - 'N Sync
    "You went to school to learn girl Things you never knew before Like "I" before "E" except after "C" And why 2 plus 2 makes 4 Now, now, now I'm gonna teach you, teach you, teach you All about love girl,"
  • A L I E N S - Coldplay
    "We were just about to lose our home Diamonds ate the radio Moving in the dead of night We took photographs Just some Just so History has some to know We were moving at the speed of flight Kids cry If"
  • N.E.O.(n.) - Pięć Dwa
    "Raz dwa, raz dwa, Pięć Dwa N.E.O.(n.) Piękne umysły rozświeca szarość Hans: Pośród tłumu biją dzikie serca, rozpraszają cienie Zapatrzeni w tańcu, zapatrzeni w siebie One biją nam na alarm, aby obudzić"
  • P.A.I.N.E - Freddie Foxxx
  • P.A.I.N.E - Bumpy Knuckles
    "(Intro) Motherf**king soft-ass niggaz out here Motherf**king soft-ass niggaz out here "It's 'bout to be on" -> The Lah That talk lot of shit "'bout to bust" -> The Lah "Underground street nigga Bumpy came""
  • L I B E R T E - S E ! ! - Bulimia
    "Respeite a escolha de qualquer pessoa Admire a sinceridade e a coragem de algum dizer o que sente num mundo onde a represso e o preconceito dominam A discriminao da sociedade no pode te impedir de ver"
  • B - Bjork
    "Ertu ad koma? J elskam min góda Alveg hreint mintunni H - ertu nyjum bil? Alveg ertu getur Agalega saetur, ad etla bjoda mr thad er alveg hreint stil Eg ef ad thed snjó ar th erutil nóga kedjur sem"
  • Live By Yo Rep (B.O.N.E. Dis) - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Talking) Man it's cold'n a muthaf**ka I wish I had some ole funkdafied... This is ??? Shalonda Bone Magazine here interviewing the Triple 6 Mafia from Memphis who has a unique quality of rap style"
  • Crook County (B.O.N.E. Crusher Mix) - Twista & The Speedknot Mobstaz
    "(Liffy Stokes) In the Chi it's kill or be killed hussle or die You gotsta take the pie momma didn't lie Look in my eyes you see the realness The nine makes you feel this The pain that I'm going through"
  • H E R O I N A - ReTo
    "Sam se wracam I przyznam ze mnie czasem wkurw* I w ogóle nie przeszkadza mnie to ze się puszcza Kiedy lecze kasa to nie myśli banie truc Zazwyczaj obok lata jak opróżniam barek mój Bo najczęściej .. Potem"
  • N. I. B. - Ugly Kid Joe
    "Written by ozzy osbourne, bill ward, geezer butler and tony iommi (black sabbath) Oh yeah! Some people say my love cannot be true Please believe me, my love, and I'll show you I will give you those things"
  • G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R - Benzino
    "G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R Uh.......Hangmen 3 (Gangsta jugga) Uh huh (Gangsta jugga) Uh huh yo (Gangsta jugga) Pray on it sober, I'm just another step closer Niggas'll ghost ya, found out these'll hurt ya I'm"
  • N.B.C. - Charli Baltimore
    "This is the way it should sound Intro: Cam'Ron (Noreaga) Ya heard (what what) Yo B, we don't even like half these faggott niggas anyway (what what what) I'm on my own muthafuckin' wheel (yeah, what what"
  • F. A. Y. B. A. N. - Screwball
    ""From the underground" (Scrathed by DJ Premier) Fuck all y'all bitches ass niggas from my heart Everybody talkin shit but nobody wanna start Straight for QB, original shit starter Welcome me back like"
  • N - Clannad
    "Chuaigh m isteach I dteach arir Is d'iarr m cairde ar mhnaoi an leanna. Is dirt s liom "n bhfaighidh t deor. Buail an bóthar is gabh abhaile." Curf: Nl s ina l, nl a ghr, Nl s ina l is n bheidh"

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