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NCS invisible

  • Invisible - Fischerspooner
    "(Breathing) (Feel so...) Destroy me Invisible Movement Destroy me Invisible Ah (Destroy me) Destroy me Invisible Movement (Invisible Movement) Destroy me Invisible (I I can't fight) (Let me out?) (Romeo) (Invisible) (So"
  • Invisible - Gary Jules
    "Made my decision To just stay awake. To hear my own confessions. Forgive my own mistakes. Do you know my name? You don't recognize me. Do you know my name? No? Invisible. Invisible. You're the portrait"
  • Invisible - Dream Evil
    "5. Invisible People see right through me Treat me like I'm air Talking shit about me as As if I am not there No one seems to listen No one seems to care All this makes me wonder Am I really here - Am"
  • Invisible - Milk Inc
    "Like a ghost from the past Unheard, unseen, unknown I was holding on To a life I knew could never last Like a broken window Undone, unsafe, uncertain I could walk away Leave behind me what I couldn't take Like"
  • Invisible - Reba McEntire
    "(Lisa Drew/Christi Dannemiller) They met at a party. He was laughing with his friends. She captured all of his attention. Just by walkin' in. Confident and self-assured he liked her attitude. And the"
  • Invisible - Skylar Grey
    "I take these pills to make me thin I dye my hair, and cut my skin I try everything, to make them see me But all they see, is someone that's not me Even when I'm walking on a wire Even when I set myself"
  • Invisible - Hotwire
    "I remember when everything was calm Now I'm thinking about chaos, chaos I'm not dead I'm not alive I've got something that's on my mind I said... "We're on our way to a better place We're on our way to"
  • Invisible - Linkin Park
    "I’ve got an aching head Echoes and buzzing noises I know the words we said But I wish I could’ve turned our voices down This is not black and white Only organized confusion I’m just to trying get it right And"
  • Invisible - Ferry Corsten
    "Listen to my voice U wont see me U wont see me with ur eyes Listen to my voice (my voice..) U will feel me deep inside inisde inside inside inside inside U will feel me deep inside inisde inside inside"
  • Invisible - Pet Shop Boys
    "After being for so many years The life and soul of the party It's weird I'm invisible Whatever I have said and done Doesn't matter in this chatter and hum I'm invisible I'm here but you can't see me I'm"
  • Invisible - Glitter Kicks
    "What do you want from me All your gonna get it this blank stare What do you want from me You'd better ask someone else cause I don't care You know I just don't care If I could get away from here just disappear Now"
  • Invisible - Cydonia
    "If you dig in a dream, if you look for a way to escape from the darkened hole Maybe you'll feel and in a corner you'll meet the answer that you wait Feeling the shade of an angel of hell his face in"
  • Invisible - Ashlee Simpson
    "Like a grain on the beach Like a star in the sky Far too many to count with the naked eye They wont see you Go ahead Walk on by You dont know Im alive Maybe one day youll find You should open"
  • Invisible - Paul Weller
    "I'm Invisible Float across the floor You can't even see me Drift through walls and tables But you still don't believe me I'm not one to give up But I feel I'm at a loss To you I'm invisible Pass through"
  • Invisible - Third Eye Blind
    "Ride along the road with friends And the road trip ends When the weather changes moods Tried to keep my jaw from dropping When I found out things I wish I'd never knew And everybody's got a story to tell Everybody"
  • Invisible - Alison Moyet
    "You've got me so confused and there's words I could use But I'm afraid to say them I feel I've been had and I'm boiling mad Still I cant live without you You don't have the time and you wont spend a dime Not"
  • Invisible - Kierra Kiki Sheard
    "A total eclipse has just begun We've blocked out the son Can't believe this is what we've come too So you think that you're a star But the real star had some scars On his hands and feet were the nails"
  • Invisible - Jackie Boyz
    "Invisible Invisible You know you're wasting you time Asking him to be true He never loved you the same way as I Picking up the pieces your heart Trying to start over again You wanna find your way out Girl,"
  • Invisible - Modest Mouse
    "Oh, well lesson dance And shoot to god A storm-suffered owl You're not invisible inside your car No matter what consuming sort of mission you're on Well, you're not invisible inside your car I go absolutely"
  • Invisible - Will.I.Am
    "And we try to fix it up but its too late? Lets give up, had enough, no more mistakes. Here we go, Here we go.. 'Cause you can't see where I'm comin' from, I feel so invisible My lady got me goin' crazy"

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