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    "clicks /3x they’ll do anything to get a few tick /3c that’s the sound before my head explode quit /3x look at you up on your pedistals quit /3x hear the critics come it’s time to go! i read your article"
  • Paid dues - Eightball
    "Intro (Eightball) Yeah, Yeah...Space Age forever..Niggas and hoes better recognize Eightball & MJG...been ten toes down in this game since we were two young playas in a one horse town then hopped to a"
  • Paid Dues - 8-Ball & MJG
    "featuring OutKast Bitch I ain't got nothing but time so I'ma get out on these cuts and grind keep my mind on cloud twenty nine my player ways keep me with plenty dimes see I'ma shine like all"
  • Paid My Dues - Anastacia
    "You can say what you want about me Wanna do what you want to me But you can not stop me I've been knocked down It's a crazy town Even got punched in the face in L.A. Ain't nothing in the world that you"
  • Paid My Dues - Dirty
    "I'm not gonna scream at this time, nope But I'mma let 'em know... throughout all the hatin' and all the sticks and stones being throwed at the Pimp and da Gangsta We stayed on our toes, all ten of 'em No"
  • Paid My Dues - Ammo Poetic
    "*Yogi B* Oh baby bring it on, Poetic Ammo for the 2G Landslyde, Point Blanc, C.Loco, Yogi B, Mad Stacz word up Chorus *Yogi B* The price I pay for the life I choose I'm ahead of my time, don't you know"
  • Dues - Grand Funk Railroad
    "I think I'm headed for a terrible accident. Made more plans than anyone who ever paid their rent. I'm not stupid and I might be havin' too much pride. Surgeon general has determined that I may as well"
  • I Paid My Dues - Rappin' 4-Tay
    "Testing one, two, three, four Rappin 4-tay, Rag Top records, nineteen-ninety-six West up, let's do this Yeah Four, you done finally got that parole-CALL Yeah man, that was long comeing trying get that,"
  • Payin' Dues - Big Moe
    "Verse 1 Motorola big face folder bumping grinding just to get it 3rd Ward, Texas block I bled it to rescore thats where I'm head it The streets is watching I'm not stopping cause my bills gone keep on"
  • Paying Dues - Big Moe
    "Verse 1 Motorola big face folder bumping grinding just to get it 3rd Ward, Texas block I bled it to rescore thats where I'm head it The streets is watching I'm not stopping cause my bills gone keep on"
  • Paying My Dues - Jackie Boyz
    "Oh oh Oh ho ho ho Oh (J) is for the jobs, working over time (A) always on the grind (C) is for the cries, eyes close when you died (K) is for the king I wanna be (I) is for independently, making it here"
  • Pay Some Dues - Spring Heeled Jack USA
    "Sometimes When you're fellin' like a winner Well take a look around And see what's become of you You're getting' cocky And you think you're getting' bigger But if you ask me boys You still haven't paid"
  • San Francisco Dues - Chuck Berry
    "Well, I'm goin' out to San Francisco They tell me ev'rything out there is really all right All the boys are coolin' on the corner The little girls out there are really out of sight You know I'm gonna dig"
  • Paid - Kid Rock
    "Oooooooooooo ooooooo...Yeahhhhhh And while your out gang bangin Trying to catch a murder case Your hoes on my couch gettin fucked in the face Bumpin to the bass of some old school rap jam Say what? This"
  • Payin; dues - Terror Squad
    "[ VERSE 1: Keith Nut ] Holy Christ, I leave rappers' souls as cold as ice I'm like a poltergeist when I strike, turnin men to mice Breakin the law, city urban tower without a four Bringin the raw homicidal"
  • Union Dues - Sweatshop Union
    "sweatshop ahahaha well look whose looking out the circus crowd with a whole crowd of clowns to tear it all down pound for pound i will tip the scales spit til the frail(?) think I'm sick as hell well"
  • Pay My Dues - Blackfoot
    "Well I pay my dues by singin' the blues Someday it's gonna end Well the light that shines In the sky up above It's just around the bend Livin' a life, it ain't easy Yes, you got to pay Livin' a life,"
  • Blue Steel Dues - Blue Cheer
    "(Dickie Peterson & Andrew "Duck" MacDonald) Stripped of my pride at the age of twenty-one Lived my life with a knife and a gun Fought really hard for all I had Only to lose it to the man Yeah, lost it"
  • Dues To Pay - Leona Naess
    "the moon sits above the streets echo the beats of the lonely city feet as my heart sits inside it's cage talks across the page where songs for you are made oh...it's only been pain loving you you're my"
  • Paid Programming - That Dog
    "Paid programming helps me sleep at night, tucked in bed so tight. Paid programming helps me sleep at night, cures me of my fright. I'd like to see Cher doing her hair on the air. And I'd like to see Richard"

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