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Need for Speed: ProStreet (PC)' ORDER BY 1-- DcFc

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Need for Speed: ProStreet (PC)' ORDER BY 1-- DcFc

  • Order - D.O.A.
    "the home viewers just don't care they're getting tired of the regular fare they want something new and it isn't there so here it comes, the big idea the public trustworthy panacea completely different"
  • Fuck pc - Quincy Punx
    "Fuck the endangered species list they ain't got what it takes to survive dont tell me i can't eat meat cause i dont need your cruelty jive i dont like queers i like to shoot deers pornography, sounds good"
  • Order - Pipedown
    "Follow us, reaching out of us, to strain against determination. Superfluous is our structure, maintained by the predication. We're so continuous. Intent on the will, to follow us. Intent on the will,"
  • PC = Potential Criminal - Satanic Surfers
    "Tell me what exactly did you expect me to understand? was that accepting me for who i am? cracking racist jokes expecting me not to be offended 'cause you consider yourself my friend so in my insecurity..."
  • New world order - The Kovenant
    "Stand aside for the new world order Systematic...Aristocratic Don't decieve yourself get out of the way We command and you obey Beautiful to be the joker Cursed by an all-to human future Things you cannot"
  • 187 P.C. - Trabant
    "1 8 7 PC 1 8 7 PC 187 PC i'm assassinating feelings looking for appreciation i can't stand even if my heart keeps beating when you go away I'm just feeling nothing Even if my heart keeps beating 1 8 7 PC 1 8 7 PC I'm"
  • Restraining Order Blues - Spitalfield
    "it's a cold night but i warm up as you walk by and i'm watching you i always do and its alright i've dreamt this dream a thousand times and this time i know what to do i know what to do where do we go i"
  • 1 - Mudvayne
    "Losses, losers and more, gain of life's pleasures cohorts listen behindthe doors to a life meaningless less than 0 in me all my walls fallingdown pains aloft miseryI'm sure that the lessons were learned"
  • Love Order - Embrace
    "Remember me when the circus comes to town and you're welcomed in, but can't get out and no one hears you shout remember me remember me cause i'm drying, lost at sea for a day that won't be happening"
  • PC komputer - Czerwony Tulipan
    "Stał na wystawie biały, nowy, lśniący, czystyGdy go ujrzałam, już wiedziałam - tylko ONPC komputer, mój komputer osobistySerce zagrało w piersi jak Zygmunta DzwonCzule pieściłam jego joystick i klawiszeIskry"
  • Pc Warz - Headcharger
    "Not a terrorist Just a business man Ive dreamt of being rich For such a long time Hunting for a strong and rising sector Lifes a struggle Ive bet on war Ill never dirty my hands My wars are beautiful"
  • Pc Stoker - The Toy Dolls
    "Stoker is a boy in blue and he must be the worst He's a copper! Stoker someday he'll get you but you won't be the first he's a copper he's a police constable that makes us feel uncomfortable he's a copper no"
  • 1 - 800 - Spice - Spice 1
    "[ ant banks ] ( *burp* ) Aw shit One of them fake-ass answer machines again 1-800-fake-ass-answer-machine ( *dial tone* ) [ verse 1: spice 1 ] Mi-ni-mi pickin up da phone to hear da ring-a-ding-ling-a Mi"
  • Order My Steps (Dear Lord) - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "(feat. Yolanda Adams) Jeremiah 10: 23,24 "We will know oh LORD that to Earthly men his way does not belong, it does not belong to man who must walk even to direct his step, correct me oh Jehova however"
  • Die, 1 By 1 - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "(chorus) x2 Die!!!, I choose before you One by one we will pick you You will die!!! (f**k it....psychological) Verse one: Siccmade music comin up out yo seat Catch the reeper night crawler creeper Dig"
  • Maintaining Law & Order - Phil Ochs
    "The policemen of the city wear a uniform of blue Walkin' within the city's border Protecting all the people That's what they're paid to do, Maintaining law and order. You see them walkin' down the street Swingin'"
  • New World Order - Steel Pulse
    "David Hinds I'm in an angry mood yeah Got an attitude, oh yeah Things are overflowing In dis ya melting pot Justice has been stolen From the have nots I've come to a conclusion It's time for a revolution It's"
  • The peckin order - Ice Cube
    ""In the deep and dark bowels of the underworld, order must be maintained. Without a strict and unforgiving chain of command, chaos is inevitable." Whassup youngsta? Since you the new booty, and don't"
  • Order Through Chaos - Psycho Realm
    "The simplest shit ain't plain to see Chaos floods the life on these streets Took a wrong turn on burned concrete And now the enemy dies for free Real young guns are kept firing And the clowns that are"
  • Wu World Order - La The Darkman
    "* one of 3 hidden tracks on the playstation game cd (all) Wu world order (4x) (la the darkman) Yo Niggaz is feeble, I call up a vine-man like ben' siegal I'm anti-evil, plus I touch a desert eagle My"

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