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Nitro hymn piasta gliwice

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Nitro hymn piasta gliwice

  • Nitro - MAJOR x MATHEO
    "Utwór "Nitro" pochodzi z albumu "Nitro" duetu MAJOR x MATHEO. Premiera wydawnictwa planowana jest na 20 września 2019 roku."
  • Nitro - Pain
    "i woke up with a cough a germ had gotten on me and i couldn't get it off of me my mom would say to take some medicine right away so i did real bad cough, yeah, real bad cough i found a bottle in"
  • Nitro - LL Cool J
    "Check this I excel, they fell, I said - well, hell L can yell or make em melt like gel I signed the contracts that buils up stacks Play the wall or fall I stand tall you're small in fact step aside, you"
  • Nitro - The Offspring
    "Our generation sees the world not the same as before We might as well just throw it all And live like there's no tomorrow There's no tomorrow We are the ones Who are living under the gun every day"
  • Nitro - UVERworld
    "To that eye, see eye Heshi oruzo sono hana hiroi ageta toushi Matta nashi no Keep on! Story! Kiduke! Sesuji kooru you na Life to us forgive Till I got thiis voice Te no naka de kieteku no ni Story! Onozu"
  • Nitro - Madsen
    "Jeder kennt ihn schon Das Arschloch der Nation Wie konnte er so etwas tun? berall schreckt jeder auf Und alle schreien laut: Sperrt ihn ein, macht alle Tren zu Er war ein Einzelgnger, doch Eigentlich"
  • Hymn - Hymn USA
    "Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were"
  • Nita Nitro - Wildhearts
    "well I pushed on that button but that button was on too tight - right! that kind of bull shines morning, noon and night then, I get to see her face again, well that sweet Nita Nitro, she's locos tambien"
  • Nitro Pitbull - Majestic
    "Oh Yeah!...In for the kill! Alone in the night with pictures of home Ride sound of engine the heat from the pipes I am dying One hundred eighty-five speed is on top My race is my ouw no intention to stop The"
  • Nitro Express - Red Simpson
    "I was pullin' up a hill that's known as the Devil's Crest, haulin' 36 ton on a run called the Nitro Express. There was nothin' but curves a runnin' from the top on down, and at the bottom of the grade"
  • Mrs. Nitro - Zoe
    "Hey miss, a dónde vas con el vampiro bipolar? estilizando amor, ajenjo fino y cegador y seductor. Un poco de sangre pa' teir la soledad, psame la rabia de tus besos. Mrs. Nitroglicerina detona mis circuitos"
  • Nitro Cell - ZillaKami x Sosmula
    "NITETIME Bitch, there's a ghost in the house I like the way they run, then fall, then die (okay) I like the way they drop when I'm outside (huh) I like the way they run, then fall, then die (okay) I"
  • Hymn - Ke$ha (Kesha)
    "Even the stars and the moon don’t shine quite light like we do dreamers searching for the truth go on read about us in the news pretty reckless pretty wild talking shit and we’ll just smile don’t you"
  • Hymn - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "The city is spread Reach to the heavens This cloud cover breathing soft and rain Yes I'm good looking Yes I have money Don't it count for nothing over there. The snow falls dirty We watch our blue t.v. Educated"
    "mamy swój własny hymn kiedy nie nawet bali się zacząć mamy swój własny styl kiedy inni nawet nie wiedza za co możemy żyć możemy żyć możemy szyć za to nie płacąc możemy być wszędzie ale płacą za to pracą ty"
  • Hymn - Taylor Dayne
    "One true love All the soul can know One true heart Yearning to belong Wild is like the wind Blowing me around Chasing all my fears Keeping my trust down Now I see you here And my love has come alive Turn"
  • Hymn - Andy Stochansky
    "Fly down back by to my arms And sing your songs about the stars And when you're done, just be a bird There's nothing else, just be a bird And rest your song against the night And close your eyes, put out"
  • Hymn - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Gone To Earth Hymn Valley's deep and the mountain's so high If you want to see god you've got to move on the other side You stand up there with your head in the clouds Don't"
  • Hymn - Kaczmarski, Gintrowski & Lapinski
    "Kto w twierdzy wyrósł po co mu ogrody Kto krew ma w oczach nie zniesie błękitu Sytość zabije nawykłych do głodu Myśl upodlona nie dźwignie zaszczytów Kto się ukrywał szczuty i tropiony Nigdy nie będzie"
  • Nitro (Youth Energy) - The Offspring
    "Our generation sees the world Not the same as before We might as well just throw it all And live like there's no tomorrow There's no tomorrow We are the ones Who are living under the gun every day You"

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