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No guidance remix ayzha nyree

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No guidance remix ayzha nyree

  • No Guidance Remix - Ayzha Nyree
    "What is this love and war? He now that i love him Got ‘em fucking me raw He know i ain’t with it never did it before He got me all in my feelings Now he got you all in yours It’s like taht He ain’t never"
  • Parental guidance - Judas Priest
    "You say I waste my life away, but I live it to the full And how would you know anyway, you're just mister dull Why don't you get into the things we do today You could lose twenty years right away, so we"
  • No Guidance (ft. Drake) - Chris Brown
    "before i doe iam tryna fuck you baby hopefully we don’t have no babies I don’t even wanna go back home hopefully I don’t leave you on your own trips thst you’re planning for the nex whole week bands too"
  • Guidance - Guru
    "Dedicated to my son, that's about to be born so by the time you people hear this record, my son'll be born and i gotta teach him about life listen to my little man you can never have too little plans"
  • Guidance - JJ72
    "protect me on my way stay with me every day permeate my soul with what you think is good protect me on my way stay with me every day permeate my soul with what you think is good know you feel you love"
  • Parental Guidance - Violent Delight
    "Well I say, Well I say one thing And then it ends up another And I cant be bothered cause today Well it could be the first But then it could be the worst cause I heard my parents fucking I said, yeah,"
  • Parental Guidance - Squad Five-O
    "Alright.When I was younger I thought I had it all figured out.I knew it all, I knew everything there was to know about.Adolescent rage, flying out of control.Only did as I pleased, never did as I was told.You"
  • No More (Remix) - Nas
    "Everyday she walk by See me on the same block Same crew, like she never seen rocks Chain watch, rims blue Different color boots on, park Yo car Few predicates ex-cons, rip arms, bettin' chips Puff medicine"
  • No Doubt (Remix) - Canibus
    "(Canibus) Yo Seven O two, remix Three chicks, brothers is dying to be with But I need chips so I can reinvest in a whip Then I'll add another six cylinders to my V six And pick you up in the V twelve,"
  • No Scrubs (Remix) - TLC
    "Mmm...ho...oh... A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly And is also known as a buster Always talkin' 'bout what he wants And just sits on his broke a## So, no, I don't want your number No, I don't want"
  • No Retreat (Remix) - Dilated Peoples
    ""The mind-blowing party-rocking Platform crew" (scratched 4x) "That's Rakka-Iriscience, Evidence, Babu" It's no retreat, hit the street, get my plane confirmation To the other side of the world, a daily"
  • Oh No (Remix) - N.O.R.E.
    "(feat. Big Pun, Capone, Jadakiss, Maze, Mussolini, A. Mar) Neptunes, N.O.R.E, Angie Martinez Jadakiss, Big Pun, Capone Mussolini and Maze Thugged Out Entertainment Rush to the stores 'Pone, let 'em"
  • Oh No (Remix) - Noreaga
    "Mussolini: My first name call me Queens nigga remember the lies I keep the game sown, hit criminal ties, generals die Feel the takeover, seminoles rise Like Puffy in Harlem, I rose to stardom I sat down,"
  • No Pigeons (Remix) - Sporty Thievz
    "(Bridge) (uh-oh) Pigeon! {ah-ah} Pigeon! (uh-oh) Pigeon! {ah-ah} Pigeon! (uh-oh) Pigeon! {ah-ah} Pigeon! Pigeon! (Verse One - King Kirk) If you independant, it's spendid, it's friendship If there's pigeons"
  • No Guarantees (Remix) - Danny
    "(feat. Jinx) I can turn it on, but the guarantee's what I'm holdin' back I don't care about a Soundscan or a golden plaque I'm not a throwback rapper, I'm a new jack And my crew stacks chips, bitch"
  • No Click Remix - Lloyd Banks
    "(Tony Yayo) Yee nigga F**kin back hunger for more Tony's home Yo Banks I told these niggas man (Lloyd Banks) Yall done f**ked up now Yee! Yeeeeee! {Tony Yayo) Here We go (Chorus: Lloyd Banks) Aint no"
  • No Woman No Cry (Remix) - Wyclef Jean
    "*A dedication to all the refugees Worldwide* 1 time Say say say I remember when we used to sit In a government yard in brooklyn Uba uba solvin the crookedness as we mingled wit tha good people we meet good"
  • No, no, no part 2 (remix) - Destiny's Child
    "This is the remix The jeep's pump this new remix (uh huh) This is the remix Radio's play this remix This is the remix The Crups pump this remix This is the remix The Refugee's Camp have the remix Destiny's"
  • No Letting Go Remix - Wayne Wonder
    "(feat. LL Cool J, Queen Dutchess) Remix baby!!! remix baby!!! come on come on!!! remix baby!!! (Rock the bells baby) Come on come on!!! (Wayne Wonder, LL, Queen Dutchess, official remix) uh! uh! I"
  • No More Rain (Remix) - Angie Stone Feat. Erick Sermon
    "Angie Stone Feat. Erick Sermon Miscellaneous No More Rain (Remix) Angie Stone Feat. Erick Sermon No More Rain (Remix) 1 - My sunshine has come And I'm all cried out And there's no more rain in this"

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