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Non koneksja memento mory

  • Memento Mori - Kamelot
    "Who wants to separate The world we know from our beliefs And who sees only black and white Distinguish loss from sacrifice Some day we may come to peace With the world within ourselves And I will await"
  • Memento - Duncan Sheik
    "I'm threading through the evening it's later than I thought a friend of mine is waiting for cigarettes I brought she smiles she seems so tired so nothing is required I reach into my pocket some things"
  • Memento - Epica
    "A soul in flames inventing crime A soul at pace against new times Her face in red out rules the law The eyes got caught in devil's claws Entice me Beguile me Lost track of my own sanity Behind me a souvenir My"
  • Memento Mori - Memento Mori
    "(music and lyrics: Marcolin) Living your life in such a rush You have so much to do, time is not enough Never a thought about that day When you'll be dead and gone and passed away Memento mori, remember"
  • NAJLEPSZE PRZED NAMI (feat. NON Koneksja & Laura Godziejewska) - HDS / CS
    "Utwór "Najlepsze przed nami" w którym gościnnie można usłyszeć takich artystów jak: Egon i Lukasyno (NON Koneksja) oraz Laura Godziejewska to drugi singel HDS'a promujący jego nadchodzący album "HONOR,"
  • Memento Mori - The Streets
    "Ah, what was the question Oh yeah, momento mori It means remember it's inevitable that we will all die It sounds quite depressing when said so raw and direct But it means don't hang yourself on a material"
  • Memento Mori - The Agonist
    "Can't you see how far I've bent? Fuel abuse at my expense The limbs that crawl up silken threads And swift entomb the not quite dead That sickening numbness hindsight hides Like spiders creeps out from"
  • Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie) - Nico
    "Amidst water lily fields white and green Grows a tree And from the tree hang apples Not for you to eat. In a way it matters more Than it did before To see the East voyaging through True hearts of dunes Mirth Birth Reverie There"
  • Memento Mori - Anathema
    "My life's minds plagued by lyssophobia In a cage solitude locks me in As the dar blackened walls close in on me Dementia strikes, there's no turning back Drowning in the stygian sea As those voices repeat"
  • Memento mori - Karramba
    "To kolejny drink dzisiejszego wieczora, moja psychika naprawdę jest chora. Siedzę sam zamknięty w pustych czterech ścianach, sam aż do samego rana. Już nie pamiętam kiedy ostatni raz się śmiałem, nie pamiętam"
  • Memento Mori - Moonspell
    "I am the moment, the soul the moment that ends it all I am the second, the will the serpent, the one you last recall the living pulse of nightmares is on my side with the shadows I fade into you"
  • Memento Mori - Patti Smith
    "the fans were whirlin' like the blades of a 'copter liftin' into the skies above some foreign land soaked with the bodies of so many friends. Johnny waved he was on his way home he waved goodbye to his"
  • The Memento - The Black Maria
    "I'll never forget you, But your time to leave is way past due, I have this overwhelming urge, To suck in one good breath and scream, There is no love left inside of me... This isn't the first time, That"
  • Memento Mori - The Bastard Fairies
    "Sometimes you think you're untouchable Just look behind you, you are but a man Sometimes you think things can't get worse Just look behind you, you are but a man So eat, drink and be merry For tomorrow"
  • Memento mori - The Academy Is
    "Narrative fear.A fever is dancing in stride metronome memory.Hypocrisy here is painting a portrait that's dripping with crass composition.Fumbled trust, the father is dead, cathedrals are burning.Lies"
  • Memento mori - The Sandals
    "po co męczyć się wciąż w pracy, po co ciągle uczyć się nie wiesz co cię jutro spotka, może śmierć dopadnie cię? lepiej co dzień jest się bawić, chuliganić, piwo pić i nie myśleć o przyszłości, z dnia na"
  • Memento Mori - The Academy Is...
    "Narrative fear. A fever is dancing in stride metronome memory. Hypocrisy here is painting a portrait that's dripping with crass composition. Fumbled trust, the father is dead, cathedrals are burning. Lies"
  • Memento Mori - Sinners Moon
    "1. Tied by the thread of my life and time´s running out It seems just too late where is my God when I need someone´s true care My prayer just fades, fades away R: You will die one day, but this"
  • Memento Mori - Lamb Of God
    "by the darkest river beneath the leafless trees I think I am drowning this dream is killing me in the coldest winter between the fading lights I feel I am falling into a frozen sky past the blackest heaven above"
  • Non Angelical - Anggun
    "It's certainly deceiving Cause love has fooled you once again You can't believe in That she's walking over you If she's amazing Why can't she be true to you What she hides she denies But you'll never"

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