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Nowhere To Go W

  • Nowhere To Go (feat. Bree) - W&W
    "Don’t roll your eyes I know you can’t stand the way that I move Good thing I’m not bothered by looks Let’s head back to our table ‘Cause we’re willing and able Let’s make this one for the books Let’s"
  • Go Nowhere - Reagan Youth
    "You're a gonowhere! And you don't care! You're a gonowhere! You're not even there! Living your life on the conveyor belt No time to think so your brain just melts No destination you're lost inside Standing"
  • Nowhere To Go - Backstreet Boys
    "Lookin' for beauty I'm uncertain Finding the strength inside the gray Maybe I'm headin' for a breakdown Or maybe that's okay Could be I'm hangin' on for dear life Maybe I need to get a grip 'Cause you're"
  • Nowhere To Go - Soul Asylum
    "Oh the west Where the men were mean The women were scarce And the sheep were mighty nervous You know I'm just a cowboy But I got no place to go There's no more ranges for me to ride They got rid of those"
  • Nowhere To Go - Agnostic Front
    "Abandoned - Nowhere can I turn Fallen - A lesson to be learned You hand me the blame, all this never ends Its always the same, Ill get this never ends All I know - Got nowhere to go Nothing to show - Got"
  • Nowhere To Go - Mushroomhead
    "Morning's gone Echoes of dawn Shaking my soul All but done Delirium The rain with the cold With nowhere to go (Love destroyed this body figureheads and lies Have i survived) Nowhere to go (we've"
  • Nowhere To Go - BAD OMENS
    "Why’s this always gotta happen to me? I should have known I never fail to never learn from mistakes Still throwing stones Blood signed we made a pact Yours dried out, you took it back You know you are"
  • Nowhere To Go - Absynthe Minded
    "Nowhere to go, Not felt in any year I went silent Nothing except For some violent stares In the direction of you I can't stand it You, be aware That any man will fight For his children Even if"
  • Nowhere To Go - Melissa Etheridge
    "I know a place down past an old shack On a road that goes to nowhere...Ain't nobody coming back We can go there tonight...We can talk until dawn Or maybe something else...I'll leave the radio on There's"
  • Nowhere To Go - Spiritual Beggars
    "Feel betrayed, ...as I sit here cold and tired It seems that what I valued before has been eaten cold by a ghost Deeds, what's to gain here I want to kill myself but I ain't got the guts... yet Ice"
  • Nowhere - Rainbirds
    "thank you lover you made me forget myself i fell unconscious and when i woke up i was dreaming that i need you thank you lover but now i am far away from you yet i`m another part of you and i like to be"
  • Nowhere - Balzac
    "(Nowhere) I'll be back (No way out) I'll be back again My heart feel pain I'm waiting for the night (Nowhere) I'll be back (No way out) I'll be back again My heart feel pain I'm waiting for the light Soshite"
  • Nowhere - Fisher
    "He knows, and I know But the knowing doesn't make it easier And so we go on And we try to run without the missing parts Shut eyes, go straight Spin around until we hit the wall again I have a feeling"
  • Nowhere - Lucy Kaplansky
    "So cold today Wind is blowing You turn your face away Can hardly see where you're going Walking downtown Eighth Street, Washington Square Stepping carefully In the footprints someone left there While"
  • Nowhere - FictionJunction YUUKA
    "'''' '''' ''We will reach to nowhere landTake me to the nowhere land'' {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== tamashii no hanashi wo kikasete yo hitomi wo sorasazu mitsumete"
  • Nowhere - Longview
    "You're not where you are Only where you want to be You're not what you've seen Only what you could've been And out of sight Then out of mind Go You won't try you don't care You won't try you don't care You"
  • Nowhere - Interference
    "I've heard them the orange drums Rapping out the battle cry Metaphoric guns cracking in July Then the crucifixes and the beads And the twisted hands weaving Brigid's reeds Recalling the black and tans Round"
  • Nowhere To Go, Nowhere To Be - Kenny Chesney
    "Like an empty bottle washed up by the waves Like an old schooner slippin slowly to its grave Like ghosts of old sailors caught somewhere in time Like a lone palm thats watched the world unwind Nowhere"
  • Nowhere Left To Go - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "i have no choice but to be confined stagnant like a fish in a bowl it's more of a stuggle just to survive life is too short just to sit around don't give up because of your past pick up all those stepping"
  • Nowhere Left To Go - Leona Lewis feat. Cassidy
    "I took a hiatus came back and became the greatest. But I love you more than the deal that I signed with Clive Davis. Leona your persona I can't stop thinking bout. But your beauty got me suicidal Sean"

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