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  • Sick And Tierd - Steph Lacroix
    "Man sick and tired of living is life Cause his head is full of Memorise of his f**k'd up life Man sick and tired of living is life Cause his head is full of Memorise of his f**k'd up life When i die,shit"
  • The Life Of A - Steph Lacroix
    "You know they run all day and run all night That is the life of a,the life of a, coc dealer,coc dealer,coc dealer You in the club u see his nose runing all night Yea Damm right hes a,Damm right hes a,coc"
  • Straight From Lockdown (Stand Up Remix) - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "Straight from lockdown... don't you bother me, don't you bother me Ol' Dirty Bastard, Dirt McGirt, old school style Roc-a-Fella, Wu-Tang You nothin' but fallen stars, I see it on ya'll Appear bizarre,"
  • Stand Up - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "New York City stand up, Staten Island stand up New York City stand up (don't you bother me, don't you bother me) New York City stand up (old school style g.) You nothin' but fallen stars, I see it on"
  • Heavyweights - Tha Dogg Pound
    "(Chorus) - X 2 Yeah, we can set it straight Dogg Pound Gangstas nigga, yeah we heavyweights You got beef, we could set a date Nigga don't hesitate Fuckin' with you featherweights (Daz Dillinger) Let's"
  • Why, Why, Why? - Foxy Brown
    "Hook 1: Why, why, why, why? I'ma in love, I'ma love with this man. Why, why, why, why? I'm in love, I'm in love... 1st Verse: PIMPIN'! Don't you get enough pussy at home? Tell me. What really make this"
  • Anger Managment - Steph Lacroix
    "Anger Managment Steph:Lets go Mat G:No no Steph:Yea lets go Mat G:No plz no Steph:Whats a matter you 2 f**king pussy Mat G:No Steph:Will have to kill em Mat G:O my God,O my God Steph:Will have to kill"
  • Wishing - Steph Lacroix
    "Wishing I got this EX girlfriend She act's like she no's she hot It's f**king pissing me off Cause back then When we were going out She wasnt like that She was all perfect till summer was out Now she's"
  • Perfect Gurl - Steph Lacroix
    "Perfect Gurl Yea I know sometimes Things can be so f**k'd up But you no what I got won f**king leason for use Try to find that the perfect gurl Cause there aint that much"
  • Past & Hopes - Steph Lacroix
    "Yeah,Its my life In my own words,listen up Verse 1 Have you ever bein in love soo much that you'd kill your self for her Not an expression,no, just a comment why did i go out with her It pisses me off"

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