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  • NOFX Olive Me
    "Olive me, why not take all? can't you see i'm no good without you? take these arms i wanna loose 'em take these lips i'll never use them. your goodbye left me with eyes how can i go one day without you? you"
  • Pollen Olive-Eyed
    "I'm counting up the tolls that I have paid for living my life I'm patchin up the holes being gouged by this mass condemnation But I won't be responsible for the things they've said and done and I won't"
  • Sullivan The Olive Branch
    "Here's an olive branch And a hope for second chances Please don't go hungry tonight Hands and knees, I crawl 'Cause Lord knows how hard I fall I can't feed without you tonight It's alright Would you break"
  • Trance To The Sun Olive The Slut
    "Tea won't satisfy you Something a darker green now Something a little more powerful It's not right and you and I both know Which one will die first It certainly won't be me Drink up it won't hurt It will"
  • Snow Patrol Olive grove facing the sea
    "Sworn to secrecy, I might go after schoolShe was an angel, I saw her swimming thereI am in such a mess, I can't cope without thisShe just teases, me pretends she can't see me hereSo let me go out thereI"
  • Snow Patrol An Olive Grove Facing The Sea
    "Sworn to secrecy I might go after school She was an angel I saw her swimming there I am in such a mess I can't cope without this She just teases me Pretends she can't see me here So let me go out there I"
  • Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright An Olive Grove Facing The Sea
    "Sworn to secrecy I might go after school She was an angel I saw her swimming there I am in such a mess I can't cope without this She just teases me Pretends she can't see me here So let me go out there I"
  • Olive Blood Red Tears
    "Verse 1 Lighten up, Give it up I see a chance to make it up There's a price for every day You've just thrown away I am all I ever was Didn't change the way I was Get a grip, Button it Cool down, Hypocrite Chorus Couldn't"
  • Olive Curious
    "Verse 1 Straight as a dye On us we rely Yet watch how my head is turning Distracting my eye Bridge It's no reflection on you, yet who would believe me Troubled by the thought of it, I can't deny Chorus That"
  • Olive Falling
    "Verse 1 Slower than the sun goes down Softer than the Autumn rain Surer than the earth is round Gentle as the moring breeze Warm enough to sleep and dream There is no doubt in my mind I'm falling, (in"
  • Olive I Don't Think So
    "Verse 1 Don't stand in the open Take a walk with me Just come and see Let me clear your vision End my misery Fait a' compli Bridge I fear my brain is getting clear Don't stand so close, you're far too"
  • Olive Miracle
    "Verse 1 Deeper than deeper was my love for you Sweeter than sweeter joy Hoping that every day You can go your way I cannot hold you down Turning the situation 'round a little more Making it look like things are"
  • Olive Outlaw
    "Verse 1 Two faces Playing with my trust in you You cover all your traces And watch me relax with you Insidious Creep away and do your deal Return what you think is you It couldn't be further from the truth Bridge (So)"
  • Olive Safer Hands
    "Verse 1 Little hand held high, I reached for you, Innocent and small Never felt so safe, No wider smile, I had it all No worries at all, Little girl just three, She couldn't see What there would be, Clearer"
  • Olive This Time
    "Verse 1 This time, make no mistake Resolute and crystal clear This time I'm ready for you Complete and without fear Sweet believer You must be found A soul survivor Who'll stick around Never let me down Chorus Trouble"
  • Olive You Are Nothing
    "Verse 1 You allude to everything negative there was Making out that's all we had Couldn't you believe that there would be an end to it All the good could be that bad Bridge There is just one thing to say There's"
  • Olive You're Not Alone
    "Verse 1 In a way, it's all a matter of time I will not worry for you, You'll be just fine Take my thoughts with you, and when you look behind You will surely see a face that you recognize Chorus You're"
  • Olive Beyond The Fray
    "Take someone you know They have climbed the highest tree You think the fight was won Take a look around A smile should now appear Beaming brightly ear to ear Consolidate your stride On solid ground But"
  • Olive I'm Not In Love
    "I'm not in love So don't forget it It's just a silly phase I'm going through And just because I call you up Don't get me wrong And think you've gotten me I'm not in love, no no I'd like to see you But"
  • Olive Indulge Me
    "My latest little mood A darker shade of blue Still I draw closer to you My pretty little dress Begins to look a mess Infatuation come through Enlighten me with you Look at things the way you do Indulge"

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