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One Republic - Counting Stars

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One Republic - Counting Stars

  • Counting Stars - Sugarcult
    "Hey, I wanna crawl out of my skin Apologize for all my sins All the things I should have said to you Hey, I can't make it go away Over and over in my brain again All the things I should have said"
  • Waiting Counting - Lake Of Tears
    "Maybe a star will fall tonight And maybe just one of my eyes will capture the light I feel that ease and though the stars would better be Oh, count the ten, Make it start Make it begin It makes it through Makes"
  • Counting - Anne Heaton
    "If we make it I know you'll walk away Happy that you got the prize With that look in your eyes You'll be counting, counting, counting, Yeah you'll be counting You know I had a boyfriend For seven long"
  • Counting - Korn
    "I can't bare to face what's growing in my head. Please get away from me. Take advantage of what I still guess you do. One day you'll pay for me. So I'm saying nothing. Each day taking that much more. As"
  • Counting - Bob Lind
    "Now is the glimmering spinning beginning Of something I've prayed for and counted the minutes To be in the shadows of sheltering meadows Of night here with you in my arms Nothing is breathing as sunset"
  • Counting - Marianne Faithfull
    "Now is the glimmering spinning beginning Of something I've prayed for and counted the minutes To be in the shadows of sheltering meadows Of night, here with you in my arms. This is the moment that pauses"
  • Counting Stars On The Ceiling - Stars
    "Les soleils couchants Revtent les champs Les canaux, la ville entire D'hyacinthe et d'or Le monde s'endort Dans une chaude lumire L, tout n'est qu'ordre et beaut Luxe, calme et volupt Took a taxi with"
  • Counting The Stars - Waking Ashland
    "Please tell me you're for real Because I don't want to bleed no more As the night fades away I'm dreaming of you Please tell me you feel something Because what I feel is ecstasy Oh shame on you You cast"
  • Banana republic - Jimmy Buffett
    "Down to the Banana Republic Down to the tropical sun Go the expatriated Americans Hoping to find some fun Some of them go for the sailn' Called by the lure of the sea Trying to find what is ailing From"
  • Counting Stars / Holy Grail / Smells Like Teen Spirit - Little Mix
    ": Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we could be ohh Baby, I've been, I've been Praying hard, (I've been praying hard) said no more counting dollars We'll be counting"
  • Counting The Cost - Ashton Allen
    "I am ready to be hypnotized And see the whole world through invisible eyes I'd feel much better if there was no light So turn on the dark and I'll just fade into the night It's a trick, believing that"
  • Asilo republic - Vasco Rossi
    "I bambini dell'asilostanno facendo casinoci vuole qualcosa per tenerli impegnatici vuole un dolcinoci vuole uno spinoci vuole un dolcinoci vuole uno spino.Dice che stata una disattenzionedella maestrae"
  • Asilo "Republic" - Vasco Rossi
    "I bambini dell'asilo stanno facendo casino ci vuole qualcosa per tenerli impegnati ci vuole un dolcino ci vuole uno spino ci vuole un dolcino ci vuole uno spino Dice che stata una disattenzione della"
  • The Coconut Counting Man - Sesame Street
    "Harry Bellafonte: Down Grand Bahama 'neath the stand-up palm On an island called Green Turtle Key, People sit and stare at the man who's there Counting coconuts night and day. You'll find him dressed in"
  • Counting Flies - Night In Gales
    "Give me another doomfix Suck the nonblack from my eyes Syringe me with electric ink And watch me counting flies Bleed me another deadlight to the rythm of the scythe Drug me with tombstonedaisies And watch"
  • Counting Star - OneRepublic
    "Lately I been, I been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we could be But baby I been, I been prayin' hard Said no more counting dollars We'll be counting stars Yeah, we'll be counting stars I"
  • Counting Headlights - Liam Titcomb
    "Lying on the floor and I cant sleep The burning in my heart is the only light I see Doing time inside my own mind waiting for you to call So what happens next? The message has been checked Are you coming"
  • Who's Counting - Ronnie Milsap
    "(Kye Fleming - Dennis Morgan) I guess you wonder what's become of me? Well, I'm doing fine I've just got so much to do I lose track of time I come home and go to sleep I get up and go to work And before"
  • Counting Sheep - Collin Raye
    "(Robert Ellis Orrall) I'm counting the cracks on the wall by my bed Cause I can't get to sleep And my mother said To try counting sheep as they're jumpin' the fence But the fence has a hole And the sheep"
  • Counting Airplanes - Train
    "I put ketchup on my scrambled eggs And everybody thinks it's funny I don't get mad I don't laugh cause you don't shave your legs But everybody thinks it's funny No need to get mad I don't spend my time"

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