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  • Rydah for Life (feat Chronik) - POPEK MONSTER
    "(…) Jestem zawodnikiem gotowym na wszytko Idę przez świat wraz z moją ksywką Plujemy w twarz fałszywym dziwkom I cały ten hardcore dla mnie to disco Na ulicy robię prawdziwą rzeź Ja nie jestem artystą"
  • Video - Johnta Austin
    "(feat. Unk) Yo Watchu Get When You Put Johnta Austin, Dj Unk And Me In The Same Room (Girl Yehh) To The Left To The Left (Heyyy) To The Right To The Right Just Just Do It In A Video Just Just Do"
  • Knyte Rydah - Andre Nickatina & Equipto
    "(*Talking*) Yeah, let's do it My attitude stay cold like "Scarface" Al Pacino What is it Queezy?, let's roll Now you wildin under the lights with Michael Knyte The truth hurts in the day time and at"
  • Official Chemical - Dub Pistols
    "the moves strike in two stripes its movin' like turnpikes nothin' happens like the master assassin we bring it with too much passion first chapter first page book of life i got ya'll s*** to write lookin'"
    "(Popek udostępnił wideo, w którym The Game zapowiada ich wspólny numer. Z informacji zamieszczonej na FB rapera można domniemywać, że kawałek będzie zatytułowany "Monsters". Data premiery nie jest jeszcze"
  • The Official - Lexicon
    "(Nick Fury) I got the crowd gathered round like it's fight, night Minor leaguers stay at home with your night, light Because I'm quite, tight They seen that Fury knows how to rock the mic, right And get"
    "Siedzę w paranoi W myślach gwałcę prostytutkę Sam gotuję cracka I nabijam nim lufkę Planuję jak wyjebac swoją matkę na 100 Zjadłbym własne dzieci Tylko pokaż gotówkę W świat potwornie ciężkich dragów Wprowadził"
  • Thank God It's Christmas (Official Lyric Video) - Queen
    "Oh my love we've had our share of tears Oh my friend we've had our hopes and fears Oh my friends it's been a long hard year But now it's Christmas Yes it's Christmas Thank God it's Christmas The moon"
  • Monster - L7
    "Come on over,is getting too late Is time to fish,no time to cut bait Foolish passion,you inspire With your kind of trouble, I'll never tire Monster... (monster in me) Bring out the monster (monster"
  • Official - Pharoahe Monch
    "Pharoahe's Official like Starter, hit harder than Fort Green Authentic, Nike, Adidas and Spalding ?Permitted? behind the back like makin em all fiend From my intricate ways to shake ya whole team Official,"
  • Monster - Artillery
    "Behind the little boy's eyes his name is written in blood There is not a clue in sight, not a moment of clarity Grew up to be a man behind the white fence, he rules and he stands Frowning at the happy"
  • Monster - Easy Listening Stu
    "Oh, c'est la vie thats the way it is my friend nothing is for free the day that high school ends Life is a monster is this all in vain? Life is a monster please spare me from the pain Why am I so clumbsy? she"
  • Monster - Bonnie Pink
    "My life has been always too busy It's like a shuffle beat Easier to repeat Can my wrist watch be any louder? Do you think it chimes with you over time? Maybe I'm sad Maybe it's good for you You can decide"
  • Monster - Full Devil Jacket
    "I take this place Where do I belong in your life today? Make a little space Too much emotion to throw away You made a monster out of me Doubt fed emotion Colored gray (Colored gray) Too much"
  • Monster - Stemm
    "Just make this go away. There's nothing left inside for you to take. I can't believe I'm all by myself ripping away all that remains, pieces of me, they just fall away. As I fall, further away from myself I"
  • Monster - Twiztid
    "Fuck you and you're platinum chains I'd rather rip out your intestines and wear it on my neck just the same Making a charm outta ya Brain And having the gall to give it away To ya moms and pops in a box"
  • Monster - Killer Mike
    "Peace will never tame the hatrid of me I'm too restricted, separated from your society.. I'm a new breed of species, a curse to lift that speak my name I'm different twisted, my mind is not the same For"
  • Video monster - Olsen Twins
    "It started out so innocently.A game of skill, a little fantasy.But it's alive now like never before.And Toto I don't think we are in control anymore.Chorus:Video Monster, he's the friendly kind,But the"
  • Official Suburban Superman - Suziquatro
    "(Quatro/Tuckey) Give me the man who ain't like no other man Gives lovin' freely Official Suburbian Superman No dirty laundry lyin' over the chair No moody Judy Vacuum cleaner salesman of the year Acts"
  • Monster - Monster
    "In the beginning everything was silence You could hardly hear a sound But suddenly you hear a noise that's coming You decide to check it out You can't believe in what your eyes are seeing You can't believe"

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