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Painting the dark Under the sky you

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Painting the dark Under the sky you

  • Painting - Blindside
    "The world you painted was new The colors were so alive Took a lie and made it true A final touch and then right into the painting you dive It's ok if you break You'll see colors again This is more than"
  • Painting - Atmosphere
    "Ain't no color paint gonna cover the stains The pictures on the wall will all remain And even though he's home now, sound and safe Surrounded by the faces that he places faith The images visit from the"
  • The painting - Carpe Tenebrum
    "And the dream, the dream shattersyou can't run from me anymoreI've loved you with foreveras I saw you at the door.And she screams as he tells her who she isreaps at the void she never touchedknowing the"
  • The Painting - Avalon
    "A sleepless night Near my river that flows I'm longing to see your face The winds are so high As I start to shiver And the clouds fade away (chorus:) Embrace me please And let my dream come true You"
  • Painting - Tellison
    "I'm going on what i heard and if its wrong would someone say i heard you're tired you're fragile and sick and tired paint the walls red just so you can say you did it i heard im out of breath he ruined"
  • The Sky Under The Sea - Pierce The Veil
    "I still remember the night you tried to kiss me through the window. I tried to settle for the taste of touching glass over the sound of answering machines, because I love the way your voice it says it's"
  • A Painting In Dark - Crimson Moonlight
    "He weeps, but no one hear Is this the final point of his life? The direction of his soul A painting in dark Where is he to go In this maze of confusion Will someone give him the strength To chance and"
  • Under The Sky - The Answer
    "A leader to come and put a cross right upon his land He said the travesty is the future has been laid In your hands too long Will the journey come to an end, will it end? Sympathy can't disguise all the"
  • The Unsigned Painting - Rickie Lee Jones
    "There must be a golden frame Coming to me Cuz where are you? Where are you? Where are you? The very day when you first heard Your heart beat Listens for you still So I think it's not so much the painting As"
  • Dark Sky - Four Star Mary
    "fall out fall out days call out call out my name far down far down low our sound our sound implodes i wanna feel you just a little when you throw me to the floor but don't you leave me in the middle until"
  • Under The Sky - Heart
    "What a day you had today It took your smile away I think we ought to get away Let's run away Take me out under the sky Counting diamonds all through the night And the moon in the morning light Out under"
  • Painting By Chagall - The Weepies
    "Thunder rumbles in the distance, a quiet intensity I am willful, your insistence is tugging at the best of me You're the moon, I'm the water You're Mars, calling up Neptune's daughter Sometimes rain"
  • Painting Box - The Incredible String Band
    "When the morning of your eyes comes waking through my shadows Leaving just a trace of twilight sleep, I whisper to the baby raindrops playing on my window, And tell them gently this is not the time that"
  • Under My Blackened Sky - Memento Mori
    "(music: Argento, Wead, lyrics: Wead) Come rain, come shine, no lie of mine Eternal dark is my shrine The sun might shine outside but in my heart death hides I'll take your hand, end your stride I'll"
  • Painting By Numbers - Television Personalities
    "If I had a ladder I'd climb up to the sky And take my paintbox with me to paint your face up high In yellow green and orange, purple red and blue To paint the world by numbers is all I want to do Painting"
  • Painting Smiling Face - Corrosion Of Conformity
    "Burning Tree, Blackened Sky - This Land God Forsaken A Thousand Men Prepare To Die - Their Spirit Long Been Broken In Misery, Hear Their Cry - Mouths Hang Wide Open Flashing Steel, Hot Lead - The White"
  • Under The Same Sky - Leah Dizon
    "'''''' () (*) You're my only home, under the same sky You're my only home, under the same sky (*) '''romaji''': Moshimo ne, futari ga umareta, hoshi ga chigau to shite mo, ai"
  • Under The Falling Sky - Jackson Browne
    "Warm and lovely mystery, fire smiling through Before this moment fades away I want to know you I've got lightning in my pocket, thunder in my shoe Have no fear I've got something here I want to show you Hey,"
  • Under The Red Sky - Traveling Wilburys
    "There was a little boy and there was a little girl And they lived in an alley under the red sky. There was a little boy and there was a little girl And they lived in an alley under the red sky. There"
  • Under The Red Sky - Bob Dylan
    "There was a little boy And there was a little girl And they lived in an alley under the red sky. There was a little boy And there was a little girl And they lived in an alley under the red sky. There"

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