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Paola vargas

  • Dolce Paola - Salvatore Adamo
    "La, la, la, la, la, la Paola, Dolce Paola In un mio sogno Mi son permesso Paola, la mano tremante Ho sfiorato il suo viso Gli ho colto un soriso Paola, dolce chimera Quando una sera Mi offri il suo sguardo"
  • Eternal Love - Fernando Fuentes Vargas - Fame Factory
    "Mmm... Here, at the peaceful break of day, there's a feeling life is breathin' again The winds of mercy throw the heavy clouds away And in heaven, no more teardrops turn to rain Ooh (We can hear a"
  • Ahora Es Que Es / Paola - Hector Bambino "El Father"
    "-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ella Sale Sola Tiene Novio Pero Anda Sola Se Pasa Cojiendo Por La Cola Janguea Con Paola Aunque Sabe Que Ella Es Bien"
  • Yours To Keep /feat. Paola - Teddybears Sthlm
    "Won't you call my private number? We can go away for the summer! We can drive around with the top down Stereo turned up loud with a fat sound Cause I'm yours to keep if you want to Cause I'm yours to keep"
  • Blue Sky Action (Feat. Alex Vargas) - Above & Beyond
    "I get tired of life What a world I’m living in Now I’ve got it all I’ve had enough I’m giving in The sun is shining Melting the clouds away Got we some Blue Sky Action! I’m breathing today I know I’m"
  • Friend Of Mine (ft. Vargas & Lagola) - Avicii
    "hey, do you remember we said Hello And you asked me about my Levi’s t-shirt said: You are a friend of mmine? MMy oh my You mast have saved me about a thousent times I wouldn’t be the one I am today if"
  • Tough Love (ft. Agnes, Vargas & Lagola) - Avicii
    "weight is on me weight is on you we scream and we fight like there’s nothing to lose end of the day come and take my arm there’s no place I’d rather be than in your arms weight is on me weight is on you sometimes"
  • All Over The World (feat. Alex Vargas) - Above & Beyond
    "Maybe I have waited for too long Maybe I got caught up in the storm And I sent you off so incomplete Now your lonely call is haunting me And it’s all over the world Your call lost in the wind You soar"
  • Paolo - Daniele Silvestri
    "Paolo, Paolo... Paolo un buon amico ma i suoi modi a volte sono un po' pesanti tende ad irritarsi spesso io per sorvolo e vado avanti e chiamo Paolo, Paolo, Paolo, Paolo Paolo se hai un momento ho qualche"
  • Paolo - Claude Barzotti
    "Emilie se demande pourquoi, y'a tant de fleurs dans la maison Elle s'interroge, elle ne comprend pas, pourquoi papa dort dans le salon. Julie chantonne et Julie sourit, elle voit ses cousins d'Italie. On"
  • Paolo, Pa - Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso
    "Paolo, Paolo Pa, Paolo maledetto ma perch non l' hai, perch non l' hai detto. Paolo, Paolo Pa, Paolo maledetto ma perch non l' hai, perch non l' hai detto mai. Paolo, Paolo Pa, Paolo maledetto ma"
  • Pier Paolo - Blonde Redhead
    "I turn to you young man poet insane for you I find myself alone too soon today you are in my way 18 a promising age the sweetest act of life repeated till I bled CHORUS: a place in the world an expression no"
  • Waiting In Vain-- Paolo Santos - Paolo Santos
    "from the very first time i laid my eyes on you, boy my heart says follow through but i know now that im way down on the line but the waiting feels just fine so dont treat me like a puppet on a string cos"
  • Questo E Altro (Paolo Favati Remix) - Marlene Kuntz
    "Era un tte--tte con l'avvenente Intimita' un offuscamento sul crinale dove Licenziosita', dal basso, occhieggiava proprio verso me C'erano un frastuono in testa ed uno sguardo steso e poi sotto e sopra"
  • Perfect Day--Paolo Santos (Playlist Album) - Paolo Santos
    "the sun is shining bright the trees are swaying side to side the birds sand their tune sweet melodies are in my room * and i woke up today and i dont know what to say i just cant ask the one above for"
  • In viaggio - Paola & Chiara
    "L'automobile sotto casa pieno fatto due giorni fa e Paola che mi aspetta pronta da una mezz'ora "muoviti e' tardi, dai che si va" Come al solito, troppe cose ci portiamo via con noi cento cassette,tre"
  • Babae Po Ako - Tuesday Vargas
    "girl lalu lalu girl lalu lalu girl lalu lalu lalu(x4) teka babae ka ba ? (male voice) babae po ako, mali ka dyan sa inaakala mo babae po ako hindi ako clone lalong di likha ng iyong ilusyon babae po"
  • Heaven - Tuesday Vargas
    "Oh, thinking about all our younger years There was only you and me We were young and wild and free Now nothing can take you away from me We've been down that road before But that's over now You keep me"
  • Anoche Hablamos Del Amor - Sergio Vargas
    "Anoche hablamos del amor y nos hizo llorar, y nos hizo llorar y amanecimos con los ojos inchados pero enamorados, mas enamorados que cuando hacemos el amor callados Anoche hablamos del amor de las cosas"
  • Bala Perdida - Sergio Vargas
    "Y eres bala perdida Que sin pensarlo llegaste a mi vida Que sin querer abriste una herida en lo mas profundo de mi corazon. Por quererla de celos A mi mejor amiga Por tratar de cruzar Una mitad prohibida Por"

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