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Phil Ochs Bach Beethoven Mozart

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Phil Ochs Bach Beethoven Mozart

Teksty piosenek (1823)

Phil Ochs Bach Beethoven Mozart
  • Phil Ochs Bach, Beethoven, Mozart & Me
    "Pre>em f em f Every morning at the dawn dust is in the air. Em f g am Karen rises early, runs brushes through her hair. Em f em f Then she buys the paper, I lay on my back, Em f g "
  • Phil Ochs Bach, Beethoven, Mozart And Me
    "Pre>em f em f Every morning at the dawn dust is in the air. Em f g am Karen rises early, runs brushes through her hair. Em f em f Then she buys the paper, I lay on my back, Em f g "
  • Phil Ochs Phil Ochs
    "Here comes phil ochs shovel on his shoulder Trailing a hoe along the ho chi minh trail But the trail is on bleeker street And phil's on his uppers It's the mid-nineteen seventies And it ain't looking so"
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra Mozart/Figaro
    "Instrumental (Fate then reminds him of Theresa, his first and greatest love. Together they witness the young couple's first night together. Young Beethoven is already being called the greatest piano player"
  • Phil Ochs Phil
    "I opened the paper, there was your picture Gone, gone, gone by your own hand I couldn't believe it, the paper was shakin' Gone, gone, gone by your own hand I know I'm gonna spend the rest of my lifetime"
  • Buck 65 Phil
    "Twenty some years is a long walk even if it's not in a straight line You see a lot of things in the distance, y'know what they say about great minds You and I think about the same things, dream the same"
  • Frenzal Rhomb Phil
    "Can it be true? I'll leave it up to you That when you're straight You're always late Cause you only like me when you're stoned You only like me when you're off your face You only like me when you're"
  • Kind Of Like Spitting Sheriff Ochs
    "I just finished a book with its cover torn and its pages worn. The story starts on the day you were born in the city. Where movie houses stood Raised on Elvis and Hollywood. The bad guys bad and the good"
  • Alphaville Beethoven
    "there's a tremor in the city but it looks all quiet there is something awful brewing but there ain't riots beethoven you can read between the lines that there must be more you're alarmed but you don't"
  • Union J Beethoven
    "It feels like whisky and butterfly's Like midnight kisses in the morning light We can up with you, here by my side You leave me breathless, leave me breathless I'm tasting on your skin, widling hands"
  • Willem Vermandere Beethoven
    "Alle menschen werden brder is een lied voor groot orkest 't is deur Beethoven geschreven diene mens deed ook zijn best Bovendien wordt het gezongen dat was Ludwig toch van plan deur zowel mannen als vrouwen deur"
  • Eurythmics Beethoven
    "Take a girl like that And put her in a natural setting Like a cafe for example. Along comes the boy And he's looking for trouble With a girl like that With a girl like that. Who knows what they'll decide"
  • Rainbow Beethoven
    "Beethoven's Ninth Symphony making of... adriana lecouvreur aida aroldo ballo in maschera battaglia di legnano la boh'e carmen cavalleria rusticana contes d'hoffmann don carlo fanciulla del west fedora la"
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra Beethoven
    "Instrumental (Once more back in 1827 Vienna, he tells Fate that he would not change a thing from his past and risk losing the music. The music is who he is, the reason for his existence. Also, having"
  • Adult. Helen Bach
    "Helen Bach It was all in my head But then you left me Guess it makes sense Since we never agree We never agree Unspoken notions Shouldn't be said Helen Bach Makes me cheer in delight Lurking by the window Waiting"
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers Bach/Break
    "I break, I borrow, I live, I loose I break, Im hollowed, Im dead, confused Ill find you What is love and whats it for Im stuck outside an open door And no ones come to get me yet I never got a second bet Im"
  • Lujuria Mozart Y Salieri
    "Apenas tres ańos contaba Mozart sentado al piano dama que le iba a escuchar nota en su cuerpo el deseo de amar El joven Salieri que sonrie al ver el resultado disfruta mucho con dar a cada dama lo que"
  • Eugenio Finardi Cosa Sognava Mozart
    "(Finardi-Consoli) Nei miei sogni a Milano c' il mare e grandi case con corridoi e scale e boschi e terrazze e strade e piazze su cui volare A volte corro cercando di scappare da qualcosa che sento"
  • The Tiger Lillies Fidgety Phil
    "Let's see if Philip can Be a little gentleman Let's see if Philip's able To sit at the table Mama bades Phil behave And papa he looks very grave But fidgety Phil he won't sit still He wriggles and he"
  • Yoko Ono Phil & John
    "(p) - "just a minute now... can anybody remembr one thing I tell them? you're gona be stuck with your baby. ok, here we go!" (j) - "what we're gonna do, play jazz with jetho tull? ." (p) - "no, elton john"

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