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Psyche goodbay horses

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Psyche goodbay horses

  • Psyche - Zilch
    "PSYCHE PSYCHE Well I can't understand I was your holy man I was your fool of desire I was your bitter green soul... Crucified PSYCHE THOUSAND MILES AWAY PAIN PSYCHE BLOWS MY MIND AWAY I been searching"
  • Psyche - Hide
    "Psyche.Psyche.Well i can't understand.I was your holy manI was your fool of desire.I was your bitter green soul...crucifiedPsyche. thousand miles away. painPsyche. blows my mind awayI been searching so"
  • Psyche - Nouvelle Vague
    "(feat. Sir Alice) (Killing Joke) You're alone in the pack You're feeling like you want to go home You're feeling unfinished but you keep on going The reason is there You'll be falling 'til your"
  • Psyche - Equinox Ov The Gods
    "Rise Toward the surface Through the eye of the storm You'll find the way The way through the labyrinth Sweet Leviathan Across oceans of time You'll find the way Stride The path of angels Watch the shadows"
  • Sezierte Psyche - Beatfabrik
    "Nachts am Fenster sitzend und Joints sind am fackeln, ach ihr kennts ja Und schwitzend, viele Gedanken sind am wackeln was fhren sie im Schilde Mein Krper beginnt zu zappeln, krass, hilfe, doch niemand"
  • Psyche Nullification - Officium Triste
    "Look into my mind, what do you see? Voices crawling round, torturing me. Telling me things, you can't believe. Lost forever in this mist of voices. A dark world beyond our own. Unable to make my"
  • Goodbay my love - Barry Manilow
    "You look away from me again There's really nothing to explain Feel it in your kiss I guess this is good-bye my love The way I feel don't have a name The days and nights so filled with pain Thought that"
  • Horses - Brodka
    "I'm in a car crash ... There's a fire in my precious soul No single tear Beyond control As the night so long No one who could Take me home! My lonely heart From end to start Horses Flames catch on fire Horses Riders"
  • Horses - Black Lab
    "you say you want some horses to ride them without end horses for your lovers horses for your friends you say you want a blanket to wrap yourself up in i can burn the money theres nothing left to spend"
  • Horses - Black Label Society
    "You say you want some horses to ride them without end horses for your lovers horses for your friends you say you want a blanket to wrap yourself up in i can burn the money theres nothing left to spend"
  • Horses - Soul Coughing
    "(M. Doughty) 14,000 times a second The speaker moons Magnitism pushes the impulse through But I can't keep that speed I can't generate that frequency What the sound pressure level means Wants to randomize"
  • Horses - Abby Dobson
    "If I told you a secret Would you understand? Could you promise that youd keep it? Keep it in your hand I dont know Where we go from here We keep spinning round in circles Are we going nowhere?"
  • Horses - Rheostatics
    "Dave Bidini Word came down and it crashed through my door From the twenty-first floor. I was thinking about leaving early for lunch When he told me to shut off my press. His face turned green and his"
  • Horses - Sodastream
    "Said you didn't need no horses on the ground no satellite to trace his little head i stopped for a drink then i left without a sound but the stories they followed me someone stole the right words to try"
  • Horses - Roberto Vecchioni
    "Ad un cavallo piccolo com'ero io sembrava di volare tra i versi lunghi del vento e mossa la mia criniera la sua era tutta d'argento. L in fondo un invisibile traguardo perch vincere sognare e lui correva"
  • Horses - Gemma Hayes
    "Help is not needed for my back troubleYou drag out of me some messed up coloursYeahI own all of my own voicesI own all of my own voicesIt doesnt matter who you are, this is itTheres a simple life the moment"
  • Horses - Tori Amos
    "I got me some horsesTo ride on, to ride onThey say that your demons can't go thereSo I got me some horsesTo ride on, to ride onAs long as your army keeps perfectly stillAnd maybe I'll find me a sailorA"
  • Horses - Tomo Nakayama
    "Is it a blessing or a curse to be found, to be found Is it a burden or a gift to be bound, to be bound Are you a comma or a dot to my run-on sentence where I was just a word that had refused to be defined There"
  • Every time you say goodbay - Kra
    "Look At the Sky BabyWhat do You See?Looks Like the Tears I CryFallin' Down Like Rain On the GroundEvery Time You Say GoodbyeTake a Look Around NowWhy Don't You FeelThe Way That Cold Wind Stings and DrivesAnd"
  • I Love You And Goodbay - Bring Me The Horizon
    "I just can't breathe without you My heart bleeds out sorrow Oh, Would this scorn her of romance? I can't see your faces. My heart turned black before I choke on the best of reasons, love's gone and never"

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