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Psychic trauma

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Psychic trauma

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Psychic trauma
  • Cloud Nothings Psychic Trauma
    "You'll never be here, it's hard to explain Psychic trauma, returns with age There's nothing new here, no room to relate I don't know what you're trying to say Try to stop it, try to feel something But"
  • De Heideroosjes Psychic
    "I know things I feel things I see things I can never speak out loud I know things I feel things I see things I can never speak out loud (3x) They haunt me They strangle possess me, o God I can never"
  • Heideroosjes Psychic
    "I know things I feel things I see things I can never speak out loud I know things I feel things I see things I can never speak out loud (3x) They haunt me They strangle possess me, o God I can never"
  • Vanessa Hudgens Psychic
    "Sometimes I feel his love, sometimes I don't There's times when he proves it then times when he won't Its time I know the deal about how he truly feels I guess what's killing me is just not knowin My"
  • Ampop Psychic
    "Sight, she enters the night with pride and joy She filled into the gap which I lay in trapped Since I want it to be like this I want you to see I want you to see the same things I always see I"
  • ADM Trauma
    "Trauma Trauma Trauma Trauma chwalisz się tym swoim hajsem ty chcesz nowy garnitur, to ci zaraz skroją w klatce w życiu im wychodzi tylko kolega po flaszkę to budziło podziw we mnie, teraz nosze traumę czekaj,"
  • Elite Trauma
    "KRU/KRU Tiada lagi air mata Bisa ku tangiskan lagi Tiada lagi guna bermadah Tempatku bukannya di sini Sepuluh tahun ku menghambar padamu Tak ku pinta lebih daripada tulus cinta Namun kau menoda Berkecai"
  • Omnisoul Trauma
    "Dream while you're still awake, there's no need for sleeping. Crawl where you wanna walk and don't look behind. Watch with your eyes closed till you get the feeling. You can sense it, your perpetual"
  • Witt Trauma
    "Wandernde Seelen Toben im Blut Trauern mich in die Sucht Qulender Zauber Tdliche Kraft Besinnungslos einsame Bucht Wo wirst du sein Wo siegt das Leben Nie mehr allein Den traum wird es geben Weiss wie"
  • Goethes Erben Trauma
    "Mitnichten beginnt die Tat nicht allein mit der Handlung. Vielmehr reit das Vorfeld den Umri der Tat. Noch weit die Skizze verschobene Perspektiven auf, doch entwickeln sich die Linien weiter bis hin zur"
  • Ayumi Hamasaki Trauma
    "Kyou no ureshikatta kao kyou no kanashikatta kao kinou yowakatta jibun to ashita kitto tsuyoi jibun to anata nara dare ni miseteru watashi nara dare ni misereba ii jikan nante mono wa totemo toki toshite"
  • Apulanta Trauma
    "Yksi on jttnyt yht toinen jttnyt toista Puhtaaseen kolmaskin jttnyt jotain mit aika ei poista Rakensit ihmisen ehk s suoritit sen mit pitikin tehd Voiko tuo kaikki olla jotain ehj se on tss se ehk Nyt"
  • Kreator Trauma
    "Passing of perception unforseen reaction Staring out the window into the ice cold air Memories of summer causing my depression Through concentrated death and rainfall of despair Visionary eden turns"
  • Kaori Yano Psychic Energy
    "The Psychic Energy The R-3 Machine leads me to the enemy. The Psychic Energy leads me to the dream world. The R-3 Machine I get power in the sky. The Psychic Energy I get a chance"
  • Kelli Ali Psychic Cat
    "put on your hat psychic cat tell us the news as we cruise where do you go? when we blow you look so fine who do you know? ooh la la la lost on 3rd street promenade lost on 3rd street promenade even"
  • Bikini Kill Resist psychic
    "Your world not mineYour world not oursYour world not mineYour world not oursI will resist with every inch and every breathI will resist this psychic deathI will resist with every inch and every breathI"
  • Artificial Joy Club Psychic Man
    "What's up, am I on chat line? my name is Sal and Capricorn is my sign I like Start Trek and Brad Pitt I watch kung-fu B movies and shave my armpits My brain is a sewer where you dump your garbage Read"
  • Voivod Psychic Vacuum
    "Still twisting and suggesting Some passengers Play with my nerves It paralyses dexterity Inculcating anxiety Can compromise my reason Reach out of trance How could I stop the entrance Over the stress I"
  • Smash Mouth Sister Psychic
    "Sister Psychic won't you tell me Does it ever get better Can you really see the future Or just predict the weather Are we in our finest hour Or headed for disaster Use your super powers and rescue me We"
  • Nada Surf Psychic Caramel
    "take a look at what's been done the killing wound is the thousandth cut a dead turtle on the beach puts my happiness out of reach sea sun sand self. psychic caramel dimulants, they're good for the undertow better"

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