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ROOM 94 One Eye

  • Mind Playin' Tricks 94 - Scarface
    "I sit alone in my four cornered room starin' at candles Are we on the radio dukes? Awww yeah, give it to me Yeah, at night I can't sleep I'm tossin' and turnin' I still got the candlesticks burnin' It"
  • 94 Bars - Chris Young
    "It's young C youngest from State P All the thoroughbreds roll your la, la, la And all the girls wanna spend the night tonight Get right tonight, tonights the night Its Young G's thats Young Neef Thats"
  • One eye open - Nits
    "Boy look at the letter A cover your left eye cover your right eye and will you please explain what are you seeing again when the letters grow small boy look at the room cover your right eye look at my"
  • Rewind - Room 94
    "I push rewind I push rewind I push rewind I’m thinking back to when we first met you had a a look in your eye that said I’m better off dead and everytime I get close to you you go and push me away like"
  • You Got It Wrong - Room 94
    "Na na na na naaaaa Na na na na na na naaa na I don't normally break the rules but it feels like something's in the air tonight I don't normally play the fool I'm like a deer in your headlights got hit"
  • Halleluja 94 - Westernhagen
    "Mutter du hast mich geboren du hast mich verloren Halleluja Vater ich hab' dich angebetet doch du hast mich getreten Halleluja Leben Leben lassen lieben oder hassen Halleluja In der Bibel steht geschrieben Auge"
  • Mind Playin Tricks On Me '94 - Scarface
    "I sit alone in my four cornered room starin' at candles Are we on the radio dukes? Awww yeah, give it to me Yeah, at night I can't sleep I'm tossin' and turnin' I still got the candlesticks burnin' It"
  • One Eye To Marocco - Ian Gillan
    "I don't know where I'm going I don't know what I'm doing But it feels alright I have one eye to Morocco I only have to follow Through the scented night Conversation Is fading away The last thing I heard"
  • Garbage Bag '94 - Necro
    "(Necro) Err my castration hand is steady So bitch are you ready, to get your dick chopped off with a machete When it comes to inflicting pain I'm creative You're gonna need a saditive when you get tortured"
  • Blind Eye - Hunters & Collectors
    "When success is on your mind But true direction is missing You know the Gods have lied - but you're still smitten. By the stars in your eyes I can tell you know where you are Smile sweetly and you'll be"
  • Eagle Eye - Heatmiser
    "back in the bar they push the tables back lay you out like you walked into a speed trap felt my stomach drop right outta thin air they got their hands in my pockets even if there's nothing there feel like"
  • Room 3 - Sylvia Juncosa
    "In the office waiting room One girl enters softly, quickly She seems somewhat bashful and you cannot meet her eye She's come to see her doctor, but, she has no disease It's the weigth of the world Thats"
  • Cloudy Room - The Twang
    "You're sat on your own, you hear the phone Your mother calls you Make a deal, you shake on it But you know it'll fall through At the scene you're nice and clean Everything's sprucey Up the bar you"
  • Destined To Be '94 - Necro
    "(Necro) This is a Captain Carnage and Necrophiliac duet of death! It's the Witchcraft Killer!!! (Captain Carnage) Fillin my fuckin bed with skulls Choppin up bodies until my blade dulls I don't"
  • '94 - Sportfreunde Stiller
    "Ti metti quella maglia blu e bianca e tutto cambia . S, eri sempre un po' indifferente tu hai trovato senso in quel che fai. Non si ripetera la storia mai pi non sara di nuovo novanta quattro. Non"
  • Eye Of Fatima - Sublime
    "She got the Eye of Fatima In the wall of her-his room Three bottles of tequila Three cats and a broom He got an fifteen-year-old angel And she's all dressed in black He got fifteen bindles of cocaine Tied"
  • A Kinder Eye - Level 42
    "In his widowed years of longing, in his windowed room of light he lay the oil upon the canvas, brought sweet memory to life his speckled beard a brush of colour, his spotted hands both grace and speed I"
  • Seeing Eye Dog - Ani DiFranco
    "You're my seeing eye dog and I am blind You take me there every time With that winning combination of loyal and kind Your eyes like wells to the water of your mind I want to take a long, cool drink from"
  • One Eye Shut - Robbie Rivera
    "can you feel me? they're watching me stare can you hear me? with that noise filling everywhere work hard, play harder think fast, move faster to make everything to make everything to make everything"
  • One good eye - Icicle Works
    "See me comin' man, you better run,Pocket full of buckshot, loaded gun,Y' took my lady, then you told her lies,Gonna put you in the ground,With my one good eye,See me comin', you better run...One good eye,That's"

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