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Rag n Boue Man

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Rag n Boue Man

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Rag n Boue Man
  • Admiral Freebee Rags 'N' Run
    "Times like these when the temperatures freeze And the little girls they want you Times when it's hard to find A parking spot on this avenue So you shoot in the dark And you're blessed with a spark Right"
  • Krokus Bad Boys, Rag Dolls
    "Just got outta high school, actin' like a jerk Ain't got no money, ain't got no work Scratchin' 'round for beaver Scratchin' 'round for bread No friends, no convictions Man, it's like you're dead"
  • Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer Rags To Riches
    "From rags to riches and back again. I throw my pearls at you swine. kiss and tell, kiss and tell. I do that all the time. "i'm a man in a million...ya! ya! ya! yo! very pleased to meet me? Tell you what"
  • Holy Mother Rage
    "Say-hail the leader with the mask Let's say we put him to the test Somehow he doesn't like the sound He'll dig his heels into the ground To think that he's the seventh wonder Moving mountains with the"
  • Blue Rodeo Rage
    "Now that were wasted Talking disconnected I see that wildness in your eyes Proud and hollow Like theres no tomorrow You know you scare me sometimes Is it fear or courage That makes a man Live so close"
  • Morrissey Harry Rag
    "Ah, tom is young and tom is bold Tom is as bold as the knights of old But whenever he gets in a bit of a jam There's nothing he won't do to get a harry rag Harry rag, harry rag Do anything just to get"
  • Juvenile Solja Rag
    "] You 'bout dat paper? You on top? You handlin' business? You doin' swell? Down with yo' niggaz to da finish? Are you willin'? To hit da streetz up and make a killin'? Are you a villain? Pushin'"
  • Boot Camp Clik Rag Time
    "(Chorus) Come on everybody let's all get down Come on everybody let's all get down Come on everybody let's all get down What we bring to you, is the Boot Camp sound (Steele) So that nobody out there will"
  • The Tea Party Goodman Rag
    "I went on down for a walk in the woods, and then I had to see to my dismay. I met a ripper, a mysteries ripper, something I'd have given away. I had to admit that I new it was somewhere, in the back of"
  • Gerry Rafferty Mattie's Rag
    "Oh Mattie open up the door, that's right I'm home again You've got a big surprise in store, turn round and count to ten Wait til you see what I got you, well you'll say it's a magic thing It's like an"
  • The Incredible String Band Evolution Rag
    "we're the fish men or the sea apes look at our tails and scales and out big tough leader away he wails he thinks he is the king pin but he's outraced by the little weedy stranger with the grin on his face but"
    "(4:33) ever since the riots all i really wanted was a black girlfriend they don't play around they're hard enough to keep any man in line thinking of my pale white skin thinking of her"
  • Arlo Guthrie Presidential Rag
    "You said you didn't know, that the cats with the bugs were there, and you never go along with that kind of stuff no where, but that just isn't the point man, that's the wrong wrong way to go, if you"
  • Francis Cabrel N
    "J'suis n dans un bar au bord d'un marcage Par une nuit de lune fine J'ai appris marcher dans le fond d'une barque Contre les crosses d'une carabine J'suis n dans le Bayou Je peux lire futur dans les"
  • Clannad N
    "Chuaigh m isteach I dteach arir Is d'iarr m cairde ar mhnaoi an leanna. Is dirt s liom "n bhfaighidh t deor. Buail an bóthar is gabh abhaile." Curf: Nl s ina l, nl a ghr, Nl s ina l is n bheidh"
  • Clannad N
    "Chuaigh m isteach i dteach arir is d'iarr m cairde ar mhnaoi an leanna. Is dirt s liom "N bhfaighidh t deor. Buail an bóthar is gabh abhaile." Curf: Nl s ina l, nl a ghr, nl s ina l is n bheidh"
  • Jumper N
    "Okej, jag kanske inte r Den som man, som man ska va Och jag kanske inte r den du helst av allt vill ha Men jag r nog lite grann En sn som du gillar ibland Och jag erknner att jag kan Tnka mej det ibland Nr"
  • Die Sterne N
    "Die wollen mich vergiften Mit dem Mll Mit Mythen und Lgen Overkill Den man zu fressen kriegt Wenn man im Weg rumliegt Und irgendwelche Zeiten bersteht Ich wrde lieber wirklich Als virtuell Essen gehen Ich"
  • Per Gessle N
    "(English: When The Morning Comes) Words and Music by Per Gessle Published by Music For Money/Inhouse Music Nr morgonen kommer / och mnen har farit / Det brjar en ny dag / som glmt allt som varit / Men"
  • Fredriksson Marie N
    "(English: When You Looked At Me) Written by Lasse Lindbom & Marie Fredriksson Published by Inhouse Music Vad kan man sja om krlek / r det ntt som vxer fram / nr frslskelsens lga har slocknat / och brnt"

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