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Reach The Sky Catch The Last And traing

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Reach The Sky Catch The Last And traing

  • Catch The Last Train - Reach The Sky
    "Why am I holding on to all these dreams That are dragging me down, Instead of leading me away from here. There has got to be so much more than All of this growing older and living life unfulfilled."
  • Reach - Gloria Estefan
    "Some dreams live on in time forever Those dreams, you want with all Your heart And I'll do whatever it takes Follow through with the promise I made Put it all on the line What I hoped for at last would"
  • Reach For The Sky - Social Distortion
    "When I was young I was invincible, I find myself now thinking twice, I never thought about no future, Its just the roll of the dice. But the day may come when you've got something to lose, And just when"
  • Reach - Caleigh Peters
    "Sometimes it seems like you're falling Falling out of the sky Sometimes it feels like you're slipping And running out of time And that's when you've gotta throw it all away All of the things that"
  • Reach For The Sky - Cutting Crew
    "Eede/MacMichael/Farley Reach for the sky babe make it to heaven before your dreams grow old reach for the sky babe it's over your shoulder reach for your dawn's own light i don't believe in miracles but"
  • Reach - Nightwish
    "Baptised with a perfect name The doubting one by heart Alone without himself War between him and the day Need someone to blame In the end, little he can do alone You believe but what you see You receive"
  • Reach - Survivor
    "Beyond the new horizon Destiny lost and found You're gonna have it all somehow Waiting for your arrival Only a moment now In the blink of an eye it all comes down And nothing is easy And nothing is free You"
  • Reach - Eyes Set To Kill
    "Hush don't speak a word about the dreams that i live for it hurts to reach you when i'm down dont speak again, i'm still waiting for my turn it hurts to reach you when i'm down my dreams are growing"
  • Reach For The Sky - Gary Moore
    "Sometimes it seems That you've had more than enough As your life is going nowhere And you feel like giving up Sometimes you know That you can't take anymore When things are getting harder Than they've"
  • Reach For The Sky - Tad Morose
    "I see a man out in the cold There's something there I see it in his eyes He wonders how to make it through the night and the days to come for the rest of his life Reach for the sky Can't you hear me"
  • Reach For The Sky - Living Sacrifice
    "Who am I to question Every day to understand This precious beginning Now fading, passing This is the feel of sadness Where will solace find me? Where will peace begin? Where will peace begin? I"
  • Reach For The Sky - Slaughter
    "(Mark Slaughter, Dana Strum) You know my life has been through some changes Seems some people don't want to hear my point of view Lots of others, lots of others think that we got lucky But you know brother,"
  • Now you can reach the sky - Almadrava
    "The boy is standing in front of the sea, watching the birds fighting gravity, mum sits beside with tears in her eyes, she cries. The kid doesnt see her, his minds not there, hes flying with the seabirds"
  • Catch - The Cure
    "Yeah I know who you remind me of A girl I think I used to know Yeah I'd see her when the days got colder On those days when it felt like snow You know I even think that she stared like you She used to"
  • Catch Me - Tony Lucca
    "A new day dawns the morning light How beautiful was last night? Woke up in your arms again Your face before my eyes Another plane, another show It's getting hard to let go Never was real good at goodbyes How"
  • The Catch - Micky Green
    "Refrain: Come for some fun Come for some sun Come to forget about someone We can choose to get loose Or just spend all our time in the blue If you don't like that boat We can float at the back near the"
  • The Sky! - The Junior Varsity
    "So tired and half insane I'm fed a steady diet of novacaine But it's not enough to numb the pain But when the sky, the sky comes falling down And our burned up bodies reach into the ground There's voices"
  • I Catch Fire - Warcloud
    "Artist: Blue Sky Black Death f/ Holocaust Album: A Heap of Broken Images Track: I Catch Fire Typed By: VoooO_36 (Intro: Holocaust) Ooeeeeeaaaah Ooeeeeeaaaah Once known as the Holocaust of the Wu-Tang"
  • Reach - Meredith Edwards
    "I know sometimes this world's so unkind And it's hard to find one true freind When all of your dreams are scattered like leaves in the wind But trust me, don't ever doubt I promise I won't let you"
  • Catch ZZ - Goapele
    "Nobody knows what I go throughIndecisions made me passiveThey say I want my cake and I want to eat it tooLess satisfied if I don't, consequences when I doThese lessons, they lead me on my waybut when company"

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