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Rm moonchild

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Rm moonchild

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Rm moonchild
  • Chamber - L'Orchestre De Chambre Noir Moonchild
    "See the stars Feel the wind that blows Listen to the Trees wisdom She's my precious my moonchild Take a breath Feel the energy within Listen to the Symphony of life She's my precious my moonchild Mighty"
  • Deborah Gibson Moonchild
    "Moonchild, moonchild All day long I wait for the sun to disappear So I can free myself in the cool night air Take down my hair and feel the wind on my shoulders With every breeze I feel my heart grow"
  • Fields Of The Nephilim Moonchild
    "Moonchild... Well it's a righteous dream But out of mind, yeah A righteous dream But out of mind, yeah Tend the horses Let 'em crawl Put 'em in their cages That's righteous for the soul Open your eyes And"
  • King Crimson Moonchild
    "Call her moonchild Dancing in the shallows of a river Lonely moonchild Dreaming in the shadow of a willow Talking to the trees of the cobweb strange Sleeping on the steps of a fountain Waving silver wands"
  • Shakespear's Sister Moonchild
    "birds can fly and fish can swim but on this planet where do i fit in? i could be in trouble or just imagining sometimes i feel like an alien i make them laugh i make them stare but mr. jones said "hey"
  • Rory Gallagher Moonchild
    "You are a moonchild and pretty soon child I've got that feeling That I'm gonna make you smile forever If I can. Just give me a sign and I'll show you my plan You are a blue child, forever true child"
  • Chris Cornell Moonchild
    "Open your arms to the lonely shine Lonesome as gold in a poor man's smile See how the moon is full Follow the push and pull Follow the ebb and flow in the breathing tide Come on moonchild, you're so far"
  • Iron Maiden Moonchild
    "(Smith/Dickinson) Seven deadly sins Seven ways to win Seven holy paths to hell And your trip begins Seven downward slopes Seven bloodied hopes Seven are your burning fires, Seven your desires... I am"
  • Cibo Matto Moonchild
    "Moonchild still lives in my heart. Can I ask you something? Is your life better now? Sometimes I feel you're sitting next to me and listening to my stories Time always shows me it's hard to understand"
  • M83 Moonchild
    "They say I made the moon Everything was in the dark No memories at all Just a tiny freezing wind in my back As I was sitting there Singing a song they had never heard before Suddenly, a voice told"
  • Bennie K Moonchild
    "Takanaru kodou wo osaeteSameta furi shitemo he steals my heartWhen he takes my handKoraekirenai hodo noMiryokuteki na brown eyes,That will hypnotize meSure baby you wanna come play with me?Touch this and"
  • Bennie K. Moonchild
    "Takanaru kodou wo osaete Sameta furi shitemo he steals my heart When he takes my hand Koraekirenai hodo no Miryokuteki na brown eyes, That will hypnotize me Sure baby you wanna come play with me?"
  • Hande Yener K?rm?z?
    "Hatay ben en banda yaptm Ayn evi senle paylaarak Kendimi ok takdir edeceim Ayrl kutlayarak Vedalarken zlm gibi Tutma ellerimi acyarak Kendine dev aynasnda deil Boy aynasnda bir bak Acm taze kurtulamazsn Gzlerini"
  • Dimmu Borgir Moonchild Domain
    ""The witchborn queen, leader of demonic whores Profane mistress, captor of sin Sworn to feed the ill and the weak and bring their women and men into temptation Eliza, the whore of the night attends the"
  • Triumph Blinding Light Show/Moonchild
    "And from where I stand I reach my hand To catch a love blow But the selfish stare Though electric air Is a blinding light show I see the face That has no place But somehow knows The truth is clear But"
  • Lil Xan Seoul Town Road (Old Town Road Remix) feat. RM of BTS
    "i am gonna take my horse to the old town road I;m gonna ride till I can’t no more I;m gonna take my horse to the old town road I am gonna ride till I can’t no more I got the horses in the back horse tack"
  • Fariz Rm Batas Rindu
    "Fariz RM/Bintang Altris Di kesuraman suasana malam Kucari dimana bayang dirimu Lelah ku bertanya pada angin yang berhembus Adakah salam rindumu untukku Tujuh purnama usaiku lalui Rinduku tiada tertahankan"
  • Junkies R
    "Vr rm az apm, az anym vacsira, De haza gysem megyek iskola utn Rock and roll szdt, mg hv ezen az jszakn H Vrhatnak rm St a nap, jn a nyr, bizsereg az agyam Belehalok olyan nagyon akarom A fejemet vakarom Az"
  • Zanzibar D
    "Odakint fradtan nz rm a hold. Minden emlkem vletlen volt. De azrt mgiscsak szmthatsz rm, Leszel mg vidm. Ahov mentl, most nyugszik a nap. Nzem az bred sugarakat. Msik vilgból vigyzok rd, Szp jó jszakt."
  • Bjork Aftur Hefur ?
    "Allt sem hn sagi var satt Allt sem hn sagi var satt Gefu henni tma Gefum henni rm Allt sem hn sagi var satt Allt sem hn vildi var gott Allt sem hn vildi var gott Gefu henni tma Gefum henni rm Allt sem"

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