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Roger Waters Live In Argentina Part 8

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Roger Waters Live In Argentina Part 8

  • Roger - Sparks
    "(Russel Mael) I'm picking up where I once left off in the search for a justified balance between the wealth that I have now and the wealth that they all want to have Let's ask Roger if he knows what"
  • Roger - The Frames
    "Your big mouth, steelish stare It fills my wings, enough to fly I sent a letter on a stone Through your window down the hall One more day, still stuck in here I burnt my words, on a beaten stove I sent"
  • Argentina - Francesco Guccini
    "Il treno, ah, un treno sempre cos banale se non un treno della prateria o non un tuo "Orient Express" speciale, locomotiva di fantasia. L' aereo, ah, l' aereo invece alluminio lucente, l' aereo davvero"
  • Perfect Sense, Part II - Roger Waters
    "Can't you see It all makes perfect sense Expressed in dollars and cents Pounds shillings and pence Can't you see It all makes perfect sense Little black soul departs in perfect focus Prime time fodder"
  • Figure 8 - FKA twigs
    "Let me live through your voice Mass appeal, I feel in ten breaths it's a miracle if we're still alive Can you touch it? Is it real? Pay the part in I feel the spark it's dripped, as if a grip it's overflowing"
  • No More Roger - Yello
    "Yesterday I got that phone The streets are empty Now I am alone Too young to die Too old to live I gave them What I had to give I know They gonna do me in I know I have had my chance to win I know I have"
  • You Part The Waters - Cake
    "You part the waters The same ones that I'm drowning in. You lead your casual slaughters, And I'm the one who helps you win. You've got your grand piano. You don't even play piano. I'm the one who plays"
  • Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Live) (Evita) - Elaine Paige
    "It won't be easy You'll think it strange When I try to explain how I feel That I still need your love After all that I've done You won't believe me All you will see is a girl you once knew Although she's"
  • Part 8-The Top - Waltari
    ""All's well that ends well": everybody simply decides to vanish into thin air and disappear into the pages of internet! Band: Let's go to the top! To the top! Top! Let's go to the top! To the top! Top!"
  • Pato & Roger Come Again - Pato Banton
    "Aha, aha! Pato & Roger come again. Come again! Aha, aha! Pato & Roger come again. Gimme the paper. Gimme the pen. Pato & Roger come again. Come again! Pick up the telephone. Ring up your friends tell"
  • Here's to Ya, Roger - Austin Cunningham
    "Austin Cunningham Let That Poor Boy Sing Here's to Ya, Roger Well, my tailpipe, it was draggin', and my brakes would barely stop So I pulled my old pickup in this automotive shop I said, 'I'd like an estimate'"
  • Waters Edge - Sweet
    "I don't wanna live here any more The plus is to high as a vaine With a little less take and a little more give I might find a reason for staying Down by the waters edge 'coes theres too much gone on under Down"
  • Spelled in Waters - Van Canto
    "Phrases laughing right in your face. Writing depth into this shallowness. Carving a name just to leave a trace. A body resounding with hollowness. Meaning, please come onto me. Explain these deeds of"
  • Waters Edge - The Sweet
    "(Scott/Priest/Tucker) I don't wanna live here any more The price is too hard to pay With a little less take and a little more give I might find a reason for staying Chorus Down by the waters edge 'cos"
  • Peaceful Waters - John Miles
    "A matter of time to make it to take it till the end, He's told so many people now he can't go back again. He lost his feet on a one way street with no place he can go, Spent his last dime on a telephone"
  • Black Waters - Insomnium
    "Somber is my mind, now that Misfortunehas faced my kind; Weary glazed stare, Beneath the Pitch-black hair. On my cheeks, once so live, Adorn Flood of tears, caused by strife And as I griewe under the sky,"
  • Raging Waters - Testament
    ""Our ship sailed on through the Violent burning sea Not knowing of the danger Waiting in store for me We wound up all in mayhem The vessel tossed and turned The compass that had led us We watched it slowly"
  • Ride This Train (Part 8) - Johnny Cash
    "Ride this train let me show you a land of rolling hills and tall corn A land of hard working people where rewards are often very small This is Pella Iowa My mother and father brought me here in 1847"
  • Dark Waters - Evergrey
    "Twilight Still not dark The snow on the ground sheds some light A silhouette not taller than a child Appears in the doorway Too strange to be real yet too real to be a dream Immense fear grabs a hold of"
  • Envisioned (-Waters?) - Decoryah
    "I dance around a Lake The dripping sounds of burning raged With so feeble tone Consuming everything I dance around a Lake Yearning for anything But the visible World which I lived in Let your mind soar"

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