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  • Roxette - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Wilko Johnson) I saw you out the other night I saw somebody hold you tight Roxette, I wonder who it could be It was so dark I couldn't see But I know it wasn't me When I tell you it ain't right I know"
  • SPEAK TO ME - Roxette
    "Speak to me with tenderness Speak to me with gracefulness Speak to me with happiness and love Speak to me in loneliness Speak to me in bitterness Speak to me in faithlessness with love You want to hide"
  • Speak - Mike Oldfield
    "Speak, vision of the night, Tell me why you haunt me so. Speak, heaven morning light, Whisper all my heart would know. Dawn, ever finds you gone Back to where the shadows dwell. Speak, my beloved, speak,"
  • Speak - Queensryche
    "They've given me a mission I don't really know the game yet I'm bent on submission Religion is to blame I'm the new messiah Death Angel with a gun Dangerous in my silence Deadly to my cause Speak to me"
  • Speak - Godsmack
    "Free, you better love me. hide or runaway from all your yesterdays! Speak the truth, or make your peace some other way. Well I never knew, but I believe that your trust in me, Ohh, will speak to me. In"
  • Speak - Lindsay Lohan
    "Speak speak speak your heart flow Everybody's got a point of view And the right to their own opinion So don't be scared of what I'm gonna do When you let me know your intuition So what makes you think That"
  • Speak - The Waiting
    "From the whisper of the lover to the lion's roar The command of the commander upon the field of war The instruction of the father, the laughter of the friend I've heard every utterance and I can't comprehend"
  • Speak - Nickel Creek
    "Well I sat down next to a photograph tried my best almost made her laugh she was my toughest crowd there in the way was a mountain up in the clouds well I can't sleep and I'm not in love I can't speak"
  • Speak - Sevendust
    "Whenever I feel like it's all in my mind I can feel it I'm talking to myself again Whenever I hear you its so hard to find I can feel it I'm talking to myself again Whenever I feel like (I can feel) It's"
  • Speak - Swans
    "The sun is rising over the buildings across the street The sun is god's face looking down at me as he cries for what he's done I will survive my life if I close my mind to all the things I could never,"
  • Speak - Omnisoul
    "Lately things are crazy. People hate me They can be So impatient. Let's prevent hatred, So we can live Peacefully. But don't believe a word I say If everything I say is wrong. Why must I do everything"
  • Fading Like a Flower (Roxette cover) - Volturian
    "In a time when the sun descends alone I ran a long long way from home To find a heart that's made of stone I will try, I just need a little time To get your face right out of my mind To see the world through"
  • Speak To Me - Rocco DeLuca And The Burden
    "Dialogue communicate Wasted words circulate Catchy phrases inside joke Sitcom pilot simple folk Speak to me with your heart Speak to me with your heart Campaign slogans election year Fiction writer greatest"
  • Speak To Me - Carl Belew
    "(Is there anybody here) as lonely as I am Speak to me talk to me speak to me Is there anybody here tired of cryin' Speak to me talk to me speak to me Waiter there's a stranger sitting all alone And maybe"
  • Speak To Me - The Beautiful South
    "Speak to me Speak to me Speak to me Tell me all about the way you make me feel Speak to me Speak to me Tell me all the things I want to know And tell me all the places that you go Tell me all the nothings"
  • Speak To Me - Olive
    "I've seen something new Seems that it's in you Now there's something I must do There's so much more To forgive you for My lips unread I'll try something new Open up to you What more can my conscious do There's"
  • Speak To Me - Charlie Winston
    "f there's a lesson then I'm willing to learn it If there's a blessing then I'm willing to earn it But I'm lost on a day like this and I need a little helping hand. My kamikazi is coming to break up Every"
  • Speak To Me - Rebecca St. James
    "Speak to me Lord for your child is here listening Speak to me Lord for your child is here waiting on you Repeat Unveil my eyes let me see...see you Unveil my heart let me know...know you Father do You"
  • Speak To Me - Jackie Lomax
    "Speak to me You cannot say we're through and not say why Speak to me What can I have done to make you cry? Is it something I have said? Something way above my head? I have thought of everything But I"
  • Speak To Me - Fad Gadget
    "You say I'm living a lie Well that's alright I don't mind, because I've got my head in the sky I'm as high as a kite No tears in my eyes So let's speak Speak 'til we're weak This freedom of speech It's"

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