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Royal Blood - Hook, Line

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Royal Blood - Hook, Line

  • Hook, Line and Sinker - Royal Blood
    "(Podczas koncertu na Reading Festival 2015 duet Royal Blood zaprezentował piosenkę zapowiadającą jego nową, drugą płytę. Utwór nosi tytuł "Hook, Line and Sinker".)"
  • Hook, Line & Sinker - Royal Blood
    "She’s got the devil on one shoulder And the other’s getting colder She looks so good But it’s not feeling nearly like it’s supposed to Going sold /2x Going gone Then she drags me by one finger To her"
  • Soleil Royal - Running Wild
    "1692, the 29th of May Sir "Tourville", the admiral, his fleet is on its way He commands his ships to fight, they attack the british line He must be caught in senseless pride, to him his honour's prime His"
  • Hook - PJ Harvey
    "I was blind I was lame I was nothing till you came You said babe make you sing Make you feel like some queen Said I'll take you Kathleen To your home and mine Lord he hooked me Fish hook and line And rolled"
  • Hook - PJ Harvey
    "I was blind I was lame I was nothing 'Till you came You said "Babe, Make you sing Make you feel Like some queen" Said "I'll take you Kathleen To your home and mine" Lord, he hooked me Fish hook and line And"
  • Hook and line - The Kills
    "With your hook and line I still blow away With your hook and line I still blow away With your hook and line I still blow away With your hook and line I still blow away Try your best in your heavy shape Keep"
  • Hook Line & Sinker - The Shoos
    "Gona fuck it Gona fuck it Coz I now you wan’t love me for myself Gona lie now Gona lie through my teeth And you go for every world These days I want tell the true, now I wouldn’t know what the lies are"
  • Hook, Line, And Sinker - Blackhawk
    "(Dennis Linde) The first thing she done when they set her free From the women's correctional facility Was to come here askin' me for a reconciliation She said she'd changed her ways for good And all she"
  • Hook Line And Sinker - Everlea
    "Get lost again, hurt everyone you can. This fall will kill. This song will be my pill. But for me you are, but for me you are. Hook line and sinker, did you ever think we'd splinter? I burn and ache. Will"
  • Hook, Line And Sinker - Refused
    "The bait. The prey. The mice. Debate the method of demise. Debate your high. I'll lie beside you, walk you down and lay the beat beneath your bed. Beneath the dead.Debate the method in your head. The"
  • Hook, Line And Sinker - Dynamite Boy
    "my mom and dad say i'm not right why can't they see that i have tried i never meant to turn out wrong my fear of failure is so strong i have to shout there is no doubt that everything was simpler in the"
  • Royal Police - D.O.A.
    "1-2-3-4 we're down at the station royal police they're bloody fools royal police with their stupid rules royal police kick'em out royal police beat'em about i don't know why i say it today, if i don't,"
  • Royal Telephone - Charlie Landsborough
    "Telephone to glory oh what joy devine I can feel the current moving down the line Made by God the Father for his very own You can talk to Jesus on this Royal Telephone Central's never busy always on"
  • She's Royal - Tarrus Riley
    "Ooo Ooo, Natural Beauty, You know, She is No I never been someone shy Until I seen your eyes Still I had to try, yeah Oh yes, let me get my words right and then approach you Woman I'll treat you"
  • Royal Cafe - American Music Club
    "How do you live traveling like this You laugh too much Like things used to be funny And now it's all a big state of bliss We had a little party Somewhere outside Memphis We hid a six-pack under the seat It's"
  • Royal Priesthood - Killah Priest
    "Ugh, Emperor's music Ugh, ugh, ugh, Priesthood, uh huh, Royal Emperor In my time, ya know, my time, went through a lot of things Yo, yo, yo I write the realest, only my true niggas will feel it Though"
  • Royal Salute - Az
    "Yes sir! Another year, ha, ha, ha! Toast ya glass please, this is champagne You know what it is.. I love when the music sound so vibrant So refreshin', alright let's get down to business It's a - thin"
  • Captain Hook - Chipz
    "Chipz versus the most fearsome of the seven seas Captain James Hook Here we go! Nanananana Ohoh wah oh wee oh (4x) Hes back, the man with the hookBack again The king of the pirates We jump, into the book"
  • The Hook - Dutchmassive
    "(Verse 1: Apathy) Yo All the dough I'm raking in is more than Bill Gates is taking in Laying in a bed gettin' head from Jenna Jameson Strangle Hell's Angels and jack their Harley Davidson Ap spits raps"
  • Bad Blood - Royal Hunt
    "I used to be kind of an easy guy, I tell you now you've sort of crossed the line. I've been in town and you've called the names, You better run back home and get brand new face! Bad times lost and good"

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