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Saxon Crusaider

  • Saxon Street - Ezio
    "We used to play on Saxon Street Outside Gino's after school That's where we'd meet Wearing black boots on latin feet On Saxon Street At school they taught us How they'd ruled the world Then they'd smother"
  • Sacrifice - Saxon
    "W sieci pojawił się nowy teledysk Saxon "Sacrifice". Szukam napisów. Dajcie!"
  • Lionheart - Saxon
    "SAXON Song: Lionheart Album: Lionheart Raise your bannersRaise them highIn your homeland hear the cry From the battleTurn to home.Back to England to claim your throne Six white horses, you must ride,"
  • Battle Cry - Saxon
    "Can you hear the sound The sound of distant voices Floating gently 'cross the glen Can you see the people The people gathered round They're worshipping their king They came to hear the story They came"
  • Big Teaser - Saxon
    "Out with the boys Testing my virility The booze and the music Arrousing my curiousity I moved in beside her Asked her to rock and roll with me Cause I have her classed My eyes roam lecherously Lecherously,"
  • Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home) - Saxon
    "I got my big twin rollin' thumping out a tune Following the headlight coming back to you I don't need no big jet liner don't need no limousine All I've got's my pair of wheels satisfaction guaranteed I'm"
  • Bloodletter - Saxon
    "You never see him out in the sunlight He's waiting for the shadows to fall Moving under cover of darkness Searching for a victim to maul Lock up your doors tightly Keep all your windows shot On this night"
  • Broken Heroes Live - Saxon
    "They came to fight for glory in their thousands Young men with their dreams They died before the guns for their country A book of faded pictures, broken dreams Where are they now Where are they now Where"
  • Broken Heroes - Saxon
    "They came to fight for glory in their thousands Young men with their dreams They died before the guns for their country A book of faded pictures broken dreams Where are they now (*) Where are they now Where"
  • Burning Wheels - Saxon
    "Driving riding keep the throttle open wide Pounding hounding feel the beating deep inside Flag goes up you get down Beat the lights hear the sound Turbo charge let it flow Hold on tight and don't let go Burning"
  • Call Of The Wild - Saxon
    "You're waiting for the night Keeping out of sight Standing on the street for kicks Looking for a thrill You know you're dressed to kill Turning all the young boys on Treat them all the same, life is just"
  • Calm Before The Storm - Saxon
    "I can't stop my tears from falling (*) Falling down like rain Your words of wisdom Call to me I hang my head in shame We're living in the calm before the storm We're living in the calm before the storm He"
  • Can't Stop Rockin' - Saxon
    "I was laid around bored to tears watching flowers grow I got my car and drove to town tried to find a show Cruised around for an hour or two, hunted high and low I had to find some rock 'n' roll to make"
  • Circle Of Light - Saxon
    "You're far outside your body now looking down you see yourself below Standing on the precipice you could be leaving soon the life you know Waiting for your guardian To take you up towards the astro plane Follow"
  • Cloud Nine - Saxon
    "People say we're crazy but where's their sense of fun Take it to the limit, fly into the sun I'm doing fine Up on cloud nine Flying into battle, target on the ground Screaming out of nowhere, at twice"
  • Coming Home - Saxon
    "Take a plane, take a pill Need some sleep, feel like hell In my suitcase that's my life Thoughts of you cut me like a knife Gone, gone, gone, gone down that lonely road But it won't be long until I'm"
  • Court Of The Crimson King - Saxon
    "The rusted chains of prison moons Are shattered by the sun I walk a road horizons change The tournament's begun The purple piper plays his tune The choir softly sing Three lullabies in ancient tongue For"
  • Crash Dive - Saxon
    "I just got the news You're back in town You're working for a good time Are you still going down You're little too crazy You ain't gonna last The candle lit at both ends And it's burning too fast You're"
  • Crash Drive - Saxon
    "I just got the news you're back in town You're looking for a good time You're still going down You're a little too crazy You ain't gonna last You're candle's lit at both ends You're burning too fast You're"
  • Crusader - Saxon
    "Crusader, crusader, please take me with you The battle lies far to the east Crusader, crusader, don't leave me alone I want to ride out on your quest I'm waiting, I'm waiting, to stand by your side To"

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