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Sean Paul feat. Lecca - Dream Girl

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Sean Paul feat. Lecca - Dream Girl

  • Sean Paul - Youngbloodz
    ""Like Glue" (Intro:) Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, feel dat trend now, yeah yeah Sean-A-Paul, so mi go so then (Chorus:) Well I don't really care what people say I don't really watch what dem waan do Still I"
  • Sean Paul - Sean Paul
    "*Intro* shake that thing miss kana kana, shake that thing yah annabella, shake that thing miss donna donna, jodi and rebecca *Verse 1* woman get busy just shake that booty nonstop when that beat drop just"
  • Baby Boy (feat sean paul) (radio version) - Sean Paul
    "Certified quality A dat da girl dem need and dem not stop cry without apology Buck dem da right way - dat my policy Sean Paul alongside - now hear what da man say - Beyonce Dutty Ya, Dutty Ya, Dutty Ya Beyonce"
  • Niña bonita (feat. Sean Paul) - Feid
    "Niña bonita Alguien como yo no iba a enamorarse Yo que ni miro al celu hago sino tirarte Niña bonita que vas a hacer nos vemos ahorita Llegaste rota y yo te cuide hago de todo por esa nalguita Baby girl"
  • Ebony Eyes (feat. Sean Paul) - Rico Bernasconi
    "It's Meant To Be The Way How You Drop It And Move Dat Thing Fi Me So Me Love Fi See Ebony Eyes a Shine Like Dem a Jewelry So Let It Be-eee! All Night Long Me Fi Give You My Energy Bring It Come To Me Best"
  • Make My Love (feat. Sean Paul) - Jay Sean
    "Hey, It's Sean Paul on side Demn, demn call Jay Sean Feel di gyal dem Telling them again what we tell them Pass me a drink to the left yeah Say her name was Delilah And I'm like you should come my way I"
  • Breathe Feat.Sean Paul - Blu Cantrell
    "verse#1: you say you love me say you love me but you're never there for me, yea mm hmmm but you'll be crying slowly dying when i decide to leave uh ohhh b-section: all we do is make up then break up why"
  • Bossman"(feat. Lady Saw & Sean Paul - Beenie Man
    "BEENIE MAN Miscellaneous Bossman"(feat. Lady Saw & Sean Paul Well this is Beenie Man The roughest toughest bumboclaat bad man from out of Jamaica Hear this one, ya! Beenie Man 'longside Sean Paul and"
  • Break It Off (feat. Sean Paul) - Rihanna
    "Break It Off Breakin it off And settin it off in da real way Makin da girls dem chill dey mind Makin dem have a good time Ya man SPZ long side RiRi Come down now Rihanna Tek it to dem Tek it to"
  • HOT (Remix feat. Sean Paul and Flo Milli) - Pia Mia
    "Gal want what she need, Said speed - Me a give her it without impede Wait I get a high trippin on your love That’s why I need it daily With every time it intensifies You can’t help it you got all that"
  • Summer Paradise (ft. Sean Paul) - Simple Plan
    "I gotta find my way back Back to summer paradise! Sean Paul – Simple Plan My heart is sinkin' As I’m liftin' Up above the clouds away from you And I can’t believe I’m leaving Oh I don’t kno-kno-know"
  • Pues (ft. Sean Paul, R3HAB) - Luis Fonsi
    "Lusi Fonsil Budabang Bang bang bang Alongside SP Reaching out to the sexy body Girl demn! All of tchem foe we Budabang That’s my plan Me and the girls Demn , man Tu y yo tenemos ganas Me gusta tu acento"
  • Buscando Huellas (Feat. J Balvin & Sean Paul) - Major Lazer
    "Tell tchem gyals then mai tu parece de Island hay algo en ti que no es normal y a mi esa algo me encanta me parece super especial sa ve que no la gusta material a ella es dificil darie en su jurgo siempre"
  • She Makes Me Go (ft. Sean Paul) - Arash
    "Bring that body, come give me girl I got to think I can rock your World, Bring that body, come give me girl A long time I’ma lock you girl! Drop it girl, then pop it girl Don’t push my button, suck it"
  • Sean - Everything But The Girl
    "There's a Belfast girl I loved and lost On the rolling hills around my home Now she stays home nights behind locked doors Since a plastic bullet stopped him And he don't come no more There's a Belfast"
  • Rock You (Feat. Sean Garrett) - Jesse McCartney
    "Yeah once again there's some what's in the pen Sean hear ya boy case but I'm blowin' in the wind I got my young boy Jesse gettin' at the Missy Don't you be with me and we be gettin' undress-ed What you"
  • Make It (feat. Sean Mcgee) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "They said I got 24 hours in a dream, right? Well I'mma show these people how to dream right I go to sleep when I want to live my real life 'Cause waking up doesn't feel right So I spend every single moment"
  • Way Out (feat. Big Sean) - Jack Harlow
    "Shit is a jam Shit is a jam I can tell who’s on the way out 25 shadows check the pay out I ain’t going home imma stay out Mu*** hate you when they lookin for a way out I just sit back and let it play out And"
  • D&G (feat. Sean McGee) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "Tryna figure out my dreams Cause I don't really feel like dreaming anymore Tryna figure out my dreams Cause I don't really feel like dreaming anymore I can't even lie I want the diamonds and gold Diamonds"
  • Best Mistake (feat. Big Sean) - Ariana Grande
    "As soon as we forget how we felt Dealing with emotions that never left Playing with the hand that we were dealt in this game Maybe I'm the sinner, and not a saint Gotta stop pretending what we ain't Why"

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