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Shelby Lynne - Leavin'

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Shelby Lynne - Leavin'

  • Leavin' - Shelby Lynne
    "(written by Shelby Lynne) Well I guess this is it babe reality has hit home hard no need in puttin' it off anymore just turn away and let me walk out the door You thought you had it all figured out but"
  • Keep Walkin' On (with Shelby Lynne) - Faith Hill
    "(Karen Staley, Tricia Walker) Well in this world of sorrow, trouble and temptation Jesus always promised trial and tribulation Then He said, "You don't have to fret or fear Children, be of good cheer and"
  • Leavin' - The Allman Brothers Band
    "Mama stood cryin' at the back door Papa's lacin' on his leavin' shoes Little Joe's blowin' on the horn outdoors I've seen enough, I can't take no more And I'm leavin' Might go to Philadelphia, PA Might"
  • Leavin' - Allman Brothers Band, The
    "Allman Brothers Band, The Best Of-hell & High Water-ari Leavin' By gregg allman Copyright 1981 elijah blue music Transcribed by paul gongola Mama stood cryin' at the back door Papa's lacin' on his leavin'"
  • Leavin' - Allman Brothers Band
    "Allman Brothers Band Brothers Of The Road Leavin' By Gregg Allman Copyright 1981 Elijah Blue Music Transcribed by Paul Gongola Mama stood cryin' at the back door Papa's lacin' on his leavin' shoes Little"
  • Leavin' - North Mississippi Allstars
    "When the evening sun goes down ????? baby, and ramble on Don't you let my leavin' grieve you When it comes to rambling, lord, I'm natural born Don't let my leavin' grieve you Don't know where I'm headed Don't"
  • Leavin' - Tony Rich Project
    "You say ya like to travel But you don't even have a ride Say you like walkin' around But your shoes won't fit I like certain people But with wise words to give I'm walkin' down onto the pier And talk to"
  • Leavin' - Paul Brandt
    "Come on hurry Ain't no time for worrying Gotta go Move on Just leave the lights on Grab some clothes, Set those sights on That four-lane road I'm gone In a truck, in a train, In a car, in a bus, Change"
  • Leavin' - Jesse McCartney
    "Hey baby girl I've been watching you all day Man that thing you got behind you is amazing You make me want to take you out and let it rain I know you got a man but this is what you should say Why don't"
  • Leavin' - Don Williams
    "When the works done tomorrow I'll be leavin' I did'nt come to stay but just awhile I'll think a million thoughts and do some greavin' Bout your lovely eyes and tender smile You've set a fire within my"
  • Leavin' - Plain White T's
    "You're doin' it again, you know Sometimes I don't even know who you are And I don't think you know how bad it hurts 'Cause you don't have to see the scars If you knew how bad you made me feel You'd never"
  • Leavin' - Flip
    "So You wake up and decide to leave Won't hear opinions you will never admit Your mind is full of broken promises, You're packing up your stuff, My arms are broken and my hands are tied Can't see where"
  • Leavin' - Mad Caddies
    "Well the first that i went out on my owni was a young man almost seventeen right down to the daywell i packed up all my thingsi grabbed my bag and kissed my motherand i told her that i'd be back some daySo"
  • You And Me - Shelby Lynne
    "(Shelby Lynne) Me, myself and I You yourself and we Enough of you enough of me Who are you who are we Me myself, you yourself You and we. Me myself and I You, yourself and we Enough of you enough of"
  • Dreamsome - Shelby Lynne
    "(written by Shelby Lynne, Dorothy Overstreet and Jay Joyce) In the dark I can hear you whisper shadows still, move across the distance What did you say, it's okay Did you miss me Did you miss me Make"
  • Black Light Blue - Shelby Lynne
    "(written by Shelby Lynne and Bill Botrell) Black light blue Heaven's perfect hue the ultimate possession the game you couldn't lose the voice in the corner the song you hardly knew the terrible admission some"
  • Gotta Get Back - Shelby Lynne
    "(written by Shelby Lynne, Dorothy Overstreet and Bill Botrell) I can almost touch you now flying above the clouds in a big ol' plane I can't wait to hold you and see you again tell you where I've been I"
  • Lookin' Up - Shelby Lynne
    "(written by Shelby Lynne and Bill Botrell) Smokin' and thinkin' of things to do since you're gone sittin', lonely can't even get stoned takin' a breath of a feeling that once lived in this house Laughin'"
  • Iced Tea - Shelby Lynne
    "(Shelby Lynne) You look like an art piece floating in my mind And I am told fortunes are gold Fortunes are gold. Bucket loads of gratitude I feel for you You are fine. I pour you like wine, pour you like"
  • Thought It Would Be Easier - Shelby Lynne
    "(written by Shelby Lynne and Bill Botrell) I always thought is would be easier after you were gone thought I could pull myself together and do fine on my my own sometimes I do alright then I remember how"

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