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Sia Freeze you out

  • Freeze - Kygo
    "We out on the roof top of your car under the sky I'll tell you the truth crossing my heart, hoping to die I don't know nobody, like you, no, nobody (hey, ooh ah ah ah) I'm watching a star, million lightyears"
  • Freeze - LL Cool J
    "I know I said I would roll with you, Put my lifestyle on hold for you, All them sweet things that I told you... This conversation is overdue... FREEZE! Getting too wild to respect the vow, I just"
  • Freeze - All About Eve
    "My hallucination, every drug that I need. I love you for your beauty. I love you for the books you read. I watch you laze in the sun, I watch your head come undone ; you smile ; the man and child with"
  • Freeze - T-Pain
    "(feat. Chris Brown) I get it down on the dance floor Watch this...You don't even know girl! Come here, you know what I do (do) If you can do it too (too) And that's just something that makes me More"
  • Freeze - IGI
    "My Hallucination, Every Drug That INeed. I Love You For Your Beauty. I Love YouFor the Books You Read. I Watch You LazeIn the Sun, I Watch Your Head ComeUndone ; You Smile ; the Man and Child WithBee-stung"
  • Freeze - Aesop Rock
    "It goes welcome the pop off, some pop soft. We bang b-bang b-bang bang out loud. Ready on the left with a face full of death. We slanged out fang mouth bang out now. This is a never dug disco, Zoo York"
  • Freeze Out - Bad Cash Quartet
    "you know i met him in the church down the kings street he said i've lost I find no peace I'm fifty two so I thought about the way that I am growing then we sang a song I never understood cause there's"
  • Freeze Thaw - Basia Trzetrzelewska
    "Freeze - thaw Slow but sure It breaks my heart Either - or Make up your mind I'm hanging on If I counted all the times You are as sure as me I'd give you up for someone else Whose heart was free When you"
  • The Freeze - Caroline Lavelle
    "I'll meet you where the path meets the beach where the tree leans out over the water slender and tender olive green how can it survive the freeze? you smell of the trees you're the one of the forest the"
  • Freeze Time - 311
    "Y'all ready red ready for 3 3 3 311 Y'all a all ready red red ready for 311 I'd like to stay here just like this It's just a momentary bliss That's all we can hope for That's a reason to cope for This"
  • Big Freeze - Muse
    "Healed (healed) Or are you still just reeling? Are you fine (fine)? Have you found a way to escape? Are you here (here)? Just becasue I need you Can we hold up? A big freeze is heading our way! We are"
  • Freeze Burnt - Flick
    "you i won't show yeah you know doesn't make it easy on me now yeah you know if i wait to long then i'm all freezer burnt things i have done make feelings numb this isn't getting any easier on me now what"
  • Freeze (Remix) - LL Cool J
    "(feat. 50 Cent, Hot Rod, Lloyd Banks) Queens!!!! (G-G-G-G-G-G Mix! G-G-G-G-G Remix! It's the Unit!!!) T-T-T-T Todd Smith!! LL!! Now when you see me in the club (You can bump this) You ballin out"
  • Brain Freeze - Drowning Fish
    "I try to talk, but my tongue turns numb I walk, but begin to fall down This feeling I have for you Oh there's nothing that I could do A plan runs round in my head For us to at least be friends I"
  • Freeze - Benett
    "freeze dancing please dance and freeze I wanna freeze dance - with you you can freeze dance if you got the blues you can freeze dance in any kind of shoose you gotta freeze dance and I do to and I gotta"
  • Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out - Bruce Springsteen
    "Tear drops on the city Bad Scooter searching for his groove Seem like the whole world walking pretty And you can't find the room to move Well everybody better move over, that's all 'Cause I'm running on"
  • Freeze - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "Well, I never saw someone like you before But I guess Cause I know me that I won't ask you before You've reached the door so please Freeze for me Freeze for me Freeze for me And don't go Don't go Don't"
  • Freeze - Jordin Sparks
    "Hold the pose, a perfect picture Just so I remember how you're looking tonight Let it go, now the days gone Standing in the dark, although we've turned on the lights Tonight we will deny, that time is"
  • Freeze - Hitchcock Robyn
    "There's a justice in this world And I know just what she's called She's called Elaine There's a dead man in your heart And he takes up too much room And I know just what he's called He's called Steve There's"
  • Freeze - Robyn Hitchcock
    "There's a justice in this world And I know just what she's called She's called Elaine There's a dead man in your heart And he takes up too much room And I know just what he's called He's called Steve There's"

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