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Sissel - Walking Through Fire

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Sissel - Walking Through Fire

  • Walking Through Fire - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) When you set a match to your heart, fueling it with bitterness and doubt That's the place that once it starts, no amount of tears can put out I know you're scared, but no one's"
  • Walking Through Fire - Prophanity
    "All dressed up for battle we are Holding our swords up high On my shield the sign of Thor For power and protection in war I raise my skull to the skies A sign on the horizon is given My roots are"
  • Walking Through Midnight - Bruce Springsteen
    "Well I've been walking through midnight And there's no trace of dawn I'm stuck in this moonlight It's leading me on My body's on fire And I can't stand the pain This burning desire I feel once again Now"
  • Through The Fire - Day Of Fire
    "Walk in the flame again, I'll be there to hold your hand, Keeping you safe until the end. And when the flood begins, I'll be there with you to stand, Walking in faith until the end. (Chorus) I see you"
  • Walking Through - Clockwise
    "I'm walkin' through, I can't go through next time, Please, mother hate, Don't close my eyes... I... won't give up, I wonder if I can be so.... real? I'm walkin' through, I can't go through next time, Please,"
  • Journey Through The Fire - Skylark
    "Young Girl comes, as a messenger of love. We have to go, just before our God will fall. In this night I'll pray to get my answers; in this night I'll pray: do it for me. Walking on the edge of broken"
  • Walk Through The Fire - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    "Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anthony Stewart Head, Emma Caulfield, Hinton Battle, James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon & Orchestra BUFFY: I touch the fire and it freezes me I look into it and it's black Why can't"
  • Walk Through The Fire - Buffy Musical Episode
    "Buffy: I touch the fire and it freezes me I look into it and it's black Why can't I feel? My skin should crack and peel I want the fire back Now through the smoke she calls to me To make my way across"
  • Walk Through The Fire - Buffy
    "BUFFY I touch the fire and it freezes me I look into it and it's black Why can't I feel? My skin should crack and peel I want the fire back Now, through the smoke she calls to me To make my way across"
  • Walking Through Walls - Steve Hackett
    "Time improves you or dilutes you But there is no standing still If you don't scream nobody hears you If you won't fight then no one will Well I'm walking Walking through walls Walking through walls You"
  • Fire - X-Clan
    "Cave men! Cave women! And the... Troglodytes! Ah, yeah! Ah, come on, come on, come on! To the East, my brother, to the East! Uh, to the East, my brother, to the East! Come on! "
  • Walking Through Suburbia - Lucy Davies
    "Raindrops on window panes. Open doors to let in the rain. Closed curtains and windows shut. Darkend houses and steel padlocks. Strolling through suburbia, examining all I've found. Just wandering through"
  • Walking Through Walls - Escape Club
    "some things will never change some things we'll never know walking down the rocky road down and out with so far to go without you on my mind I'd never make it without the stars in the sky well love is"
  • Walking Through Tokyo - Saxon
    "Walking through Tokyo (*) Visions of the Samurai Walking through Tokyo Looking through the dragon's eye I had a dream about the mighty Shogun Faded visions of the Samurai Mists of silk reflections of"
  • Walking through gardens - The Servant
    "When my wife died I was happy When my wife died I was glad I buried her beneath the fir Behind the cabbage patch Walking through gardens Walking up the roof-tile path I followed a fox Into a box that lay"
  • Walking dead - Chester Bennington
    "(*by DJ Z-Trip featuring Chester Bennington*)(Suppose you were to die tonight, What would you say? Do you believe in life after death?)In the chill of the nightI can feel my heart racingAs I run towards"
  • Walking Dead - Dropkick Murphys
    "The greats come alive, the water's on fire Have I been to this place before Yeah we danced through the night as the flames burned bright And the patrons passed out on the floor CHORUS: What's so new about"
  • Walking - The Dodos
    "You can fight the fire that's in your head Lay it down, the hour has come to end Walk around without her just for a bit Looking back upon the way things had been Man, I've been wasting so much time Walking"
  • Walking On Fire - Catalin Josan
    "Baby,when you hold my hand there's something I don't understand it feels like all the world is crumbling down and when you put your lips on mine the moon is falling from the sky fireworks explode inside"
  • Walking - Jonatha Brooke
    "I am walking in your shoes For just a mile or two My heals are all torn But I will dig them in for you I feel the pain you've known And the seeds of hate you've sown They're scattered on the grownd and"

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