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Some one like me

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Some one like me

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Some one like me
  • Matt Wertz Some One Like You
    "I spent all morning remembering you. In hopes of proving all of this truth, yeah, yeah. 'Cause me and the moonlight spent all of last night, Finally caught your eye. Baby I confess I was not expecting"
  • Amerie Some Like It
    "Now whatcha gonna do when A catches an attitude Drop to your knees and show gratitude So whatcha wanna do with it? Whatcha wanna do with it? Whatcha gonna do with it? Whatcha gonna do with it? What d'you"
  • Geto Boys Like Some Ho's
    "Intro: Geto Boys (G.B.)'98 We gonna set this shit straight, belive that Don't you wish sometimes you can be free Free from incarceration Free from paying them bills Free to come and go when ya feel Most"
  • Belouis Some Some People
    "Some people dance cheek to cheek Some people dance Life was so simple then, a kind of playtime You made it easy then, we had a great time I try not to talk too fast Like you do whenyou fall in love But"
  • Built To Spill Some
    "Some people think he's good looking Other people think he's not Some people don't even know his name Other people know it by heart Some people think he likes to go out dancing Other people not One guy"
  • Wildhearts Some One Who Won't Let Me Go
    "(Ginger) Days stuck in the memory, and the nights in doubt I need somebody friendly when the lights go out I ain't too crazy about Elvis but I'm sure there's a few in Memphis And I don't know about Jesus"
  • Poison Want Some, Need Some
    "All my friends have someone I need someone too Someone to hold the whole night through I need a lover someone like you Someone to make my dreams come true Maybe if I close my eyes Everything will be"
  • Jay-Z Some How Some Way
    "(Please believe that) Some how some way We gotta make it up out the hood some day Some how some way We gotta make it up out this life Some how some way We gotta make it up out this life Some way we gotta"
  • Nina Simone Gimme Some
    "Loving is the thing I crave For your love I'd be your slave Gimme some I can't stand it no longer Gimme some Don't be bashful, come over here Whisper some sweet words in my ear Gimme some Gimme some I"
  • NoMeansNo Some Bodies
    "SOME BODIES I like some bodies. I hate some bodies. With some bodies I know I could go either way. I'd like to have somebody some way. I've seen them moving, I've seen the breathing, And all"
  • Kim Mitchell Some Folks
    "There's some people Who haven't found What I've found in you They don't, they don't really know What their looking for Or if it's true You are my treasure Diamond, silver, and gold Your the one"
  • Jane's Addiction Suffer Some
    "She's so lucky that she had to suffer some Left her happy home began to drink and slum She's got problems? C'mon name me one? She makes problems Like makin' new friends She had to suffer some Be like"
  • Bonfire Gimme Some
    "Something came up That we ain't talking about You know ya do it to me every time Your winding me up Is only bringing me down Ya know, it's only gonna make me go blind Feeling blue from my head to my"
  • Trish Thuy Trang Some Girls
    "Till tonight I've been living, In your cold dark world. Silly dreams that last forever, I guess I should have known. But how was I supposed to know, You were my innocent first love. I held nothing back"
  • Dave Matthews Band Some devil
    "One last kiss one only Then I'll let you go hard for you I've fallen But you can't break my fall I'm broken don't break me When I hit the ground Some devil some angel Has got me to the bones You said always"
  • Trisha Yearwood Some Days
    "If you see dark skies in my green eyes It's just that I can't find no cover These ghosts that haunt me They get me when they want me And some days are better than others I didn't sleep last night, I guess"
  • Jermaine Dupri Get Some
    "(feat. Boo & Gotti, R.O.C., Usher) Ay ma, could we talk about you hoping the flight No moonwalkin', good to see Gotti, they droppin' the price Now look at miss hotty, rockin' the ice Used to be rockin'"
  • One More Time No One Else Like You
    "I see sadness in your eyes tough you say that life is great Stop your acting, tell me now Please before it is too late and though you're often Talking 'bout your friends I've not met anyone of them Each"
  • Tuxedomoon Some Guys
    "How many guys like me All through history How many girls like you Some guys kiss and tell Love you and leave you Bring you up take you down But I don't care Lonely days in the sun Friends don't call I"
  • Fatal Flowers Some Day
    "he was gonna make it, though things were kinda slow but it was bound to happen, everybody told him so now he walks the streets of Amsterdam, looking for a buck and hell tell you even Jesus Christ one day"

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