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Sound and gra

  • Sound - Peter Koppes
    "(Ahh, ss-sound) Ah you really turned me on With everything today You really turned me on The way you did what you did today Yeah I wanna Yeah I gotta yeah If you wanna take a journey to a foreign land There's"
  • Rap gra - Arczi $zajka
    "To esencja smaku Chłopaku, to sztuka rapu RMF gra tu z mocą podkładu Dla mych chłopaków Dla moich ludzi znowu Ciągle mam powód Znowu wracam na scenę Do walki gotów Ziomuś to nowa siła Nie nowy image Power"
  • Niebezpieczna gra - Gosia Andrzejewicz
    "No one can stop us when we play this dangerous gameNigdy nie myślałam, że Cię spotkam w takim dniuAtmosfera tak gorąca w klubie ludzi tłumNagle zjawiasz się Ty i z uśmiechem mówisz mi: hej oh baby!Między"
  • Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
    "I could lift you up I could show you what you want to see And take you where you want to be You could be my luck Even if the sky is falling down I know that we'll be safe and sound We'll safe and sound I"
  • Safe And Sound - Godsmack
    "I realize how you've been broken To bear the guilt of sins unspoken Your distant eyes and pained expression Unrecognized in your reflection Where do you run to now When will you ever feel safe and sound Yeah I"
  • Safe And Sound - Justice
    ".. Full time Running down ... Safe And Sound Times up Kick start Keep on track ... Safe And Sound * więcej zgadywania niż spisywania. jak ktoś znajdzie oficjalne słowa, to poproszę."
  • Safe and Sound - Kyosuke Himuro feat. Gerard Way
    "Kyosuke Himuro: And all my hopes and dreams Aren't for anyone I keep them safe and sound And hope this picture is Not yours anymore But can you hear me now? Now thats okay man Ill say it across this land, You"
  • Safe And Sound - Hawksley Workman
    "You slept through the last small town, I'll wake you up when the next one comes around. Your eyes are closed, like you truly believe You're safe and sound with me No looking back, no turning into salt. The"
  • Safe and sound - Idlewild
    "The common mistake is to forget And concentrate on your neverthought The common mistake is to forget I've remembered the part in your book So I know exactly what is going on Exactly what is going on I"
  • Safe And Sound - Matthew West
    "Can't believe you're here now Tiny dream come true The answer to a prayer now I'm so in love with you Couldn't wait to meet you Hope you like your name I get the funny feeling Life will never be the same Safe"
  • Safe And Sound - MercyMe
    "No more boarding up my windows So that I can lay low Nobody's home No more trying to run away from Tired of being afraid of What I can't control The hardest part I'm always told Is letting go Safe"
  • Safe And Sound - Azure Ray
    "With every word I live again through the eyes of another We'll meet at night, wet from the rain and surprise each other with how we take away the pain Could you be the one to find me safe and sound? Love"
  • Safe And Sound - Sabrina Carpenter
    "I remember tears streaming down your face When I said, "I'll never let you go" When all those shadows almost killed your light I remember you said, "Don't leave me here alone" But all that's dead and gone"
  • Safe And Sound - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon/Jacob Brackman) Strange times in Portland, Maine Lobsters dancing on the dock Switzerland's been wierd since they unplugged the clocks Man and a woman living in Brooklyn Heights Each convinced"
  • Safe And Sound - Sheryl Crow
    "Maybe this is forever Forever fades away Like a rocket ascending into space Could you not be sad Could you not break down After all I won't let go o Until you're safe and sound Until you're safe and"
  • Safe and sound - Chris Cornell
    "Think of a timeWhen morning will comeAnd you will wake up without the feelingThat half the world has gone insaneYou'll open your eyesReading your paper, a drink from your cupNo one was burning down time"
  • Light And Sound - Guilherme Arantes
    "Come, my love See the sun arrive Behind The raze of the late night It's another day And our world hasn't ceased to spin 'Cause no one could detain The power of this ligth Neither curtains, or the eyelids That"
  • Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men
    "I heard them calling in the distance So I packed my things and ran Far away from all the trouble I had caused with my two hands Alone we traveled on with nothing but a shadow We fled, far away Hold your"
  • Neansai Mhile Gra - Clannad
    "A Neansa, 'mhle gr, a bhruinneall 't gan sml Go bhfeice mise'n t-dh 'gus an san ort Ba ghile do dh limh n cr geal na tr N'n eala 's a' snmh ar an irne Is glaise liom do shil n braon beag den drcht Is"
  • Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes
    "A new world hangs outside the window Beautiful and strange It must be falling away I must be Sound and color with me for my mind And it should show you where to go when I need to speak Sound and color With"

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