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  • Armored Saint Terror
    "Many years of fighting For the cause Religion Seperates the law Loyal man bomb in his hand Proudly he stands Sacred plot Innocent shot Crazy patriots Terror This is war Terror Feel the sword Terror"
  • Criminal Terror
    "Break the silence utopia screams Bring forth the nightmare crush the dreams Terror Death from below Terror Underground War Payed the price blood on your hands A subversive saviour no one understands Terror"
  • Damian Syjonfam Terror
    "Który raz to już ludzi wyruszyli Żeby znaleźć bezpieczny ląd Choć wcale tego nie chcieli Bliskich zostawili tysiące mil stąd Terror wygonił ich z domów Ten sam który dotyka nas Podaj dalej tę wiadomość,"
  • Virus Terror
    "Terror Is life for people on the streets Rejected for who you are By everyone you meet Horror Is knowing that tomorrow you might die You can't get on your feet no matter How you try Horror Is carrying"
  • Hate Squad Terror
    "Innocent are victims of attempts they commit Terror - justify violence with your beliefs Do you believe that violence is the way To reach the aims you try to reach To show everyone what has to change Misfit"
  • Death SS Terror
    "I'm caught in a thunderstorm and I've missed my train There are no shelters in this place I'm obliged to take refuge into this old cemetery that seems abandoned. I hope I won't remain here for a long"
  • My Ruin Terror
    "Terror This is what you call me... I strike terror among men. I can't be bothered by what they think. I bare my cross, My soul, Myself. I forgive, but i never forget. I've been put upon this earth"
  • KMFDM Terror
  • Jedi Mind Tricks Terror
    "Jus Allah Verse: I have lived a century, I've tapped into my sixth sensory I am a potential enemy, my entire inner chemistry Every inch of me, is divinity. Unequivocally supremacy. I am undesired energy Send"
  • The Rakes Terror
    "Baby don't go to the haunted hotelGot a really bad feeling in my lungs and my bonesScience can't save you and your parents are awayOn holiday in Mexico buying trinkets in the townThe haunted hotel in a"
  • Czerwie Terror
    "Pianie koguta o poranku zgon, Topór łeb ujebał, wkoło gazu swąd Martwa dusza i otwarta rana Głowa zwisa od ciała urąbana Dzień, jak co dzień Fabryka śmierci dział Zamiast rzeźni łaźnia Pułapka dobrze"
  • Terror Squad Terror Era
    "Aiyyo Joe man whats good man Aiyyo I hear niggaz poppin shit They runnin off to the Jakes man They talkin like you ain't hood nigga What's really gangsta nigga What up what's poppin man Aiyyo fuck these"
  • Tilt Emocjonalny terror
    "oni patrzą na mnie patrzą na mnie wrogo wiedzą, że nie mogą zmusić mnie bym kłaniał się ich bogom przystanek piekło nieprzenikalny mur złość i wściekłość bezsilna złość i wściekłość emocjonalny terror emocjonalny"
  • Artillery Terror Squad
    "Dressed in cold black - gun in your hand Looking so cool you act like a man Livin' by terror goverment blessed You're taking your prisoners and shoot down the rest Terrror terror, terror squad Terrror"
  • Nasum Fight Terror With Terror
    "It looks so hard To lie straight into their eyes Just like a robot Only colder, your circuits have been burned I see you walk through fake fires For those you say you love Their hopes built upon a pile"
  • Silesia Terror Silesia Terror From Wroc
    "Szlachta z Wrocławia, to my, fanatycy Śląska W naszym cieniu barwa, przykryta cała Polska Ekipa z charakterem, która ma w sobie charyzmę, Wiecie, o co chodzi, jeśli gdzieś nas spotkaliście. Wrocław naszym"
  • War of Words Terror Attack
    "it's time. you still can't fathom why by land or by sea or by air we don't care you will pay for you greed with your lives sacrifice for god and country a familiar cause indeed does thought cross your"
  • Assassin Holy Terror
    "Depressed by our nation Destruction by their big army The reality no one sees Because of this we start a terror For the one goal, we fight for holy terror That's our aim to win the holy war Come and join"
  • Assassin Psycho Terror
    "Wanna have some lovely fun with me Talking bullocks and ignore reality Never cool, always highest temperament Shouting loud and never be silent Psycho terror Destroy you like a total war Concentrate to"
  • Houwitser Terror Legion
    "Terror legion straight out of hell - Under the flag of death metal we march - ruthless grinding the powers of hate - furious armies - war is at our hand - Houwitsers keep thundering a pounding deafening"

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