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Tgl 23 oktober pajar pakong 888

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Tgl 23 oktober pajar pakong 888

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Tgl 23 oktober pajar pakong 888
  • El Kapuczino 888
    "Zlewam się z powietrzem jak smok, kiedy robie ruchy Blokuje stres by odlecieć stąd, kiedy robię ruchy Ruchy, ruchy, kiedy robię ruchy ruchy ruchy ×2 Wbijam się na kartel i zabieram sobue paczkę zabieram"
  • Crazy Ken Band Sunshine 888
    "Walking in the Sunshine Purin purin no Hip Line CHIRA mi Fureta totan ni yubi no hara ni biribiri Aa hachigatsu no umi wa KURAGE ga ujauja Kanden Shock wave riku de umi de Kubisuji kara warui ase ga"
  • Duran Duran Secret Oktober
    "Wise on a birthday party in a world full of surprising fireworks And sudden silence shhh Lying on a strangers bed the new day breaks like a speeding train or an old friend Ever expected but never knocking Holding"
  • Ramses Shaffy In Oktober
    "In oktober kwamen wij In een storm elkander tegen Onze liefde bloeide bij Mist en hagel, wind en regen Want het hart maalt om geen enkel seizoen Wat moet een hart, wat moet een hart met lente doen Januari"
  • Liesbeth List In Oktober
    "In oktober kwamen wij in een storm elkander tegen Onze liefde bloeide bij mist en hagel, wind en regen refren': Want het hart maalt om geen enkel seizoen Wat moet een hart, wat moet een hart met lente"
  • Karmin 23
    "Everyone has problems No one wants to hear Waiting for the eleprhant In the room to disapear Livin' up the home life Without a single care The silver spoon that feed me Had always mage life fair But life"
  • Amber Rubarth 23
    "Amber Rubarth New Green Lines 23 He fell in love with me, then I fell in love with you And now I am watching you follow her out the door Of my house, and it feels so mean I didnt know youd moved on to"
  • God Lives Underwater 23
    "I'm breathing the air The air I always breathe I don't have a lot I want someone to share it with me I really only want a few things They've all been taken away What does the next life bring I just want"
  • Shakira 23
    "Everybody needs an anchor A little something that makes you stay An incentive Someone to fight for Cause no one really needs so much space A couple years ago I was lonely I used to think that there was"
  • Jimmy Eat World 23
    "I felt for sure last night That once we said goodbye No one else will know these lonely dreams No one else will know that part of me I'm still driving away And I'm sorry every day I won't always love these"
  • Blonde Redhead 23
    "Twenty three seconds All things we love will die Twenty three magic If you can change your life Your tainted heart, your tainted heart My tainted love, my tainted love Repent now How many times"
  • Trzecia Godzina Dnia 23
    "Nie chcę już więcej życia na krawędzi Sprawdzać czy spadnę, kiedy zrobię krok. I jak daleko nie jest za daleko Koniec zabawy robię w tył zwrot. Bo tam jest wolność i moja przestrzeń Czyste powietrze"
  • Reinhard Mey 3. Oktober '91
    "Ein ungewohnter Hauch von Feiertag liegt auf der Stadt Kein Stau, kein Lrm, die Schienen der Strassenbahn glnzen matt In der Vormittagssonne. Noch ein Sptsommeridyll! Die Lden sind geschlossen, all die"
  • Postgirobygget 23 Tommer
    "Ingen er s kt som du ingen er s vt som du ingen er s r som du Ingen er s kt som du ingen er s vt som du ingen er s r som du Jeg ser deg p kroa hver eneste dag du sitter der og later som du har"
  • Death In Vegas 23 Lies
    "High tails, and low tails Love has knowledge Story on story Would you marry me? 23 lies you told Many more lives you hold Thought I could believe Thought I could believe How long can you play this? How"
  • SHeDAISY 23 Days
    "My name looks unfamiliar on this barky marky sign And the love that I've been gettin' I can't really call it mine This blacktop ribbon winds me down an unforgivin' road When I think about my baby on the"
  • Donots At 23
    "Sick of dancing to somebody elses songAlthoug I know the moves,the rhythm feels all wrongBreathe out while Im waiting(at 23)Reach out for something sedating(to set me free)At 9 in the morning everythings"
  • GBH Catch 23
    "You beat us down but we came back, revenge is sweet and we're on the attack.Who are you, what do you do ?You promised us the world then took it away.Slogging 'round the country for a tenner a day, we got"
  • Down Below Sinfony 23
    "Let's refill your forces With new energy Use all your resources And follow me Break down old borders "
  • MIKAYLA 23 karaty
    "Chce facet a dojrzałego kręci cię to że pociągasz małolaty na klacie masz te 23 karaty i myślisz ze wystarczy od Prady gajer mówię mu ‘spłyń’ ja nie lecę na ten bajer Chce facet a dojrzałego księcia"

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