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The Psycho Realm - Unknown Soldier'

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The Psycho Realm - Unknown Soldier'

  • Unknown soldier - The Doors
    "Wait until the war is overAnd we're both a little olderThe unknown soldierBreakfast where the news is readTelevision children fedUnborn living, living, deadBullet strikes the helmet's headAnd it's all"
  • Unknown Soldier - The Casualties
    "Oh (x8) 1,2,3,4 Oh (x8) Joey is out of school, didn't fucking ask for much Couldn't get a job, the marines his last hope Down at the frontline, with a gun not a toy Kill many men, not asking what"
  • Unknown Soldier - Master
    "Unknown soldier We know not his name Fought for this country Death was his game Promises of freedom He tried to obtain Shot down in glory Lifeless remains Powerful brutality Caused by pain and deceit Fought"
  • Unknown Soldier - Glenn Tipton
    "They came for me at night When I couldn't stand the pain Sent me at first light I was never seen again They told so many lies Which I never could explain A few good men must die I know A sacrifice I made But"
  • Unknown Soldier - Breaking Benjamin
    "Borderline, dead inside I don't mind falling to pieces Count me in, violent Let's begin feeding the sickness How do I simplify? Dislocate, the enemy's on the way Show me what it's like To dream in black"
  • The Unknown Soldier - The Doors
    "Wait until the war is over And we're both a little older The unknown soldier Breakfast where the news is read Television children fed Unborn living, living, dead Bullet strikes the helmet's head"
  • Psycho City Blocks - Psycho Realm
    "We came to drop these styles; it's no shock We rock 'til the cops come and knock non-stop We come from psycho cities and blocks We're raisedby gunshots low life in hip hop Despite the rules I choose"
  • The Killing Field - Psycho Realm
    "THE KILLING FIELDS (G.Gonzalez, J.Gonzalez,C.Vargas, R.Alfaro) (Jacken) Street theater's a dramatic depiction of non fiction Showing the co-exsistence of harmony and friction We document our situation Pro-abolition"
  • Æther Realm - Æther Realm
    "In the dawn at the sun's first rays We initiate the end of days Perilous quest for paradise Far away from this land of snow and ice No pity for those lying dead Our vicious path leaves the ground"
  • Psycho-Waves - Neuraxis
    "Realm of mental connections Psychics sense open horizons Psychological emanation Soul traveling...Mind warping Thought releasing...Psycho-Waves Pondering my dementia Talking about critisism and technical"
  • Psycho street - Richard Thompson
    "A man sits down to write a letter, but instead he writes a book The book begins - Dear Sir, I don't if you're interested but you're wife is a whore A man gets on a train and proceeds to take all his clothes"
  • Psycho - The Faint
    "I can't listen while I'm breathing fire I don't think straight when I get pissed off It'd be easier to just calm down 'cause I'm an asshole when I get called out Forget the words I said - I was not myself I"
  • The Big Payback - Psycho Realm
    "Do you even know the reason for your blastin'? It's pointless. you grab your stainless, do your action he stay's motionless Because of your error, they label this era terror Drop the coke and the mirror"
  • Psycho - System Of A Down
    "Psycho, groupie, cocaine, crazy Psycho, groupie, cocaine, crazy Psycho groupie cocaine crazy Psycho groupie coke, Makes you high, makes you hide, Makes you really want to go:...stop! Psycho groupie cocaine"
  • Psycho - Robyn
    "Psycho Just woke up but it's not a dream you're still and I'm freaking don't wanna know 'bout your plans don't know how this shit began psycho You say you love me I bite my lip But inside I am screaming This"
  • Psycho - Puddle Of Mudd
    "Maybe I'm the one, Maybe I'm the one Who is the schizophrenic psycho, yeah Maybe I'm the one, Maybe I'm the one Who is the schizophrenic psycho She lays down on the fresh lawn She can make everything"
  • Psycho - Primal Fear
    "When the fallen angel calls And your kingdom slowly falls Human sacrifice will turn into your Enemies There are species you can't buy Not like your all corrupt alliance Can see and already feel The blade"
  • Psycho - Teddy Thompson
    "Can Mary fry some fish, mama I'm as hungry as can be Oh lordy, how I wish, mama That you could keep the baby quiet 'Cause my head is killing me I saw my ex again last night mama She was at the dance at"
  • Psycho - Elvis Costello
    "Can Mary fry some fish, mama I'm as hungry as can be Oh lord, how I wish, mama You could stop the baby cryin' 'Cause my head is killing me I saw my ex again last night mama She was at the dance at Miller's"
  • Psycho - War Rocket Ajax
    "I have not been the same. Ever since that day when they held me down. And I can't recall the name. But the bubbles stopped and the old man drowned. My life's turned upside down. Since I met that man with"

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