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The vois of poland

  • 14 Poland - Born Against
    "We came to take over your one room or maybe displace your parents from their bed as the special guests of honor you've been at the factory for hours already don't worry we'll lock the door when we leave"
  • Poland - Skrewdriver
    "You over-run my country, with your blood and steel Never thought to ask us, how it made us feel Cutting down our people, we never had no hope We stood against your bullets, but we could never cope Chorus: You"
  • Partout Je Te Vois - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Miscellaneous Partout Je Te Vois J'ai tant besoin de toi Que j'invente des images Je joue avec tes yeux Quand tu n'es pas la J'eclaire la nuit Je colore les nuages Et ton visage Ne"
  • Vois Sur Ton Chemin - Bruno Coulais
    "Vois sur ton chemin Gamins oublis gars Donne leur la main Pour les mener Vers d'autres lendemains Sens au coeur de la nuit L'onde d'espoir Ardeur de la vie Sentier de gloire Bonheurs enfantins Trop vite"
  • Song about Poland (Stodo - Simple Plan
    "We are in Polska And the girls are fuckin' hot! We like your polish ketchup We have to go to old town We're going up tonight Until the sun comes up And everyone's invited Cause we are in Poland! (Warszawaaa...) Simple"
  • Phone Call From Poland - Bayside
    "Well, Today is the 15th. And you know what that means, Time to sit and go through boxes of old pictures. See if I can bring myself to, The brink of giving up, I never follow through, you tell me all the"
  • Poland Whole/Madam I'm Adam - Tubes
    "(Steen) (Spooner/Tubes) Coming out of Lead guitar and drums Rest of the band comes Heavy Said come on baby Oh God, oh shit Black and white, yeah Polish sausages in a bun, in the sun It's hit-and-run"
  • Mental House (The Voice of Poland IV) - Afromental
    "Ladies and gentlemen Peace! .. Cold me the clown from the King’s Kong.. Obey me Call me your papa Seven motherfucker get the mess to real jackass … With the cored with the others All we do is: haha ha"
  • Sign of the Times (The Voice of Poland 9) - Maciej Mazur
    "Just stop your crying It's a sign of the times Welcome to the final show Hope you're wearing your best clothes You can't bribe the door on your way to the sky You look pretty good down here But you ain't"
  • The Greatest (Dance Dance Dance Poland 3) - Roksana Węgiel
    "uh oh running out of breath but i oh i i got stamina uh oh running now i close my eyes butoh oh i got stamina uh oh i see another mountain to climb but i i got stamina uh oh i need another lover be mine cos"
  • Dangerous | Dance Dance Dance Poland 3 - Anna Matysiak
    "The Way She Came Into The Place I Knew Right Then And There There Was Something Different About This Girl The Way She Moved Her Hair, Her Face, Her Lines Divinity In Motion As She Stalked The Room I"
  • Went to Poland - Bacefook
    "Polish BAD K**** M** Yah i went to Poland Then I Met This Girl She said Kurde Molle And i said KKK Yah I went to Poland Where I Bought Some Drugs The Diller said Kurde Molle and I said KURWA MAC Yah"
  • Greased Lightnin' | Dance Dance Dance Poland 3 - Staszek Karpiel-Bułecka
    "This car could be automatic, systematic, hydromatic, why it's Greased Lightnin' I'll get some overhad lifters and fourbarrel quads, oh yeah Keep talking wow keep talking A fuel-injection cut-off with chrome-plated"
  • Don't Cha (Dance Dance Dance Poland 3) - Ola Nowak
    "I know you like me I know you do Thats why whenever I come around She's all over you I know you want it It's easy to see And in the back of your mind I know you should be fuckin' with me baby Don't cha"
  • Dirty Diana | Dance Dance Dance Poland 3 - Damian Kordas
    "Oh No . . . Oh No . . . Oh No . . . You'll Never Make Me Stay So Take Your Weight Off Of Me I Know Your Every Move So Won't You Just Let Me Be I've Been Here Times Before But I Was Too Blind To See That"
  • After All (Eurovision 2017 Poland, Krajowe Eliminacje) - Edyta Strzycka
    "I gotta breathe in I feel foolish and broken again You left me in pieces I tried to consist myself But I can’t You said I’m trouble Now I gave back my troubles to you I’m like, whatever There’s no reason"
  • Coraz Bliżej Święta (ft. The Voice of Poland 2015, JDąbrowsky, Ajgor Ignacy) - Margaret
    "Coraz bliżej Święta Coraz bliżej Święta Coraz bliżej Święta Coraz bliżej Święta Coraz bliżej Święta Coraz bliżej Święta Coraz bliżej Święta Coraz bliżej nas... Najlepsze prezenty ukryte są w sercach Cały"
  • Nie płacz, kiedy odjadę (Pan z publiczności, The Voice of Poland 10) - Andrzej Pawłowski
    "Nie płacz, kiedy odjadę Sercem będę przy tobie Nie płacz, kiedy odjadę Zostawię ci tę melodię Piosenkę, która przypomni Niepowtarzalne te chwile I słowa cicho szeptane Tylko o tobie jedyny Amo - to znaczy"
  • I'm Still Standing | Dance Dance Dance Poland 3 - Paweł Bodzianny
    "You could never know what it's like Your blood like winter freezes just like ice And there's a cold lonely light that shines from you You'll wind up like the wreck you hide behind that mask you use And"
  • This One's For You Poland (ft. Zara Larsson) - David Guetta
    "We were born to fly So let's keep living till it all falls down Let's close our eyes And let the moment drive the whole World out We are in this together Hear our hearts beat together We stand strong"

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