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They are going after me

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They are going after me

  • After all they - Hank Williams
    "I guess i'll get a cab and go by in my house todayNo i can't visit her or my son i'm supposed to stay awayBut it won't hurt to bring back old memoriesCause after all they used to all belong to meNow there's"
  • Where Are We Going - Josh Rouse
    "(words by Edward Gordon / Larry Mizell) Day in, day out Sidewalk sleeper turnabout Day by day Work gets done Day by day Another war goes on Tell me where are we going What, what's the future showing? Oh,"
  • Where Are You Going - Nate Dogg
    "People where are you going People where are you going Everybody wants to play the game But nobody wants to lose I see my people die everyday That's why I sing the blues Now tell me who wants to roll with"
  • Going Going Gone - Dave Dudley
    "(Going going gone going going gone) Mister auctioneer those are my things you're selling today And just like the love they remind me of they're going going gone I still see her face when I gave her that"
  • Are You Going To Leave Me? - Isobel Campbell
    "Are you going to leave me, love Are you going to leave me Would you give up your own love true To go with a girl you never knew My true love stands in the bower door Combing down his yellow hair His"
  • Look After Me - Hot Chip
    "Look after me and I'll look after you That's something we both forgot to do I find it hard to see your face, day to day today Cannot remember it well enough, or in detail such that I see it in my head When"
  • They Know Me - Voltaire
    "The guy upstairs is such a freak, for five years now I've had a leak. What does he do up there? All day long he "sleeps all day" then he goes out and comes home in the most intoxicated way. As far as I"
  • They - Wyrd
    "Things are different at night They are waiting just out of sight Faces in the window of an empty house Whispers echoing through silent halls Alone Never alone Alone Never again Alone They'll never leave"
  • They - Charli Baltimore
    "* send corrections to the typist Yea Jealous niggaz and bitches Yea This for y'all Uh uh So many of us, envy us Enough to just make a fly bitch bust with disgust No homo, sick of how they"
  • They - Heideroosjes
    "Attention, Attention This is an EO-service announcement (*1) All of the dirty words since reports and persons in this song Do not mirror historic or true-based facts. If it still, unexpected, shocks you Then,"
  • Running After You - Tad Dreis
    "Running after you exhausts me I wish you would just turn around With every step I take, I lose more ground 'Cause you're running at the speed of sound Any other time I listen My friends they have so much"
  • Going - Rich The Kid
    "Getting money, yeah we going All my niggas yeah we going Big diamonds yeah it's glowing, it's glowing Gucci down when I go in Every time, we mobbin' 54 in Desiigner rocking in foreign Drive the coupe,"
  • The Bigger They Are (The Harder They Fall) - James Young
    "You're such a big tough man about town You're gonna lose your crown You're such a big star, in your mind I've seen the other side You're such a polished man of the world You think the swine are after your"
  • Who Are They? - Buck-O-Nine
    "They say coffee makes me nervous They say that alcohol spins me 'round They say that I've got some questionable behavior And I suspect, it's all written down Who are they? And where do they get their"
  • Who Are They? - Tim McGraw
    "They say not to have too much fun They say not to get too much sun Democrat, republican I guess I'm screwed, I'm neither one Don't say 'hell', say 'what the heck' Do what's politically correct Don't pray"
  • They are liars - Chinchilla
    "Dont make no more an effigy of me (and) finally abolish this golden templesDont let you blinding from that splendor and understanding me more or less wrongSplit a piece of wood and I will be thereOr pick"
  • Are They Thinking Of Me? - Brian Eno
    "Nay alway ullo Unda way uzzun leer Unda holways around Who are under the whale I will hum bay above Are they over the sea? Are they hungry above? Are they thinking of me? In the way of the world Where"
  • Are They Thinking Of Me? - Eno, Brian
    "Nay alway ullo Unda way uzzun leer Unda holways around Who are under the whale I will hum bay above Are they over the sea? Are they hungry above? Are they thinking of me? In the way of the world Where"
  • Why Are They Watching Me - Dio
    "He was ready to rock and roll So ready to lose control But when a hungry heart Gets a taste of freedom - you better look out He was ready to push and shove Ready to fight for love But I've seen it before And"
  • Are They Comin' For Me - Doro
    "Have you heard the latest news War burning in the human state Can't keep it in the name of God Can't take it in the name of hate Dirty lies of a promised peace Running with the falling rain Down to the"

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