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This felling

  • Endless Felling - US5
    "There's a time when you stop pretending And you see there's a new beginning There's a truth you can't deny And comes from deep inside When your heart one day finds a hero Like a child who is lost, then"
  • Special felling - P. Diddy
    "You about to feel something that you've never felt before c'mon don't stop lets ride yeah talk to me now Why don't you let me give you that special feelin the kind of feelin that'll make you feel so"
  • In This Moment - FFH
    "Stuck here on this highway In a river of red lights For at least another mile Theres no relief in sight Felling all alone but Then from the radio comes A singer to remind me Something I already know In"
  • This World - Kill II This
    "I see the third world, its starving face, while the spacecraft probe deep outer space I see nations shake hands, with dignity's composure, but they're really saying, we're going to fuck you over I see"
  • This Moment - In This Moment
    "Can we run away tonight And hide from tomorrows The glass is cracking tonight Shattering our fears away The silence in here fades And it's only your eyes that I see Take me, pull me all around Break me,"
  • Is This Life - This Providence
    "7:30 Monday morning, the stories begin You make it sound like so much fun. (Just spent the weekend throwing yourself away) Throwing yourself away, throwing yourself away Is this how you live your life,"
  • To Kill This - This Providence
    "with a lack of self esteem i walked into my teens and six years later im still frustrated, im still not who i want to be and now it all comes down to, am i treating you right? if i could just be all that"
  • This - Brian Eno
    "This chord This water This son This daughter This day This time This land It's all mine This Calling Bell This Forge Bell This Dark Bell This The Knife Bell This calling This burden This falling The world's"
  • This - Eno, Brian
    "This chord This water This son This daughter This day This time This land It's all mine This Calling Bell This Forge Bell This Dark Bell This The Knife Bell This calling This burden This falling The world's"
  • This - Tryad
    "This This is the way How we move through the rain How we grow through the pain Into the day Of youth born again This This is the place Where we open up our minds Where we turn and raise our eyes Into"
  • This - k.d. lang
    "With all good intent I come running To give you a world Full of me And if then you find There is one thing The one thing you want I can be You ask me to find You an answer Of what you and I Could be And"
  • This - Lisa Loeb
    "in an open room that echos well, this is where i can tell you everything. this is where i meet my muse, and it feeds me. and this is how i buy the sun, and it feeds me. this is why i burn this candle,"
  • This - Chad Brock
    "(Chad Brock, Stephony Smith, Jim Collins) How'd you do that I can't describe the way it makes me feel It threw me off track Until your kiss I had nerves of steel Your lips just seem to fit me All this"
  • This - Rod Stewart
    "(Marc Jordan/John Capek) Down below on Baker Street Lay your head back On this field of dreams And close your eyes There's a few that find love On Sundays down by the sea And they wash clean like angels High"
  • This - No More Kings
    "When I walk without my feet And focus instead on blades of grass Finding faces in the trees And breathing in the poetry Not after long my feet return Jealous perhaps Or lonely without me And I see I need"
  • This - Arcwelder
    "(w graber) Such A Very Long Time (s macdonald) It saddens me to see it go 'cus I've been waiting such a long time And I already miss it so because it's only been a short while It's walked away it's disappeared"
  • This This - Nicole C. Mullen
    "All that stuff they wear in magazines All that stuff they do on TV All that ain't working out for me So I Like that, I'm free to comb my hair Like that, I'm free to rock my wear Like that, I'm modest"
  • This Is The N.E.W.S. - Kill II This
    "If you could harness my hatred - Of this fucked up vile world You could power the whole planet - Then hopefully it might burn The truth sometimes hurts - So let me tell you some lies Everythings gonna"
  • This Lion This Time - Van Morrison
    "The lion this time again He's in the circus in a cage He's trying to break out of the frame The lion this time He hears that same old sad refrain But they can't hold him with no chain And they just"
  • This Love, This Heart - Phil Collins
    "This love, this heart, these arms to hold So tight to you, I won't let go Can this be real, or just some dream that feels so true I wish you love, I wish you more You are all that I live for I'll never"

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