This ist the sound to sex this ist music my discotq -

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This ist the sound to sex this ist music my discotq

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This ist the sound to sex this ist music my discotq

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This ist the sound to sex this ist music my discotq
  • Oi Polloi Terra-Ist
    "They've poisoned and clear-felled and strip-mined this earth Made a cess pit of the paradise that was ours by birth They've raped and they've burned and they've plundered our world Our banner of resistance"
  • Substance D This Sound
    "it tells you secrets it tells you lies it's systemAtic it's synthesized A stAte of mind mAde in A lAb experimentAl thAt's whAt i Am A quAntum leAp into the mind i interAct i go online i feel rejected i"
  • Joy Division Sound of music
    "See my true reflection, Cut off my own connections, I can see life getting harder, So sad is this sensation, Reverse the situation, I can't see it getting better. I'll walk you through the heartbreaks,"
  • Dornenreich Innerwille Ist Mein Docht
    "bleicherschlichene Flackertre Bleichbestauntes Loderschlo Dich ffnet keine Angst, Du bist die and're Mglichkeit, Ich ahne Deine Wichtigkeit, Doch whl' ich tote Sicherheit. Mut Du abverlangst, Da dem Mute"
  • Xavier Naidoo Sie Ist Im Viereck Angelegt
    "Warum hab' ich das wohl getan? Ich sags dir, die Wahrheit wollte niemand hren Denn ich hatte da etwas erfahren Das konnte nur die Ruhe stren So behielt ich es fr mich Aus Angst mich zu versprechen Die"
  • Pizzicato Five The Sound Of Music
    "(Konishi) Translators: Taichi Azuma tick tack tokei no hari to niramekko shiteru to ring ring tonari no heya de denwa ga naridasu ding dong mune no atari de kane ga narihibiku woo wee denwa"
  • Joy Division The sound of music
    "See my true reflection,Cut off my own connections,I can see life getting harder,So sad is this sensation,Reverse the situation,I can't see it getting better.I'll walk you through the heartbreak,Show you"
  • Usher This ain't sex
    "YeahDo you turn this upShe shoulda've beenAah feel me, yeahYou knowWhat's gonna happenedIf I get you over hereBabyyyI can't waitTo get you upIn my roomLaitleeeWe sleep meGonna set up the moonI'm gonna"
  • The Last Goodnight This Is The Sound
    "I let you in, just a little too close You shut the door, so nobody would know I know I heard a shot, on the fourteenth floor The music was raw, you really put on a show This is where we are This is where"
  • The Verve This Is Music
    "I stand accused, just like you For being born without a silver spoon Stood at the top of the hill over my town I was found I've been on the shelf too long Sitting at home on my bed too long Got my things"
  • Steel Pulse Love This Reggae Music
    "Reggae music is my favourite feeling It keeps me rocking to and fro And anytime I get that feeling I want the whole wide world to know I know we paid the price But when you feel the vibes You won't think"
  • Killer Sound Of Music
    "In the darkness there's always some light A beacon to guide you in the night Oh, let it be magic Let it be your machine Oh, let it sound like music Don't be afraid to give in Oh, let it out like"
  • Nine Days This music
    "Well as I drive from rehearsal I drive down past familiar placesThese songs and old aquantance you can scrape their faces fromthe pagesOh I when I first, when I first met you, you came as a crispclean"
  • This Providence To Kill This
    "with a lack of self esteem i walked into my teens and six years later im still frustrated, im still not who i want to be and now it all comes down to, am i treating you right? if i could just be all that"
  • The Audition Does This Sound Familiar
    "Sticks and stones May break your bones But his words can't hurt you anymore But it never bothered him before when he used to make the room spin round He is responsible for every headache that you get He"
  • E-Type Es Ist Nie Vorbei
    "'' '' Sam bo rom bom Es ist nie vorbei Sam bo rom bom Sam bo rom bom Ich denk' an dich Sam bo rom bom Ich hab' Sehnsucht nach dir '' '' Es ist nie vorbei es ist Zauberei verliebt in alle Ewigkeit manchmal"
  • The 1975 Sex
    "And this is how it starts You take your shoes off in the back of my van Yeah my shirt looks so good, when it's just hanging off your back An she said use your hands in my spare time We've got one thing"
  • 50 Cent This Is Murder Not Music
    "What the fuck, man? I’m on a hard bench, tryna’ sleep in the pen Man, how the fuck did I get here again? First thing in a morning, it‘s the fuck shit They called the case, I got confronted by a tough"
  • The Black Eyed Peas Sex
    "Lets have sex. Some real good sex. Some real hott sex. Some sexxxy sex. Lets just have sex! *Moans and Groans* Oh yeah! Just keep on digging further in! Ooo, right there! Keep on plea-sur-ing, Yea plea-sur-ing,"
  • The Pipettes Sex
    "He said we could talk about gossip We could talk about lies He said we could talk about rumours We could do whatever i like Then he said 'lets stop with all the talking, w Hy not try something new? Because"

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