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This so-called Miracke

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This so-called Miracke

  • This So-called miracle - Debbie Gibson
    "CHORUS/INTRO: It's gonna take a miracle To give up my hope and get on with my life Oh that mystic moment A split-second stop Of my heart And with this miracle Comes unwanted reality 'Cause this so-called"
  • So Called Life - Therapy?
    "We all want cheap happiness now Easily placated like sheep and cows We do what we're told And we buy what we're sold In this so called life There should be so much more In this so called life Oh,"
  • So called chaos - Alanis Morissette
    "Deadlines meetings and contracts all breached D-days and structure responsibility Have-to's and need-to's and get-to's by three Eleventh hours and upset employees I want to be naked running through the"
  • So-Called Chaos - Alanis Morissette
    "Deadlines and meetings And contracts all breached D days and structure Responsibility Have to's and need to's And get to's by three Eleventh hours And upset employees I wanna be naked Running through the"
  • So Called Friend - Uncle Tupelo
    "Never again, your so called friend Will leave you sick and dry This friend has a name Knows the gutter and shame This so called friend of you and I ?, the long-term goals Are to leave this friend behind He"
  • My So Called Friend - Monkey Flip
    "When I talk to you on the phone, You tell me what you said, But then I here from someone else's mouth, The real truth instead. That's right I know you've lied to me, But I still don't know your reasons, I"
  • My So-Called Friend - Bigwig
    "You always seemed to be there for me But somehow it seemed so superficial Some others said you had some bad to say And it hurts me to think that you felt that way So I guess in the end There's wool"
  • My So Called Life - Ataris
    "Ataris Look Forward To Failure My So Called Life Ever since I saw you On my so-called life, I've been writing you these letters Asking you to be my wife. But its been almost a year And still I've gotten"
  • My So-Called Life - From Zero
    "Make your first impression Brace yourself it's who you are Try to find yourself it takes some time don't be alarmed A million questions fill your mind You feel unsatisfied But don't sit down It's time"
  • My so called life - The Ataris
    "Ever since I saw you On my so-called life, I've been writing you these letters Asking you to be my wife. But its been almost a year And still I've gotten no reply, I'm assuming you have met some other"
  • So-Called Living, 1991 - Crucified
    "3 a.m. shots ring again good-bye to another night's rest pusher in the tradewinds been cold two days found dead by the manager's kid more fights at the show last night more leave in the ambulance homeboy"
  • This World - Kill II This
    "I see the third world, its starving face, while the spacecraft probe deep outer space I see nations shake hands, with dignity's composure, but they're really saying, we're going to fuck you over I see"
  • Is This Life - This Providence
    "7:30 Monday morning, the stories begin You make it sound like so much fun. (Just spent the weekend throwing yourself away) Throwing yourself away, throwing yourself away Is this how you live your life,"
  • To Kill This - This Providence
    "with a lack of self esteem i walked into my teens and six years later im still frustrated, im still not who i want to be and now it all comes down to, am i treating you right? if i could just be all that"
  • This Dream Called Life - LoveHateHero
    "You and me. It seems the question. You'll leave out family to be free? It can't be that easy. What's it like killing time in this dream called life? What's it like every night in this dream called life? So"
  • This Thing Called Love - Gary Moore
    "I saw you standing at the corner of the street, You look so fine. I don't care what it is your sellin', I wanna be the next in line. You're dressed to kill, You look good enough to eat. I'm tellin' you There's"
  • This Thing Called Love - Rosalie.
    "I took one breath One touch One kiss on your the neck Your fingers cross to my lips I can’t resist The night You drunk in the mind Explored every inch Of the sweetest thing called love Coz you, gave"
  • This Thing Called Life - Gym Class Heroes
    "Yo, aye yo, I live by the sun and I'm a' die by the sun. Can't be livin' by the gun, man I never even held one, but does that make me less of a man? 'Cause I got a spray can not a gun in my hand. I got"
  • This Thing Called Progress - Poison Idea
    "Look to see where you've been from standing at the start again, Stand up backwards, that's a fact, who's gonna follow your attack, Try to keep what you've got, even if it's not a lot, Everyday people die"
  • This Song Is Called - The Devil Wears Prada
    "I am the speaker but what is responsibility? This is beg of you, build me brick upon brick. High tides; waves of hypocrisy. I didn't think the clock struck more than twelve times. I decided to name her"

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