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Time- Battleme The Forest Rangers

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Time- Battleme The Forest Rangers

  • Rangers At Midnight - Crack The Sky
    "When it's cold outside I like to sleep with a blanket on my ass I don't want to hear the wind blow ... I don't want my face to chap but way up here in the Northwest are some guys who got no choice, they"
  • Rangers - A Fine Frenzy
    "the paths have been crossed the crumbs are gone and the way and the way is lost melancholy phantoms eye our skins poisoned apples falling with the wind hear the sigh of the trees those who enter here"
  • Forest - System Of A Down
    "Walk with me my little child, To the forest of denial, Speak with me my only mind, Walk with me until the time, And make the forest turn to wine, You take the legend for a fall, You saw the product. Why"
  • Burning rangers - Sonic Team
    "Kodai kara uketsuidaShinka ne kirameku machi e taipuBouchoushi tsuzukeru deeta no umi oyoideYami ni kage wasurete moYattekuru ashita o shinjiteMoesakeru hono no angelWe'll face the risk of our lives(sight"
  • The Forest - Gregorian
    "Each time the bell tolls I feel inner change Crossing the bridge From the weak to the tainted There we will meet with the true sires of her Calling up spirits of love and desire Slip through the dark As"
  • The Forest - Rick Wakeman
    "Journey on through ages gone, to the centre of the earth Past rocks of quartz and granite, which gave mother nature birth Burial ground of ancient man, his life no more is seen, A journey through his"
  • Forest Fire - Lloyd Cole
    "she crossed herself as she put on her things she has promised once before not to live this way if she don't calm down she will burn herself out like a forest fire, well doesn't that make you smile if you"
  • Forest Fire - Cole Lloyd
    "she crossed herself as she put on her things she has promised once before not to live this way if she don't calm down she will burn herself out like a forest fire, well doesn't that make you smile if you"
  • Nemeton forest - Icarus Witch
    "Far across the plains, beyond the hunter's eye Stood an ancient monolith binding the land to sky Within the darkened woods Remains unseen for centuries, a Celtic denomination The legends told a story of"
  • Gypsy Forest - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    "(ACOUSTIC GUITAR INTRO) the dolphins live in the open sea and the gypsies live in the forest while the owls and the crows and the sure foot does still live like those before us (MANDOLIN DITTY) and"
  • Lacertine Forest - Psycroptic
    "In this world there's an unknown forest deep within parts not explored - yet. A corner of earth that's a mystery, though only to our human race. A residence, of an ancient clan that have lived here for"
  • Forest Woods - Rockfour
    "Forest woods, they knew to chop off his right arm They said it did him harm, losing all his charm He stays awake and looks at branches painted green As if he needed peace, counting all the leaves The"
  • Forest Fire - Moist
    "What if I were you and you were me Still can't see the forest fire beyond the trees Now I'm standing in a field of green the colours burning far as I can see What do you see On my tongue the galaxies so"
  • Magic Forest - Amberian Dawn
    "Just a moment before the dawn Its dance on and look on One new end, they end to the magic forest Explain ways to get round Its dead line both Ooh bangles like fingers are real to caught it Leaving their"
  • Mind Forest - Gackt
    "{{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== koboreru hikari no naka, tawamureru kimi o mita yureru kibi no koe kara hohoemi ga ukabu kowarete kieta yume o itsumademo ooikaketa shinayaka na yubisaki"
  • Lone Rangers(Remix) - Quarashi
    "Quarashi Lone Rangers(remix) Wake up boy,you try,christmas tree,with me Wake up boy,you cry,christmas tree,with me I get up,get knocked down by the sound,right? I move my groove being crossed & get"
  • Forest - Delain
    "Trees of green, all I can see On my way through the forest. I kneel down on my knees, I stare into the face of a little man Showing me his fear, The humans are coming near. Take me home deep into the"
  • Forest - Robert Wyatt
    "Deep in the forest the omens are bad, a cloud passes over the moon Devil Wind bends the trees, a cloud passes over the moon. And the moon takes a peep when the Gypsy girl sings, and her song rises up from"
  • Forest - Emily Bindiger
    "Summer rain falls on the apple branches Lights from heaven dancing with the shadows Come take my hand Let me be in your forest Sometimes you think loneliness is better than pain And you sink deeper in"
    "I don't know why I feed on emotion There's a stomach inside my brain I don't wanna be heard, I wanna be listened to Does it bother anyone else that someone else has your name? Oh, does it bother anyone"

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