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Toby Keith I Know She Hung The Moon

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Toby Keith I Know She Hung The Moon

  • I Know She Hung The Moon - Toby Keith
    "There's no need to apologize This happens time and time again As soon as somebody lays their eyes on her They dial right in I watched you sneak a look From the other side of the floor And as I danced her"
  • Midnight Rider - Toby Keith - Willie Nelson
    "I gotta run to keep from hidin'; I'm bound to keep on ridin'. An' I got one more silver dollar, An' I ain't gonna let 'em catch me, no: I ain't gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider. Well, these ain't"
  • Hung The Moon - Better Than Ezra
    "They say you're off (a bit confused) But when the day is done I'll be with you I like your eyes They say you're true The others whisper and lie And you framed the sun Shot out the stars You paled the sky And"
  • I Love Nascar (Feat. Toby Keith) - Cledus T. Judd
    "We got owners, favorite drivers Boy that Tony Stewart's a whiner (crying) And we got rookies, advertisers Like...Uh let's see: Havoline, Target, Sharpie, Caterpillar, Nextel, Mountain Dew, Dupont, Lowe's,"
  • Toby - Against All Authority
    "Toby was a friend of mine I met him back in high school We had a bottle of liquor and a skate board ramp there was nothing else for us to do We got ourselves in and out of trouble every fucking day We"
  • Keith N Bumpy - Kool Keith
    "(feat. 'Bumpy') See.. you play around too fuckin much (How many people you got hurt?) You ain't learned your lesson yet (You ain't learned your fuckin lesson) You still playin and fuckin around That's"
  • Keith Turbo - Kool Keith
    "New York City! (Keith Turbo) You're listening to the number one The one and only (Keith Turbo) Keith (Keith Turbo) Turbo Pontiac, GTO That's right, we do it like that Keith Turbo, the new man Here we"
  • Copenhagen (With Toby Kieth*) - Chris LeDoux
    "Copenhagen: Makes me feel so good. Copenhagen: The way I know it should. Put a little chew in my mouth Go spitting and slobbering all around the house, that Copenhagen: Makes me feel so good. I took a"
  • Keith - Mark Olson
    "I found a coin in the dirt Sisters in times of sorrow Sisters in times of joy What happens now is yours Uncles will shake themselves Then they'll go back to ploughing Under the willow tree right where"
  • Keith - Discount
    "I read in the paper that another man made a difference today. column thirteen explained the reasons they had to put him away. but i can't stand here staring all i want in dismas.Tomorrow's paper, the same"
  • Extreme Days (Toby) - DC Talk
    "We're livin' in extreme days Comin' at ya like a whirlwind A hundred miles an hour's where we'll begin I spy the eye of apprehension Show me risk and you'll get my attention Come on, can ya take it Bang"
  • Spirit Of Keith Moon - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "As I stood in the lobby waiting for my key, I felt something strange happening to me. I rushed up to my room and shut the door, the room was empty but I weren't alone no more. Well a voice spoke to"
  • Hung - Napalm Death
    "Downwards, downwards- Life's spiraling descent. All love is lost. Premature and unreasoning. Perversely chained without any values. Wretched, degraded. Take it all on the chin. To forever hold my piece..... The"
  • Blue Moon - Toby Keith
    "~Verse 1~ Day by day we let love just walk away and I will be the first to say I was glad to see it go and day by day ever since you went away I find that i'm still missin' you I just gotta' know ~Chorus~ Does"
  • Me & Keith - Verbena
    "Where is it? (spoken)its the only cluewhen youre sad and throughwhere you ? like you know your faithon the coldest of dayscause i need it toolike some kind of foolits the song ?on this green room ?boys"
  • Hung Up - Hot Chelle Rae
    "I'm not usually the type of guy to call twice, and leave a message everytime (It's me again) That's quite alright And most days I just dust them off like that Girls text me, you're the only one I text"
  • Hung Up! - Madonna
    "Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Every little thing that you say or do I'm hung up I'm hung up"
  • Hung Up - Madonna
    "Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Every little thing that you say or do I'm hung up I'm hung up"
  • She Bangs- William Hung - American Idol
    "She bangs she bangs. Oh baby when she moves she moves. I go crazy and she looks likes a flower but she stings like a bee, like every girl in history. Talk to me tell me your name you blow me off like"
  • Bailamos By, William Hung - William Hung
    "Tonight we dance I leave my life, in your hands We take the floor Nothing is forbidden anymore Don't let the world dim my sight Don't let the romance go by Nothing can stop us tonight 1-Bailamos,"

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